Intro: Ill. The Context. Paul felt forced through the Holy Spirit to visit Jerusalem. Have you ever felt led of the Lord to do some thing? If you've got got, then you definitely understand precisely what Paul turned into feeling! In those verses, the amazing Apostle teaches us what a stable believer does whilst he's sure withinside the Spirit. In searching at Paul`s sports here, we see a effective lesson in dedication, willpower and steadfastness. Allow me to proportion the truths taught here.
I. v. 17-23 PAUL`S RESOLVE (Ill. Paul turned into decided to visit Jerusalem. For many, this turned into now no longer a famous notion, Acts 21:4-17. Paul`s lifestyles is that of a person who absolutely desires to serve the Lord. This picture from Paul`s lifestyles suggests us that Paul turned into in reality decided to do simply that.) A. v. 18-21 Paul`s Conduct In The Past – He had given the whole lot he had! (Ill. God`s humans have to preserve not anything back, however they have to placed all of it on the road for God. (Ill. David and Goliath; The Three Hebrews) B. v. 22 Paul`s Call In The Present – Paul had no desire in his assignments. They had been all made through God. (Ill. Just hold doing the ultimate factor God advised you till He tells you some thing else.) (Ill. Put your self in Daniel`s shoes. He turned into trustworthy to God his whole lifestyles!) (Ill. Enoch served God faithfully for three hundred years!) (Ill. Micah 6:eight suggests us what God needs from us: “He hath shewed thee, O man, what's good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, however to do justly, and to like mercy, and to stroll humbly with thy God?”) C. v. 23 Paul`s Crisis In Prophecy – Paul`s willpower to visit Jerusalem is even greater superb in mild of what he is aware of is ready on him there. (Ill. Such is the character of proper faith – Ill. Abraham.) (Note: The degree of a person is what it takes to forestall him!) II. v. 24 PAUL`S REASON A. The Reason Of A Pure Motive – (Accountant) – Paul absolutely desired to end his path. He knew that God had already deliberate his steps, Acts 9:15; 19:21; 23:11, and he desired to complete them. (Note: We all have a path to run, a path mapped out through God Himself – Psa. 37:25. May we analyze now no longer to combat it, however to complete it for His glory!) B. The Reason Of A Powerful Ministry – (Athlete) – God had used Paul in a incredible way. Paul simply desired to complete his assignment. Paul absolutely desired to run his race nicely and to acquire the victor`s crown, Heb. 12:1. (Note: There is simply one Person we want to run to please: Jesus Christ!) C. The Reason Of A Perfect Message – (Activist) – Paul desired to maintain to evangelise the lifestyles converting message of the Gospel of grace. He knew he turned into preaching a really perfect message – Rom. 1:16. (Note: The Gospel gets the task accomplished! We do now no longer want to motel to new methods, messages or techniques. We want to settle down, stroll withinside the antique paths and believe God to honor His Word. He will, Isa. 55:11!) III. v. 240-38 PAUL`S REST A. v. 24a The Rest Of A Surrendered Life – Paul turned into now no longer moved through what he confronted in Jerusalem. Everything he turned into had already been located at the altar and turned into sacrificed to the respect of God, Rom. 12:1. Paul had already brought up all that he had going for him in lifestyles and had decided that Jesus turned into really well worth greater than anything, Phil. 3:4-11. (Note: When you all is surrendered, you've got got not anything in any respect to fear! Is your all at the altar tonight?) B. v. 25-35 The Rest Of A Sanctified Legacy – Paul should depart Ephesus understanding that he had accomplished his task nicely and that he had all of the humans educated and in area who should maintain the work. (Note: May we be capable of echo Paul`s phrases whilst we depart this global behind – 2 Tim. 4:7.) C. v. 36-38 The Rest Of A Sovereign Lord – Everything turned into laid withinside the hand of God. When all is in His hands, than all is nicely! May we in no way overlook that our God is a sovereign Lord. He is in absolute manage of each state of affairs of lifestyles – Eph. 3:20; Ex. 3:14. Therefore, we will trust setting our all in His hands! Conc: Are you sure withinside the spirit to do some thing? If so, dedicate it to the hand of the Lord and get to it! He will see to anything desires you can have alongside the way, Gen. 24:44. He will see you thru till the race is

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