Intro: Participating in the propagation of the Gospel message can be discouraging. Your efforts frequently appear to be ineffective and fruitless.
The Word of God is preached, but neither saints nor sinners respond much or at all. People who are already dead in sin receive the gospel of life, but they reject it out of hand. Those who are in darkness prefer their darkness to the light, which is the light of salvation. You spend hours studying the Bible in search of God's message for His people, but no one seems to care when it is preached. The glories of Christ and the Bible are preached to those who claim to know Jesus, and they simply observe the speaker as if he were delivering the most inane information possible. That could be very depressing. Some of you are in the business of showing your friends, family, and coworkers about your faith. You will be ridiculed, ignored, or attacked when you do. It seems as though the people you care about and want to see saved could care less about what you have to say about their souls. That could be very depressing. Those who take the time to share their faith with others can find some hope in this parable. The Gospel seed possesses power, as this parable demonstrates. It teaches us that the Gospel will bear fruit in the Lord's time, despite the fact that our efforts may not yield immediate results. A mysterious process begins when the Gospel is shared, whether from a pulpit or from a personal witness. God's sovereign work is at work in this process. This procedure is frequently hidden from view by humans. However, this procedure alters lives and saves souls. I'd like to use these verses to teach you the lesson in this parable today. Although it may not apply to everyone in this room, these words of the Lord Jesus may be helpful to some. As I preach on The Parable of the Growing Seed, I'd like to describe a few of the steps involved in spreading the Gospel. Please let the Lord speak to you today. I. v. 26–27 THERE IS A STEADFAST WORK A. Jesus shows a farmer planting seeds in his field. He has completed his task after sowing the seed. He goes about his business when he gets back home. The farmer lives his life as depicted by the image of him sleeping and rising daily. He plants the seed in the ground and then lets it grow on its own. This requires faith on the part of the farmer. He does not dig up the seed every day to see if it has germinated in the field. He might irrigate the field. He might clear out the weeds. He works the soil, but he doesn't bother the seed. The farmer has no control over the seed's outcome after it has been planted. He sows his seed, but God decides what will happen. The farmer is aware that God is in charge of the seed's development. Consequently, he sows it and entrusts its growth to the Lord. Seed sowing is the job of the farmer. He has accomplished his primary duty by doing that. B. We are similar to that farmer in some ways. We have been instructed to plant seeds. We are not to plant wheat seeds in a plowed field; rather, we are to plant the Gospel seeds in the hearts of others. Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; Rom. 10:13–18) We have been sent into a lost and dying world to share the good news of Jesus' sacrifice for us. It's possible that you won't be a pastor, a missionary, or a preacher; However, if you have been saved, you can testify. You have a story to tell because you were saved by God's grace. We ought to follow in the great examples found in the Bible and get to work informing others about Jesus, such as Illinois Paul, 1 Timothy. 1:12-15; The man who is blind, John 9:25; John 4:28–30, the woman at the well. We have no control over what happens when we share the Gospel with another person. In point of fact, the outcomes are not our concern. The seed must be planted by us; The Lord is in charge of the outcomes. C. Our efforts worry everyone. It is tempting to examine the seed. We want to support its development and monitor its progress. Sow the seed, water it whenever we can, and allow the Lord to work in hearts and lives are our responsibilities. We ought to be faithful in introducing a lost world to a Lord who can save them, just like the farmer in this parable. Keep telling others about Jesus' story if you are a witness for Him. He'll appreciate your efforts. I challenge you to make a personal commitment today to get busy doing what the Lord saved you to do if you aren't sowing the seed properly. II. v. 27-28A THERE IS A SECRET WORK A. A remarkable event occurs while the farmer is going about his business. The earth that initially appears to be dead suddenly begins to exhibit life signs. One day, all that remains in the field is dirt. The following day, there are numerous tiny sprouts. The blade appears over the course of the day, followed by the formation of the ear, which eventually contains row after row of corn. The farmer has no idea how any of this takes place. He only planted some seeds in the barren ground, and now he is about to harvest. He is unable to perceive or comprehend the underground growth of the seed. He only knows that a secret work is about to benefit him. (Ill. In our lifetimes, modern science has made some amazing discoveries. A seed can even be dissected by scientists to examine its structure and composition. Additionally, they are able to produce a seed that is identical to a naturally occurring seed. The size, shape, and chemical composition of their seeds were identical. You would not be able to tell the difference between a seed produced in the laboratory and a seed produced naturally. However, once those seeds are planted, the distinction becomes apparent. The natural seed will germinate and expand if planted in well-drained soil and given plenty of sunlight and water. The seed that was created in the laboratory will simply die out. Why? Science has figured out how to make a seed, but it hasn't figured out how to make life! That can only be accomplished by God! God's work is involved in the process of turning seeds into fruits! B. When a dead, dormant seed is buried in the soil, no farmer, scientist, or philosopher can clearly explain how it can produce life. However, the seed's outer husk begins to swell within an hour of being sown because it is absorbing moisture from the soil. The seed's chemical composition begins to change within ten hours. Additionally, the seed typically sends a tiny root downward and the beginning of a stalk upward in less than 24 hours! Despite the puzzling mystery, the seed quickly produces life. The Gospel seed is sown in the same manner. It is a mystery how it begins to grow after being sown into a prepared heart. It can happen in minutes or hours at times. There is life in that seed, and it will begin to germinate within that heart at some other time, even if it takes months or years. Life will emerge when it does. John 6:44 refers to this process as conviction. How simple words can impact a person's life in such a profound way is a baffling mystery. However, those who have experienced it are aware of the Gospel's power when it touches the heart's good soil! We plant the seed in the minds of men and women, frequently without seeing any immediate results. However, when the Gospel enters the heart's soil, a remarkable and secret work begins. According to John 16:7–11, when the Word of God is sown in a person's heart, the Holy Spirit uses that Word to inspire conviction in the listener. Scripture depicts this procedure a number of times on its pages. According to John 4:7–26, the woman of Samaria was convinced of her sins as Jesus spoke with her. She survived! Acts 7:54-60 says that Saul of Tarsus was convinced of his sinful condition as he listened to Stephen preach the Word of God and watched him die; 9:1-6. He was redeemed! This young man was persuaded by Jesus as he spoke to a wealthy young man about his soul, Matt. 19:16-22. He didn't get anywhere in his sins. John 3:8 says that this is a secret procedure. We have no idea where or how the divine spirit operates. C. We can sow the seed with confidence knowing that God is in charge of what it becomes, despite the fact that we are unable to observe the growing process. According to 1 Corinthians, we are accountable for sowing, watering, and waiting in faith. 3:6-9. Only he is accountable for its development and germination. Isa, we can rest assured that the Gospel seed will fulfill all of God's purposes for it. 55:11. As a result, we can plant the Gospel seed with complete assurance! It will flourish in accordance with the sovereign plan of the Lord. (Ill.) A pastor had been in charge of a small church for a long time. He had consistently visited the community and served as a witness, and he had faithfully preached the Bible. Over the course of many years, he served in that church, but there was little fruit and very few conversions. The old preacher eventually passed away. He was convinced that his work in the small country church had been a failure when he died. After a while, the church appointed a new pastor. He preached the same Gospel as the previous preacher, but something incredible happened. People started being saved. In point of fact, there was a revival, and a lot of people in that community got to know the Lord. The individuals highlighted similarities as they described their experiences in testimony. Each new convert testified that God had used the faithful ministry of the previous preacher to awaken them to their need for a Savior.) III. v. 28b-29 THERE IS A SUCCESSFUL WORK A. The farmer only dug some seeds into the ground. While he was going about his business, a covert operation took place. The seed germinated, and a tiny plant rose to the surface of the earth while the farmer went about his daily business. The delicate, small plant received plenty of light from the sun. The plant received rain from the sky. The plant received its nutrients from the soil. The plant also expanded. It grew older and eventually produced fruit. The farmer went into the field and gathered his crop when the harvest was ready. He really didn't do anything, but he gets everything! B. Never, ever, ever consider that your service to Jesus is in vain. You won't be able to see God at work! He is bringing souls to Himself by working beneath the surface and behind the scenes. Numerous godly parents have devoted their entire lives to praying for and educating their errant children. Many of them have been to Heaven without receiving an answer to their prayers. But God touched the seed that had been planted in those people's hearts, and because a parent planted the Gospel seed in a child's heart, He saved a lot of people. Don't give up! Never stop reminding the lost world of a Lord who can save them! Never let the world silence your testimony about Jesus! Continue to tell them about Him and put your faith in Him to carry out His secret work in the lives and hearts of men, women, and children. You never know when that life you've been sowing seeds into might come to life again! You might meet someone who professes their faith in Jesus at work, school, or church. You might just get the opportunity to witness them rise to new heights in Jesus and bear fruit for God's praise. (Ill.) As they mature in the Lord, you might get to see them progress through the stages of maturity. Examine the stages of development referred to in these verses. 1. The Blade: The fresh start is sweet. It steadily grows stronger as the days and nights pass. It sinks its roots deeper into the soil. This refers to the new convert. They should be loved and cared for while we wait for them to become adults. 2. The Ear: When the ear appears, it is easy to see that there will be fruit in the future. There is still a lot of room for improvement. This refers to the Christian life's middle stages. The believer is more steadfast and demonstrates the potential for a prosperous future, but there is still much room for improvement! 3. The Full Ear - Now that the fruit inside is so heavy, the ear hangs over. There is the potential for more growth and multiplication here. This plant can be used to cultivate additional plants and build men up. This demonstrates Christian maturity! This is the stage of glory, success, and usefulness! The farmer gets paid for his efforts and receives his reward here! 4. Do you remember Saul of Tarsus and the well-wound woman? God was doing a secret, sovereign work within them as the seed was sown in their hearts. However, within a short time, what God was doing within began to manifest itself externally (John 4:29); Acts 9:19-22.) (Ill.) Some people inquire if I ever become discouraged by the lack of responses we receive. I'll be the first to admit that there are times when my flesh aches and I feel a little down because not many souls are being saved and the people of God seem to be dead in general. However, I generally comprehend that I am obligated to water and sow. It thrills me to no end if the Lord decides to let me reap a little bit here and there. God's business, not man's, is the salvation of souls! I can preach as well as I can, as hard as I want, and whenever I can, but I can't save a single person. The Lord will take care of the saving in His own time and in His own way if I am devoted to sowing and watering when given the opportunity. When I preach Jesus in front of a large group of people, I am not wasting my time! I'm merely carrying out what He instructed me to do! When you tell your friends, family, and acquaintances about Jesus, you are not wasting your time; You are fulfilling the Lord's call on your life! It is not your or mine to save them. They must hear from us. The Lord alone owns the business of saving people!) C. Every child of God who faithfully sows the Gospel seed receives a priceless promise, Gal. 6:9-10; Psa. 126:5-6. Therefore, as a child of God, keep watering and sowing because there will be a harvest when the Lord comes! Conc: The seed possesses power! Egypt's pyramid tomb was dug into by archaeologists some time ago. They discovered several seed jars in that tomb. Three thousand years earlier, these seeds were buried with the person who had passed away. The seeds that they had discovered were planted by those scientists in fertile soil. They waited patiently while they watered the soil. Those ancient seeds germinated over time, and tiny plants broke through the soil's surface. Those sluggish plants grew up and produced fruit. Isn't that incredible? A secret process took place when that seed got into the right soil, and life emerged from death. This is how powerful the Gospel that we are preaching today is! If by God's grace you have never been saved; If you have never put your faith in Jesus Christ as your soul's Savior, you need to know that the Gospel can change your life. This would be a good day for you to be saved if the Lord has been speaking to you about your spiritual condition and you are aware that you need to come to Jesus. The Lord will transform you into a fruitful plant for His glory as that seed germinates in your heart. Others need to get back to the business of sharing Jesus with others. This would be a good day for you to put aside all of your justifications for not sharing Jesus with others. You should go to Him today and promise to be a witness for His glory. This would be a good day. Because you believe your prayers and your testimony are in vain, others in this room are a little discouraged today. The opposite is absolutely true. Take a seat before the Lord and discuss your worries with Him. Request that He permit you to view some sprouts in your field. If this message has touched your heart, please let Him have His way with your life and heart.

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