Intro: We have spent the beyond few weeks thinking about the workplace of the Deacon. A second of recap is probably so as here. We pointed out the Reason for the workplace, Acts 6:1-7. The workplace of Deacon become created due to the fact the church wanted guys to fill an area of provider in order that the preachers may want to dedicate themselves to prayer, Bible look at and sermon preparation. We have additionally preached approximately the Requirements of the workplace, Acts 6:3; 1 Tim. 3:8-13. The necessities are very stiff. The guys selected as Deacons should be guys of the best ethical character. They should be guys who're full of the Spirit of God. They should additionally be guys who own a servant`s coronary heart and willingness to serve others. Today, I need to finish this collection of sermons through preaching approximately The Rewards Of The Baptist Deacon. When the proper guys are decided on and ordained positive advantages may be loved through the Church, the Community and through the Candidates themselves. So, permit`s examine what we will anticipate whilst the proper guys are decided on as Deacons. I need to evangelise on The Rewards Of The Baptist Deacon. I. 1 Tim. 3:13 THE REWARDS TO THE CANDIDATE (Ill. When a person serves as a Deacon and whilst he serves well, he'll get hold of positive religious rewards from the Lord and from the church. As a Deacon, you'll now no longer be compensated monetarily, however you may be compensated through the Lord.) A. Spiritual Promotion – “buy to themselves an excellent degree” – This word means “they gain for themselves an exquisite rank.” The word “degree” means “rank or standing”. The Deacon who serves the church, withinside the way constant with the lessons of the Word of God, may be exalted. There are many Deacons who suppose they ought to be commemorated due to the fact they've a title. Then there are Deacons who're commemorated due to the fact they've earned the honour of the church. No guy who's a simply religious guy will preference to be located on a pedestal. Yet, if a Deacon serves the church as he ought to, he'll earn the honour of the church and they may honor him for his provider. He will acquire an area of honor and may be visible as a leader, now no longer due to the fact he needs it, however due to the fact he merits it! Not simplest will the church sell the best, trustworthy Deacon, God Himself will honor the person who faithfully serves others, James 4:10; 1 Pet. 5:6. The desirable Deacon will serve the church, now no longer due to the fact he goals the reward of fellows; the best Deacon will serve the church due to the fact he has a coronary heart for the consideration of God and due to the fact he longs for the reward of Heaven. (Ill. By the way, there are loads of fellows who need to titles and the position, however there are few who're inclined to be servants withinside the church. Some years in the past a person become traveling Mother Theresa. He watched her paintings a few of the lepers in India. He watched as she bandaged sore and took care of injuries. He remarked, “I wouldn`t contact that for one million dollars!” She surely replied. “Neither could I.” While I am positive that her theology and mine could be as some distance aside as may be imagined, she understood the real essence of provider. She didn`t do it for reputation or wealth. She did what she did due to the fact she cared. She had a servant`s coronary heart! We want Deacons who own that equal type of coronary heart. We want guys who're inclined to carry out the maximum menial of obligations in order that the church is probably served and the Lord is probably glorified.) B. Spiritual Power – “tremendous boldness withinside the religion” – As the Deacon serves the Lord and the church he'll see the Lord use him in a few quite unique approaches. As the Deacon sees God use him, his religion withinside the Lord may be reinforced and his stroll with the Lord will develop deeper and stronger. As this happens, the Deacon is emboldened to serve the Lord is even extra approaches.
This word additionally has the concept of a Deacon as a witness for Jesus. As a Deacon grows in his ministry and his dating with the Lord, he may be widespread through the church and the network as a witness for the Lord. His phrases will bring weight with saint and sinner alike due to the fact he has confirmed that his religion is actual aleven though his way of life and his provider to others. (Ill. Acts 6:6-8:forty communicate approximately of the primary Deacons, Stephen and Philip. These guys have been residing examples of “tremendous boldness withinside the religion”. Stephen witnessed of Jesus earlier than the Jewish Sanhedrin. He stood his floor and remained steadfast in his convictions even if they stoned him to death. Stephen is a great instance to each Deacon. Philip become a powerful preacher of the Word of God and he become used of the Lord is a tremendous fashion. He helped lead a revival in Samaria; he witnessed to the Ethiopian eunuch; and he preached the Gospel anywhere he traveled. These guys served the early church. Apparently they served it faithfully. As a result, they have been multiplied to an area of honor through the church and that they have been utilized in powerful approaches through God Himself. If you're decided on to function a Deacon on this church permit me inspire you to discover ways to serve the Lord through serving others. If you'll, the rewards you'll gain are with out measure.) II. Acts 6:7 THE REWARDS TO

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