Intro: " One day, a man by the name of Jack was walking along a steep cliff when he fell accidentally when he got too close to the edge. He
grabbed a branch on the way down, which temporarily halted his fall. He peered down and to his shock saw that the gorge fell straight down for in excess of 1,000 feet. He was unable to cling to the branch always, and it was basically impossible for him to move up the precarious mass of the precipice. "So Jack started yelling for help, hoping a passing motorist would hear him and lower a rope or something." HELP! HELP! Is there anyone there? Help!" He yelled for hours without being heard. He was going to surrender when he heard a voice. "`Jack. Jack. Might you at any point hear me?' "Yes, I am able to hear you. I'm here below!' "'I can see you, Jack. Might it be said that you are okay?' "'Indeed, but...who are you, and where could you be?' "'I'm the Ruler, Jack. I'm all over.' "'The Ruler? Do you mean GOD? "That's Myself." "Please, God, help me! I swear that if You can get me down from here, I will stop committing sins. I will be an extremely moral person. I'll serve You until the end of my life.' Jack, keep your promises. From there, let's just get you down, and then we can talk. Now, what I need you to do is as follows: Listen cautiously.' "Lord, I'll do whatever You say." Simply guide me.' "`Okay. Release the branch. "`What?' I advised letting go of the branch. Simply rely on Me and let go. There was a prolonged pause. Jack finally yelled, "HELP! HELP! Does anyone else reside there?' Seems like us now and then, right? We say we need to serve the Master and know His will, then, at that point, when He lets us know what He believes us should do, we frequently scoff at what the Ruler is doing. Israel's issue was this. They were led by faith out of Egypt to follow the Lord. However, as they traveled, they appeared to constantly question God's power, promises, and presence. The two-word query, "Can God?", that they utter, sums up their entire attitude. They had no faith whatsoever in the Lord when they asked this question. They required an example in trust. I realized this morning that we are very similar to Israel. We frequently inquire, "Can God?" Today, I'd like to demonstrate from the Scriptures and tell you that "God Can!" The Lord of Glory is still the God we serve. He continues to be the King of Kings and continues to be able to accomplish everything He has ever been able to. Today, you might be wondering, "Can God?" I need to show you today that "God Can!" Observe this significant fact from this passage. I. THE State OF Individuals A. They Were Shifty - (v. 20, 41) Here was a group who called out to themselves by God. This was a people who ought to have put their complete faith in the Lord. However, they appeared to be unaware of God's power within their midst. (Ill.) Isn't that very similar to the Lord's people today? We worry and worry, not trusting God and living by faith. Folks, that need not be the case! I need to let you know now, that we have a Divine being in Whom we can trust, without reservation and unafraid. Allow us to set out to resemble Jesus moved Thomas to be, "Not fickle, yet accepting." ( B. They Were Forgetful - (v. 7–16; John 20:27) 20-29; 42-55; 65-72) It appeared as though the people of Israel were unable to recall all of the significant miracles that God had performed for them. How the plagues had saved them from Egypt. How He had separated the Red Ocean. How He made Mara's water pure. How He had evaded their adversaries. how repeatedly He had demonstrated that He was God and all-powerful. They were neglectful of the strong force of God they had seen in their lives. (Ill. Again, does this describe us? How frequently has God come through for you? How many times has He parted the waters and moved mountains in your life? How many times has He allowed the glory of His glory to shine through your darkness and lifted the veil of your suffering in your life? How many times has He greeted your storm with peace? How many times has He provided for you, accomplished the impossible, and demonstrated that He is God? And how many times have we completely forgotten what He did yesterday when we face the challenge of today? This morning, my friends, we need to reflect on all that God has done for us and look back. We can be sure that if God did it in the past, He will do it again! We really want to take stock and recall the Master's power when the following tempest starts to blow in our lives.) C. They asked, "Can God?" in a foolish way. They demonstrated that they were unaware of His power and person. This equivalent scene was played out ordinarily over the span of Israel's wild wanderings, and after they showed up n Canaan. Once that rings a bell is the point at which the 12 government operatives were sent into Canaan. They met members of the Anakim race while they were there. They were enormous. The ten shady spies first looked at the giants, then at themselves, and they compared themselves to grasshoppers, Num. 13:33. (Sick. This equivalent absurdity has followed the congregation right up 'til now. We make the same careless comparison. The first thing we will say is, "Can God?" whenever there is a problem in our lives or in the church. It might take different structures, however it is as yet unchanged. Our skepticism asks, "Can God?" when He has already done so numerous times.) (Ill.) This was the state of the people, and I fear that this kind of attitude is still prevalent in our lives today. I believe you should realize that it doesn't need to resemble that in our lives! We can have faith in the Lord and be assured that He will show His power in our lives. One way we can realize this is by having a superior comprehension of the Personality Of God.) I. The People's Situation II. THE Personality OF THEIR GOD A. V. 5-7 His Commitments - Israel had seen God stay true to His Promise endlessly time once more. He always carried out what He said He would do for them. (Sick. God hasn't changed! He continues to be a God who upholds His Word! All that God has guaranteed, He will do! This is supported by a number of Bible verses, Rom. 4:21; Heb. 6:18; Num. 23:19; Titus 1:2) B. V. 4, 12 His Performance Israel had experienced God's presence and power throughout their history. In the midst of His people, God had repeatedly demonstrated His power. Envision seeing Him part the Red Ocean, drop sustenance from the sky consistently for quite a long time. Imagine witnessing God defeat your adversaries. Envision the adventure of seeing His magnificence as He descended upon the Sanctuary. Envision the mainstay of cloud and of fire. God had substantiated Himself consistently to His kin. (Ill. I'd like to say that the Lord has remained the same in this regard as well! He continues to sacrifice for His people. Think back throughout the long term and recall the times the Master has shown His extraordinary power in your life. Hasn't He separated the waters for you? Hasn't He opened the sky and dropped the nourishment of His magnificence on your life again and again. Has He not moved in response to your prayers? He has demonstrated Himself to you and me numerous times!) C. V. 4: His Power: God had demonstrated throughout their history that He was more powerful than any obstacle they encountered. He had more power than the Amalekites and Egypt. He demonstrated that He is greater than their hunger and thirst. By His great power, He overcame everything they faced. (Sick. My companions, God is still almighty. God's omnipotent power has never wavered, and it never will. He is almighty and He will remain so for the rest of a ceaseless time everlasting. This morning, Matt, I just wanted to point out to you that God possesses all power on earth and in heaven. 28:18. ( Ill. Luke 1:37, "The power of God"; Work 42:2 (Sick. Gen 18:14 is God's own declaration to His power!) Sick. Jer. 32:27. My obligation toward the beginning of today is to advise you that our God, Whom we serve, is capable! Eph. 3:20) D. V. 38 His Patience: Israel lacked the faith to trust the Lord as they ought to, despite God's continued strength for His people. However, according to the Bible, "many a time" He diverted His rage from them. He was patient with them and gently and lovingly guided them. (Ill. We praise God that our God is patient! How many times has He shown you and me that? There have been commonly when we have neglected to stroll in confidence in the Ruler, however rather than discarding us and taking another individuals regardless of anyone else's opinion, He keeps on adoring us and work in our lives. Our Lord is patient and kind.) (Ill. All I'm saying is that we can put our faith in the Lord for everything that happens to us. We have a Divine being who has shown His power, His elegance, His adoration and His personality many times over.) I. The State Of Individuals II. The Persona of Their God, Third V. 6–8 THE CHALLENGE FOR NOW (Ill.) When we examine Israel's past and the manner in which God demonstrated Himself to them, Then, what are we to do with that information when we consider how He has demonstrated himself to us and examine His power and ability? The Lord's expectations for us in relation to these truths are laid out in clear language in these verses. Permit me to discuss three issues we face this morning. A. Trust in God (confidence) - Ill. Mark 11:22; Psa. 62:8; John 14:1. We are instructed to rely on Him for all of our requirements and in every circumstance by these verses. When the world asks, "Can God?" and wrings its hands in despair and doubt We who adhere to the Bible ought to rise up and scream, "God Can!" When the world considers deteriorating morality, escalating violence, Y2K, economic difficulties, a decline in church attendance, and an increase in evil, they ask, "Can God!" We should be prepared with the response, "God Can!" This was always the case throughout the Bible and continues to be today! 1. In the lion's den, Daniel While Darius wonders whether God can, Daniel enjoys the Lord's peace and can sleep soundly knowing that God can! 2. Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego As he handed down the three Hebrew boys' sentences, Nebuchadnezzar stood and asked, "Can God!" Those young men emerged from the heater yelling boisterously, "God Can!" 3. The Zarephath Widow: She stood there and asked, "Can God!" as the prophet finished his meal. She continued to eat three years later while others around her were starving, and when she finished her meal, she could whisper, "God Can!" with all of her soul's confidence. 4. The Pupils on the Boat - They were amidst the tempest and felt that they were done and their hearts were loaded up with this inquiry, "Can God?" However, during the fourth watch of the night, Jesus was seen walking on the waves and demonstrating the full might of the Godhead, reiterating to the disciples, "God Can, God Can!" 5. I recollect a day when I stood sentenced to pass on, under conviction of transgression and lost without God. I felt like I was the most ridiculously terrible and wicked individual who at any point lived. The only thing I do know is that the question, "Can God?" filled my heart. But when I bowed to Jesus and put my faith in Him for my salvation, I heard Him yell, "God Can, God Can!" in the depths of my soul. I'm happy to inform you this morning that He can still! He can still be God, yes, He can! ( Also, if you're lost, He can do it for you too!!) B. Recall His Past Works (Remember): Consider the times when He saved you, delivered you, and moved mountains in your life. Keep in mind His accomplishments and power. Allow the works that He has done in the past to serve as a reminder that He is capable of whatever you face in life. God is able, and He will always provide for you. Learn to trust Him no matter what, and let the past serve as a guide! (Ill. Old Uncle Oscar flew for the first time in an airplane. His friends were eager to hear how it went because they were aware that he had been a little apprehensive about it. They inquired as soon as they could about his enjoyment of the flight. "Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be," Uncle Oscar observed. But here's the thing: I never lost all of my weight!" This is how some Christians interpret the Bible's promises. They experience no difficulty accepting what is says regarding the Ruler Jesus Christ saving all who place their confidence in Him. They are aware that their sins have been washed away and that heaven is where they will spend eternity. However, when it comes to other aspects of their lives, they do not take the Lord at His word. "Put all their weight down" has never happened to them. As a consequence, they are plagued by uncertainties, fears, and doubts.) C. Follow His Commandments (Obey): True faith in the Lord always manifests itself in following His commands and His Word. Keep in mind that hearing the Word of God is the first step toward faith. We will learn to trust Him more and more as we immerse ourselves in His Word and allow it to change us inside and out. Conc: I once flew to Houston, Texas, from Greensboro Airport. I was affected by gravity as I walked from the airport buildings to the plane. I had to use my strength to raise my body up each step until I reached the steps that led to the plane's door. I just relaxed in my comfortable seat when I got on the plane. "When everything was ready, the jet taxied to the runway and began moving down the long road ahead after a while. The speed expanded step by step until, when it was moving around 150 miles each hour, it left the earth and rose very high above North Carolina. "The force of gravity against which I had climbed into the plane was still attempting to pull the plane to the ground—all 150 tons of it—but there was a new law, the law of aerodynamics, operating in opposition to the law of gravity. I had no idea what the law of aerodynamics was. I was not required to. Since I was focused on the plane, and, in light of the fact that I was unwinding, I rose in win with the plane. All of the jet's possibilities were mine because I was inside, and the jet's incredible speed was my speed. "So it is with the life-giving law of the Spirit in Christ Jesus. To benefit, I need only make the same spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ as I did to the airplane to understand the theology. Notice that I didn't get to Houston in two and a half hours because of my faith. Be that as it may, there was a scared Catholic woman on board who spent the whole trip in restless trepidation, yet she arrived only equivalent to I did. I am actually major areas of strength for that which I put my confidence. In the event that my confidence is resting in Christ, I am serious areas of strength for however He may be. Additionally, notice that I was not required to assist with the flight to Houston. The plane had the power, so I didn't have to push or yell at it. Likewise, Jesus Christ can win in my existence without assistance from me. The significant distinction among me and that scared woman was that I partook in the flight and she didn't. Likewise for us! There are a lot of people who don't trust God and don't remember that God can. Accordingly, they carry on with their lives crushed and deterred. People, it doesn't need to be like that! I want to extend an invitation to you to seek the Lord this morning and see for yourself whether or not He can! Will you bring your doubts, fears, and questions to Jesus and lay them to rest there? As I come to an end, let me leave you with this thought: GOD CAN!!

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