Matt. 19:4-6, Gen. 2:18-24

The first episode of the series: Modern families are in trouble! Divorce is widespread. The level of dissatisfaction among friends has never been higher. Both their children and their parents are losing their way as a result.
The modern family is no longer secure. The majority of families once acknowledged God, His Word, and His right to rule in the home. This wasn't that long ago. That time has long passed. The family must be returned to God. If the family is to survive, it needs to be deeply rooted in God's things. The current family is in disarray. The majority of families are adrift on a tossing sea of immorality, selfishness, and dissatisfaction, although there are a few instances of godly families in action. It is possible to save the modern family! Families can survive when they understand and uphold the unchanging principles of the Bible. If the right resources, support, and guidance are provided to families, they can even thrive in this world. I'll be preaching a Home Improvement series of sermons over the next few weeks about my family. We assert that our world requires preservation, and it does! However, if the world is to change from its current state, it must begin at home. Before our world can get better, our homes need to be improved first. You are aware that I am not referring to painting the walls, installing a hot tub, or putting on a new roof when I talk about home improvement. I'm referring to strengthening your marriages, assisting your children in becoming the men and women that God intends for them to be, and transforming our homes into a miniature version of heaven on earth. We can accomplish that, but we may need to improve our home in order to achieve it. Therefore, as the Lord directs, I will address some issues pertaining to the contemporary family. I'll talk about some issues that affect your family in my sermon. We can learn everything we need to know about home improvement from the Bible, in my opinion. Matt. 19:4-6, Gen. 2:18-24 ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE Introduction to the sermon: An article about people who were saved and were able to get through situations where their lives were in jeopardy was published in a magazine some time ago. When it seemed as though death was inevitable, that article revealed the truth: God and one's family would always be on people's minds. There was a story about a man who talked about his experience in that article. He stated that he was experiencing difficulties at work and that it appeared as though he might lose his job. The company's CEO notified him to visit headquarters. He was extremely anxious about making the plane arrangements. His only thoughts were of his job and its safety. When he got on the plane, all he could think about was his job and what would happen when he met with the CEO as the plane made its way to the city where the home company was located. The plane ran into some very serious issues during the flight. It looked like it was going to fall, and he might not survive. He claims that at that point, everything that had previously been a source of concern for him vanished all at once, including any concerns he had regarding his employment situation. Instead, he focused more on his family. According to him, when it comes down to it, the most important factor is not your social connections, your financial situation, or even your job. Family is what really matters when it comes down to the bottom line. I Tim. says so in the Bible. 5:8, "But he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel, if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house." We need to realize how crucial it is to work toward building strong family relationships. The Lord Jesus Christ is, of course, the greatest authority on family matters. His words were read to me today. These words show us that Jesus Christ is the Great Home Builder when it comes to marriage and families. He is a great expert in home improvement! Additionally, we are aware that the devil is a master home wrecker. The devil uses a variety of methods to try to destroy family life. The family is at risk from divorce. In our nation, nearly every second marriage ends in divorce. The family is at risk from alcohol. Alcohol is a factor in nearly every scenario involving family conflict and marital strife. The family is at risk from materialism. We have a lot of material possessions in our families, but that doesn't seem to have made us happy. Despite having more vehicles, there is less compatibility. Despite having more gadgets, we lack grace. Despite having more luxuries, we lack love. We are discovering that having a lot of material possessions does not always result in a happy, stable family. As a result, Jesus is the Great Home Builder, and in verse 4, He asked them, "Have you not read..." before quoting from Genesis chapter 2. In this instance, he is referring to the development of the initial family and marriage. According to Genesis 2:18–20, God brought all of the animals to Adam so that Adam could give them names. Adam gave each animal the name he wanted when they came before him. This procedure was not done to assess Adam's intelligence. Adam developed a desire for a mate as a result of God's use of this. Adam realized that he was alone in the world when he saw all the animals and their partners. Adam could not share his life with anyone else, even though he had God. This was a circumstance that was "not good," as God stated in verse 18. Adam was born with the desire for a partner, which God satisfied. The Bible explains in verses 21 to 25 how God created the woman from Adam's rib and gave her to the man. As a result, God orchestrated and carried out the initial wedding. Witnesses were the animals. Adam and Eve were united in holy marriage by God that day. I have a feeling that Adam looked over at her as they were getting married and said, "You're the only girl in the world for me." She wouldn't have been able to say, "I want you to know I had a lot of offers before you came along," of course. As a result, the family unit was established, and the first marriage took place. In Matthew The Lord Jesus Christ cites Genesis 2 in 19:4-6. He says something strange. In the verses I have read to you, he makes two mentions of it. "They twain shall be one flesh," he says in verse 5. In verse 6, He states it once more. They no longer divide, but are one flesh." God says the same thing in Genesis 2:24. Here, God employs extremely bizarre math. According to the Bible, God created one man and one woman. They became one when he combined them. One is equal to one plus one. That is indeed extremely odd math! Now, if you want to complete a real home improvement project, you will need to follow God's instructions. You need to be familiar with marriage math, which states that one plus one is one. God tells us to "do the math" if we want a happy marriage and family. Today, I want to do the math. I'm primarily addressing the marriage between a husband and wife. First and foremost, you must have a strong marriage in order to have a strong family, including strong relationships between parents and children and siblings. Understanding that "One Plus One Equals One" is the key to building a strong family relationship, according to God. I want to demonstrate the ways in which God has united the husband and wife in Him as we do the math today. Let's do a little math and take a look at the ways that God has made us all one, as I'm sure some serious math enthusiasts are here today. My sermon topic is "One Plus One Equals One." I. Physically, one plus one equals one (Ill. Man was created in the image of God, Genesis 1:26-27. The Bible teaches that God exists in three parts. That is, there are three people who make up God. He is a parent. Both the Son and the Holy Spirit are in Him., The man is a trio. Man is the third person. Body, soul, and spirit are all parts of a person, 1 Thes. 5:23; According to Genesis 2:7, "And the LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils." and man evolved into a living being." The human body was made by God; He infused it with the spirit; and man evolved into a living being. Every human being has three aspects, according to that one verse. There is a physical component to who we are. We each possess a psychological component. We all have a spiritual side to us. Man and woman become physically one when a marriage takes place as God intended. Psychologically, they merge into one. Spiritually, they merge.) We want to start by looking into our lives' physical aspects. In a marriage, a physical union takes place. I believe it is necessary to make a few statements regarding the physical relationship between a husband and wife. God bestows sex on the world. God's idea is sex. Sex is beneficial. Sex is good when it occurs within the circle that God intended for it to be, which is the circle of marriage. Sex is of God. While I don't want to dwell too much on this physical unity, I do want to highlight some highlights. A. 1 Corinthians has a word about perversion. 6:9-11. Paul describes in these verses how some people alter God's plan for human sexuality. He warns those who abuse sex that doing so demonstrates their lost condition in front of God and man. In Heb. God mentions those who use sex appropriately in verse 4:3. Sexual activity can either be beneficial or detrimental. Depending on where it is found, which it is. Let me show you. Is there good or bad mud? Mud is beneficial in the pig pen but harmful on carpet. Is fire a good or bad thing? Fire is beneficial when it is used to cook me a biscuit or keep us warm; however, it is detrimental when it occurs in your attack or in your wall. Pro. ill. 6:23–29) We live in a culture in which people, particularly young people, are being taught that sex is not spiritual. People talk about sex on the loose. Americans have raised a generation of people who have been taught and believe that they are essentially animals. Therefore, it is acceptable for them to live as animals if they come from animals. Our generation has come to believe that sex between consenting partners that is not regulated is acceptable. The guiding principle is, "Do it if it feels good!" Ill. Parents giving their children birth control. Ill. Children are given opportunities to engage in sexual activity by their parents.) Take a look at the words of God in 1 Cor. 6:16, “What? Are you aware that a man who marries a harlot has one body? He declares that two will become one flesh. The phrase "one flesh" is there once more. When sexual activity takes place, something happens. irrespective of whether it is between married couples or individuals who are not married. Sex never occurs on a casual basis. Physically, something takes place. Mentally, something takes place. Spiritually, something takes place. Therefore, it is not a minor matter. It never goes well when a sexual relationship takes place outside of the boundaries that God set. It causes anxiety about illness and unintended pregnancy. Guilt results. It ruins relationships. Sex reveals the true nature of your spiritual life and your relationship to God when it occurs outside of God's boundaries. B. A Note Concerning Prevention – 1 Cor. "Flee fornication," says 6:18. Run, that means! You should never put yourself in a situation where you could be sexually harmed. You should never let anyone or anything influence you in a way that would make you unfaithful in a marriage or immoral in your sexual life. Don't let anything get in the way of your relationship with your spouse, your testimony, or your relationship with God! Evacuate when it comes to immorality and sin! Run! Be a supreme coward. You recall Joseph from Genesis 39. According to the Bible, Potiphar's wife became infatuated with Joseph when she saw him. Then, one day, she grabbed Joseph's clothing and reached out to him. She only received his coat. He did not lose his personality. Joseph ran away! When sexual temptation strikes, you ought to respond in this manner. C. 1 Corinthians speaks of provision. 7:2-3. These verses make it abundantly clear that sex is not only performed for pleasure but also for the purpose of reproduction. A husband and wife's beautiful sexual relationship, which brings about physical oneness, is perfectly acceptable. If a marriage does not include regular physical intimacy, there is something wrong with the relationship. Some people believe that God is constantly gazing down from heaven and declaring, "You folks down there are having fun." Get rid of it!” No! When His people take pleasure in the means He has ordained for their enjoyment, God is pleased. I. The physical sum of one plus one is one II. Psychologically, one plus one equals one (Ill.) A married couple not only becomes one body but also one soul. We all have a psychological nature in addition to our physical nature. This indicates that you are intelligent. You consider You feel things. How you feel You have free will. You are in charge. You've got a plan. You put that effort into it. We become one with our partners not only physically but also mentally when we get married. In a marriage, this whole issue of psychological compatibility is worked on by the partners. In some cases, people will seek a divorce on the grounds that they are incompatible with one another. Although it may appear absurd, I have come to believe that is the case. Because they are incompatible, some people simply cannot live together. According to Dr. Billy Graham, he and his wife "were happily incompatible." That suits me. The inability of many couples to account for God in their incompatibilities is the problem. They use human energy to try to make it work, and when it doesn't work out, they throw away their marriage like it was trash. There is no feeling of dedication. There is no impression of total devotion. Where are the individuals who would rather die than let their marriages break down? (Ill.) I heard about a couple who went to a marriage counselor because they were having a lot of issues. He made every effort to assist them in resolving their issues. He finally asked, "Isn't there anything you two have in common?" in frustration. Well, there is one thing, the wife said. We can't stand one another.") I'm referring to the process of striving for psychological unity. I want to inform you of the dangers posed by contemporary secular psychology. When psychology adheres to the authority of God's Word, it has a place. The extensive research into the human mind that has been carried out has provided plenty of insight. The ideas that teach us about how families should come together can be used to our advantage. However, I must emphasize that you must distinguish between what you hear as human opinion and what is based on God's Word's teachings. Although Dr. Phil has done a lot of good, it is not one of the Bible's books. Oprah is not either! Dr. Phil and Oprah are only correct insofar as they agree with what the Bible says. Sometimes they give good advice, but only if it is in accordance with the teachings of the Bible. Always ask yourself, "How does the Bible fit in with that, wherever you get your information?" A. Intellectual Oneness: "Communication" is the key word here. Communication is necessary for the development of intellectual oneness—that is, oneness of mind and thought. I'll elaborate on that later. Later on in this series of sermons, I may preach a full sermon on family communication. I'm going to be the first to admit that men typically contribute a significant amount to this problem. We simply have trouble conveying our emotions effectively. Naturally, it can work the other way around! (Ill.) A woman wanted a divorce from her husband and went to her pastor. He asked her, "Do you have any grounds?" during counseling. "Yeah, three acres outside of town," she replied. Preacher, you have been there! He responded, "No, I mean, do you hold a grudge?" She gave it some thought before responding, "No, we have a carport!" Trying something different, he said. No, I mean, does your husband ever slap you? She responded, "No, I wake up at six, an hour before he!" "What I am asking is, do you have a case?" the preacher asked. She said, "No, we've got a John Deere!" without pausing. The preacher finally exclaimed, "Ma'am, what I'm trying to ask you is this; Are there any issues between you and your husband? She responded, "Yes, preacher. We are having numerous issues. The preacher asked, "Like what?" The wife responded, "Well, my husband is the problem." He simply lacks communication.") To get you started, let me just share a few ideas about communication. Acquire the ability to listen to others. It would be beneficial to look each other in the eye when you talk. Turning off the television would even be safe. Leaning forward and getting a little closer to one another might even be beneficial. Learn how to deal with your anger. In our culture, there is so much resentment. In today's family relationships, there is so much anger. People deal with their anger in one of several ways. Sometimes they simply explode. Sometimes they become clammy. Like in the past, they occasionally vomit! We must learn to express ourselves properly and open up. Learn to stay away from certain words. You know precisely what to say to upset your partner. You are aware of the words that cut and hurt them. Don't we all know which buttons to press? We must work at eliminating those kinds of words and learn how to do so. Learn to move on from the past. You have to let go of the past at some point. When you begin to forgive yourself, you allow the past to remain in the past and begin to move on. Some of you here today have a lot of baggage from your past that you've carried around in your marriage and family. You just bring up all of that past whenever a problem arises in your family. You must learn to let go of the past. I'd like to offer a few quick thoughts regarding spouse-to-spouse communication. Take care when you speak. Make sure you say it correctly. When you say it, exercise caution. Be careful about what you say. B. Emotional Oneness – The word "consideration" is the one that applies here. Respect for one another is something we need to learn. Every person has three fundamental requirements. Everyone deserves to be loved. Respect must be shown to everyone. They need to believe in their own worth and that they are people. Every individual needs to feel valued. They need to have the impression that what they do matters to someone and that they are appreciated. Consideration goes a long way toward assisting a family and marriage in becoming what they ought to be. A perfect partner never gets married. (Ill.) I heard that a couple was having a small argument. The man concluded by telling his wife, "You must think I'm a perfect idiot." "No, I wouldn't say anyone was perfect," she replied. Getting married is similar to purchasing a CD. You purchase the CD for the song you adore. You might even like a couple of the other songs on that CD. However, it also includes the remaining songs, the ones you can't stand and will never play. Every mate has advantages and disadvantages. You are ahead of the game if the total number of pluses exceeds the total number of negatives. Although there will always be some degree of incompatibility between spouses, we can strive for greater harmony in our relationships with one another. Physically, married couples become one. In addition, they merge psychologically. I. The physical sum of one and one is one. Psychologically, one is one when one is added to one. Spiritually, one plus one equals one. You are more than just a body with organs, skin, and bones. You are more than just a soul with emotions, drives, and thoughts. You are spirit as well. That indicates that you are spiritual. This indicates that you can connect with God. If you don't know what the spiritual side of marriage and family is, you might have everything else in your family, but you'll still feel like there's something missing from your relationship. Spiritual unity will be absent from the experience. I think that being like Jesus is the most important lesson we need to learn about marriage and family. What connection does being like Jesus Christ have to family and marriage? Eph. says so in the Bible. "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it," says John 5:25. He is suggesting that in our marriages, we must learn to love one another in the same way that Jesus loves us. How did Jesus care about us? Jesus gave his life for us. For the church, Christ gave himself! Christ cherished his church. We must learn to love as Christ loved. According to 2 Corinthians, God forbids saved people from marrying lost people. 6:14, which reads, "Do not be unjustly joined with unbelievers: because righteousness and unrighteousness share no fellowship. and what connection exists between light and darkness? The marriage will never be as perfect as God intends it to be unless both spouses are filled with the Holy Spirit. It will never reach its full potential. It's hard to love your partner as much as Jesus loved the church, even when both partners are saved! Take care to listen. You have a hard time loving your partner as you should at all times. But not in the manner you might expect. You, not your partner, make it difficult for you to love him or her. The majority of us are mostly self-centered. The majority of us enter marriage and family life with incorrect assumptions. We arrive asking, "What can I get from this relationship, rather than what can I contribute to this relationship?" I have observed the couples I have married. They seek counseling from me. They arrive completely "goo goo eyed." They believe they are on their way to Shangri-La. World War III is where some are headed, even though they may not be aware of it. They seem so unassuming. The majority of couples wed like two ticks on a dog. A tick is a tiny parasite that lives on a human being. A tick infects a dog and suctions out its blood. The dog benefits in no way from the tick. It simply draws blood from the dog. When you're married, it can sometimes feel like you have two ticks but no dog. You simply have two people who are sapping each other's life and making no contribution to the relationship. It all comes down to what each person can get from the other! That is destined for failure! Selfishness is the most common issue in families and marriages. The marriage becomes about me, my requirements, and my desires and thoughts; without any regard for my spouse at all. That is a surefire way to fail. It also stands in sharp contrast to the way Jesus treated those who did not merit His love and grace when He died. The most beneficial thing that could ever take place in our households would be for husbands and wives to become more like Jesus. As Jesus loved the church, we must learn to love our spouse and family. There are married couples who have tried everything they know how to do. They have attended therapy sessions. They are avid readers. A personal, faith-based relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is what they really require. You won't be able to be like Jesus Christ until you find Him and allow Him to live in your heart through the new birth experience. You won't be able to live your life and heart like Jesus Christ. A lot of couples require that. Some people only need to confess their sin to the Lord and ask Jesus to save their souls. That is an excellent project for home improvement. The spiritual climate of your home will change if you ever undergo heart renovation! It would change your marriage forever! Permit me to offer some recommendations. I would like to encourage you to establish a family altar in your home if you already acknowledge Christ as your Savior. That you gather as a family to read God's Word and pray at some point in the morning is what I mean. You don't need to read a lot; just a few verses and pray after that. Pray for those boys and girls as they get ready to enter the schools, you parents. You need to ask God to keep them safe and give them strength and grace. As he leaves that door, you wives must pray for him. As she leaves, you husbands need to pray for her. Read the Bible and pray before the day begins. Establish a family altar. Then you need a pew for the family. Thank you for being here this morning, God bless you, but return tonight. Calvary Baptist Church fellowship has literally shaped the lives of some of our church members' families. They haven't been without challenges, though. That does not imply that there have not been challenges. That doesn't mean that some of their kids haven't left. It does imply that they are well-equipped to weather the storms that will affect their marriage and thrive. We have resources for you if you want to build your family around the church. God can use this opportunity to do great things in your family. If you can build a strong church relationship into your marriage and family, it will make a difference. You must address your dishonesty toward God and His house because some of you have been playing in this area! I am urging our married couples and families to work toward spiritual unity. Together, pray! Together, study the Bible! Together, let us love Jesus Christ and watch as He transforms you and your house for His glory! Conc: One is made up of one plus one! Isn't it true that God uses some odd math? He is able to unite two people from totally different backgrounds in Jesus, making them one spiritually, mentally, and physically. That is an exquisite object! I was wondering if you needed to come and pray for your spouse today. Is it necessary for you to present your children to the Lord today? Do you need to make a commitment to their spiritual development right now? Is it necessary for you to turn from some sin? Of self-interest? of self-importance? Is it necessary for you to come to Jesus Christ in order to be saved? Is it necessary for you to apologize to your spouse for your behavior toward them? Today, let's listen to His voice. The sermon "Formula for a Fantastic Family" by Dr. Jerry Vines served as the basis for this message.

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