Intro: The Bible is full of cases that are hopeless and impossible. The Bible describes a variety of situations and circumstances, many of which appear to be impossible. There doesn't appear to be a way out. The power of a sovereign God manages storms, needs, deaths, illnesses, and many other situations that seem impossible to the human mind.
There are a number of those impossible circumstances in Mark's Gospel in this section. A storm, a demon-possessed man, a dead child, and finally, a storm. Jesus enters each and every one of these unimaginable circumstances and demonstrates that He is more than ready to deal with whatever comes His way. The fact that God is more than sufficient for every circumstance is one of the truths that the Bible repeatedly demonstrates. When it comes to Him, nothing is out of the question. When it comes to the Lord, problems have no end in sight! There is still hope for you! There is hope amidst your storm! There is hope for your sin! There is hope for your illness! There is hope for your departed loved ones! With God, nothing is hopeless! Another hopeless situation is described in our text. Jesus is on His way to heal a man named Jairus's daughter. He is surrounded by a sizable crowd on the way there. They crowd around Him and scuffle with Him from every angle. That day, a dying, poor, weak, and timid woman in the crowd reached out to touch Jesus Christ. Her life was instantly, completely, and enduringly altered when she touched the Lord. There are people in this room right now who require life changes. You require someone to fundamentally alter the circumstances of your life. Those alterations are attainable. Everything can be altered by the Lord's hand! Consider this poor woman and her circumstance for a moment. I wish we had time today to examine every hopeless circumstance in the Bible. It would take some time to complete that task. Today, we'll look at the hopeless situation that these verses describe. When we face hopeless situations in our own lives, the details of this story can be of assistance to us. As I preach about The Case of the Ruined Woman, allow me to highlight these facts. I. verses 24-26: Her Suffering A. verse 25: Her Ailment We are informed that she had "an issue of blood." This literally indicates that she was bleeding from a specific location in her body. The meaning of the word "issue" is "blood flowing." It could indicate that she had an ongoing menstrual flow. She was extremely ill, no matter what caused this internal bleeding. The verb's tense indicates that the blood flowed continuously. B. v. 26 Her Anguish: Her unimaginable suffering would have been caused by a continuous flow of blood. Let's take a moment to look at some of the ways she was hurt. 1. Physical Anguish: This poor woman would have been weak and anemic due to the constant loss of blood. She'd have looked pale. She would have been completely powerless. She would have been exhausted by even the smallest effort. The term "plague" is the same as the term "whip" elsewhere. She was constantly being beaten down day by day by her illness, which was like a scourge! 2. Her Medical Anguish: We are also told that she had tried every treatment from every doctor at the time. She was said to have "suffered" while they took care of her. The Talmud provides an illustration of one of their "medical" methods. The Talmud lists eleven different treatments. The majority are nonsense based on superstition or potions. Here is a brief illustration of some of the prescribed treatments for this condition: Take each the weight of a zuzee from crocus hortensis, alum, and Alexandria gum; Let them be beaten together and given to the woman with a bloody baby in wine. However, in the event that this fails, "Take nine logs of Persian onions, boil them in wine, and give it to her to drink: and exclaim, "Arise from thy tumult." However, in the event that this is unsuccessful, "Set her where two ways meet, and let her hold a cup of wine in her hand; and allow someone to follow behind her, scare her, and yell, "Arise from thy flux." However, "take a handful of cummin, a handful of crocus, and a handful of faenu-greek;" if this fails, Boil these, serve them to her, and say, "Arise from thy flux." However, in the event that this does not work, “Dig seven trenches, and burn in them some cuttings of vines that are not yet circumcised (vines that are not four years old); She should also be allowed to hold a glass of wine, and she should be taken out of this trench and placed on top of that, then taken out of that trench and placed on top of another: and tell her, "Arise from thy flux," at every move. One remedy even required the woman to carry an ear of corn from a white donkey's dung. We can't even begin to comprehend the humiliations and humiliations she endured at the hands of the doctors. 3. Her social anguish - She was almost certainly not married because she would have defiled her husband by just touching him. She would probably have divorced her husband if she had ever been married. Because of the risk of being tainted, she was unable to function in a group setting. She was reduced as a result to begging for food from afar. She was on the fringes of society because of her condition. She was no different from a leper in the eyes of those around her. 4. Her Emotional Anguish: Given that the Bible states that she has been in this state for 12 years and the average life expectancy in those days, it is reasonable to assume that she has been in this state since shortly after puberty. Her emotional anguish She has endured rejection after rejection throughout her life. She is depressed, alone, and lonely! 5. Under the Law, Lev. Her Religious Anguish 15:19; 25-27, this poor woman was to be regarded as filthy. She was also thought to be unclean if she touched anyone or anything. She was unable to interact with other people as a result. She would be considered to be a ceremonial defilement to anyone who came into contact with her. Because she was unclean, she was unable to worship in the Temple's Women's Court. 6. Her monetary distress: The Bible states that she "spent all she had." She had not been helped by the doctors or their ineffective treatments. They had done nothing more than empty her bank account. She has been left without a husband or children to care for her, so she is broke and broke. C. v. 26 Her Anguish - She has reached the point where she knows she is living under a death sentence after years of pain, worthless doctors, ineffective treatments, and shattered dreams. She will never recover. She is aware that she will pass away due to this disease. Lev, her life is literally draining away from her body day by day. 19:11. How many people can relate to this poor woman, I wonder? Even if you don't have the same illness as her, you are still filled with pain and sorrow. The plight of this nameless woman conjures up two images: 1. Every person who does not know Jesus Christ as their Savior is represented by this woman. A blood disease marries the deceased. Adam and Rom passed on this disease to them. 5:12. Rom, the lost person has suffered from this condition ever since they were born. 3:10; 23; Gal. 3:22. Sinners cannot improve or alter this condition on their own. Many lost people search for meaning and assistance throughout their lives, but instead of improving, they only get worse. Their hearts become harder and more entwined with their sins. Their situation does not improve despite their religious and self-improvement efforts! Despite her poor condition, this poor woman was not nearly as bad off as the person who is not saved. She was going straight to the grave; Psa, they will spend eternity in Hell. 9:17; Rom. 6:23! 2. She also represents the believer who is struggling to carry a heavy load. Today, many of God's children are defeated and discouraged. You have made every effort to get better. You've tried everything you know to get out of your predicament. You've read every book, listened to every preacher, and sought guidance from the most reputable sources, but you still aren't any better. Your life has never been more messed up. If that describes you, keep listening; the Lord might just have some assistance for your heart right now. I. Her Persecution II. vv. 27-28 HER SCHEME Our text describes this woman's journey to Jesus. A strategy to meet the Lord was devised by this hopeless, broken woman. A. v. 27 Her Motives: This poor woman heard about Jesus somewhere. She might have been aware of His leper-healing story in Mark 1:40–42. She might have been aware of the wild man Jesus saved from a legion of demons just across the lake, as recorded in Mark 5:1-20. Or, perhaps another destitute individual from the margins of society had received healing from Jesus and visited her and told her about Him. This woman heard somewhere that His touch had power. B. v. 28 Her Resolution: She knew she had to get to Jesus after hearing about Him. She came to the conclusion that Jesus was the only hope she had! She sincerely believed that she would be healed if she could only reach Him. She approached Jesus in that crowd, demonstrating her resolve to reach Him. She was inflicting ceremonial defilement on everyone she came into contact with as she elbowed her way through the crowd. She was taking a great risk because she would have been ridiculed and humiliated in public if she had been noticed. She might have been stoned to death or beaten by a group like that if they got mad. She considered it a risk well worth taking. She had faith that Jesus would cure her! She needed to be determined because it would have taken all of her energy to get out of bed and fight her way through that crowd to get to Jesus because of her disease. She was hopeless! Have you yet arrived at that point in your life? Have you come to the realization that Jesus is your only hope? If you are lost today and are in this building, you must get to Jesus! Acts 4:12 says, "He is the only way for you to be saved." John 14:6. You must come to Him if you have never trusted Him to save you. Your only hope is Jesus. You must reach out to Him in faith! There are saved individuals who, like this woman, are burdened and defeated and require His touch as well. You'll be able to get the help you need sooner if you accept that Jesus is the only one who can help you! Take in what He has to say to you: Matt. 11:28; Heb. 4:15-16; 1 Pet. 5:7. Why should you continue to carry that burden? Why should you continue fighting for even one more minute? Why should you continue to suffer defeat? There's no need to! Get to Jesus; He is able to assist you and will! I. Her Strategy II III. Her Sacrifice v. 29-34 HER SALVATION A. v. 29 It Was Powerful - When she got close enough to Him, she touched His garment with a trembling hand. Matt, it's likely that she touched one of the lengthy tassels that were hanging from the corners of His prayer shawl. 9:20. Then, in that very instant, she received something that neither the expensive nor painful treatments offered by the doctors could provide her with: She got better! She experienced the shift in her body right away. She was aware that she had changed! B. v. 30-33 It Was Personal - Jesus knows what has transpired as soon as this woman touches Him. Just to be clear, He was aware of it before it happened! He chose it! He is aware that his "virtue" has vanished. This word refers to "power." It gave us the modern words "dynamite" and "dynamic." Jesus inquires, "Who touched My clothes?" in verse 30, knowing what has transpired. Certainly, the disciples pointed out that there were dozens of people touching and bumping into Him that day, verse 31, but her touch was different; It was a faith-infused touch. While many people touched Him, only one did so with faith! She could have received physical healing from Jesus, but He called her out because He wanted to offer her more than that. He wanted to free her from her faith in superstitions. He wanted to get rid of her soul. You will notice that this woman fell before Jesus out of fear as He spoke to her. She silently approached him from behind him for this very reason. She did not openly approach Him for this reason. She was worried that she would be turned down! She probably anticipated that Jesus would scold her for touching Him. She believed that He would treat her similarly to everyone else. She would have soiled Him until sunset just by touching Him. That didn't have to worry her! Jesus didn't want to make her feel bad. He didn't want to force her to leave His presence. He was not interested in lecturing her about the Law's prohibition against being unclean. He was eager to assist her with her issue! His goal was to save her soul. Jesus received the response He had anticipated and desired from her. She bowed down to Him and told Him everything. She had publicly acknowledged what had transpired in her heart in this manner. She wasn't like everyone else, and she didn't hide it from anyone! Jesus wanted to transform her from a modest, superstitious faith into a more profound, transforming faith. According to verses 22–24, Jesus was on His way to treat the young daughter of a man named Jairus. This young girl is at risk of dying! The raucous crowd surrounds Jesus as He travels to this man's house. Nevertheless, despite the seriousness of His mission, Jesus stops to help this woman! The crowd may as well not be there at all at this point. Jesus focused all of His attention on this needy woman, putting the business of the universe on hold. The woman and her requirements were more significant to Him than anything else. She was the sole focus of His attention and world! Because she had simple, childlike faith, this woman, who had been rejected, neglected, and cast out, had caught God's eye! Isn't that a gift? When you call upon Him in faith, I believe that God, who directs the course that each atom in this universe's molecules takes, has time for you. Never be concerned that He is uninterested in you. Never be concerned that He won't accept you. Do you realize that if He hadn't become flesh, this woman couldn't have touched Him? Phil, Jesus first took on the form of a man so that He could die on the cross. 2:5-8. However, He also took on the form of a man so that He could feel our weaknesses, Heb. 4:15-16. Additionally, He became a human so that we could touch Him! Deity was beyond human reach. Jesus took on the form of a man so that we could relate to Him and Him to us. So that we could touch Him, He changed into a man! You will also receive the assistance you require if you ever reach the point where you are able to summon the faith necessary to approach Him and touch Him! C. v. 34 - His words confirmed what she already knew had occurred! He refers to her as his "daughter." Jesus never uses this name on a female until this moment. The word indicates that they are currently in a different relationship. It is a sentimental word; a message of peace; a nod of approval. That day, she received more than just physical relief. She has been a nobody, an outcast, all her adult life. She has lived in isolation and loneliness, in the shadows of society, but now she hears that God has taken her in! She met Jesus Christ, who saved her soul, as a result of her faith. She was an outcast one moment and a member of God's family the next! Throughout the entirety of the New Testament, the translation of the word "saved" is "whole." It translates to "to be rescued from all danger and harm." to be protected and sound She received significantly more than she anticipated that day! Everyone who comes to Jesus receives a great deal more than they ever imagined. Many people seek Him out out of fear of Hell. We have so little faith when we come to Him. The intricacies of the Bible are beyond our comprehension. Theological nuance and complexity are beyond our comprehension. However, in response to our weak faith, He provides us with everything in Heaven. The exciting journey of learning about Jesus' riches begins next. Soon enough, we realize that we received much more than just a fire insurance policy. • John 3:1-2 declares that we are God's children. • John 14:1-3 says that we have a home in heaven. • We are joint heirs with Jesus (Romans) and God's heirs. 8:17. • There is a new life for us, 2 Cor. 5:17. • The power of sin to control and rule them is gone from us, Rom. 6:14. • We are no longer a threat to God, Rom. 8:7. • We have made peace with Him, Eph. 2:12-19. • Col., we are forgiven completely and forever. 2:13-14. D. v. 34: "Go in peace," he tells her. It was permanent. She is reminded by his words that she has done the right thing by touching Him and coming to Him. If this ill woman had intended to touch him, any other man in that crowd would have been offended and enraged, but not Jesus! Since it could not touch Him, he was not afraid of ceremonial defilement! He was far too holy to be tainted by a sinner's mere touch. He only cared for the healing of a troubled woman because He knew she had a grain of faith! She was fine, and she was aware of it; however, Jesus' final words, "thy faith hath made thee whole," emphasize that she was finally and completely free of her plague. Her life would never be the same after she was healed! Her fight against this terrible disease was over for good! The Master had given her a brand-new start in life. Conc: This woman was cured not by touching His garment, but rather by having faith in Jesus and His power. Her life was altered when her faith touched His power. Do you need to reach Jesus right now? There is assistance in reaching Him! Jesus is the way out of your trouble, whether you're lost in sin or struggling? I want to invite you to come to Jesus if you have reached a point where all other options have failed, exhausted themselves, and you require assistance right now. There were a lot of people that day who had physical, spiritual, and emotional needs in that crowd. However, only one lady received assistance. Jesus was touched by dozens of people, but only one changed. Why? Only one person had faith-filled eyes for Jesus. Only one individual believed that Jesus could assist her. She only needed to do one thing to touch Him. That one individual alone was made whole! Don't fall into the category of people who simply encounter Jesus and move on. Come to Him for help if you need it. He has the ability to alter your circumstance. Reach out to Him and touch Him in faith if you need assistance.

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