Introduction: The Book of Genesis is a book of life, yet it is likewise a book of death. I a few different ways, the Book of Genesis is a cemetery. It lets us know how passing began. From the disfigured group of Abel, to the solid reiteration of death in section 5, to the obliteration of the world in part 6, the Book of Genesis is a book of death. All of the legends presented in the book, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph likewise passed on in its pages. It is a book of death.
Sections 48 and 49 annal the demise of the incredible patriarch Jacob. He lived for a long time on this planet, yet in the end the hour of his demise came. We could do without to discuss passing. It is a subject that we give our all to stay away from. In any case, demise is following every one of us, and at some point, we will leave this world, Heb. 9:27. What we realize as we watch Jacob finish his life can help us as the day of our own demise draws near. What we realize here can assist us with carrying on with life realizing that passing is coming. I need to teach on Reflections Of A Life. I believe you should see that Reflected On The Past; He Reflected On Providence; He Reflected On The Present; and He Reflected On The Promises. How about we notice these four regions that held the psyche of Jacob as he passed on. I. JABOC REFLECTED ON THE PAST (Sick. As Jacob moved toward his date with death, the past was at the forefront of his thoughts. He recalled three high puts that stood apart on the scene of his past.) A. v. 3-4 He Remembered A Spot - Jacob recalled a night when he met God, He recollected and experience at a spot called Bethel, Gen. 28. Jacob recollected what happened that evening. He recalled the pledge the Lord made with him. He recalled the commitments God provided for him. Indeed, even as he was passing on, Jacob recalled the spot and when he met God. (Sick. "I'll Go To My Grave Loving You" - Statler Brothers) (Note: Do you have a spot? Do you have a spot in your past where you met God? Could you at any point go there to you and recollect that spot at this moment? You really want a spot! That spot will turn out to be increasingly more essential to you as the snapshot of your demise moves nearer. In the event that you don't have a spot, come and get one today! Let this spot, this date, this hour be the spot you recall as the second you met God and got Jesus as your Lord and Savior.) B. v. 7 He Remembered A Spouse - Jacob recalled the best love and the best tragedy of his life. He thought about his dearest spouse Rachel. He recollected how he felt when he saw her. He recalled their adoration. He recalled how he needed to function fourteen years just to have her as his better half. He recollected every one of the blissful years they shared together. He additionally recollected how she passed on. He recollected the affection and he recalled the misfortune. Jacob saw his Rachel as the highpoint of his natural presence. She has been dead for quite some time, yet Jacob has always remembered her! As he took a gander at Joseph's two children, Manasseh and Ephraim remaining before him, he was helped to remember his Rachel and of her inheritance. (Note: Look back a little while ago and recollect. Pause for a minute to consider every one of the notable individuals God set in your life. Consider how they formed you into the individual you are today. Recollect them and pause for a minute to say thanks to God for your legacy and for individuals He so benevolently positioned in your life. Do you have some unique from before? Do you have some in your life at the present time? Set aside some margin to let them know what they mean to you. Get some margin to laud the Lord for giving you those extraordinary individuals.) C. v. 16 He Remembered A Spirit - As Jacob favors Joseph's children, he recalls an Angel. He recalls a heavenly experience with God that eternity completely changed him, Gen. 32. Jacob grappled with the Lord one evening and when the sun rose on the new day, he strolled different until the end of his life. He recollects the day that Jacob became Israel. Jacob was He recollects the astounding, groundbreaking work of God His life. (Note: Do you have a spot in your past where you gave up everything? Do you have where you laid everything down and started to stroll with the Lord without reservation? I know where I was saved; I additionally know where I gave a few things over to the Lord. I truth, I have had many spots en route where I took portions of me and offered it to Him. I can recollect when my walk, my discussion and my ways changed until the end of time. Do you have such a spot? Have you at any point had an experience with the Holy Ghost? Is there a spot where He filled you and transformed you until the end of time? In the event that not, make this that place today.) II. JACOB REFLECTED ON PROVIDENCE (Sick. As Jacob was biting the dust, he thought back throughout the long periods of his life and recollected the times when God favored him en route. How about we find out what he recalled. I'm certain a great deal of it will dovetail with our own insight.) A. v, 3, 11, 21 He Remembered God's Providence - Jacob recollected the times God moved in his life to achieve His will and to lead Jacob in the correct way. (Note: I express gratitude toward God for His opportune work in the loves of His kin, Ill. Psa. 37:23; Psa. 40:2. Think back over your days and recall the marvelous provision of God in your life. (Sick. My story!) B. v. 15 He Remembered God's Provisions - He discussed the God "which took care of me for my entire life long unto this day." Jacob recalls the past, and as he does, he recollects the arrangements of the Lord. He recalls the God Who generally came through for him. (Note: That is the God we serve today. There have been a few lean times en route, however there has never been the point at which the ruler bombed me. He has satisfied every one of His commitments in the Word of God, Phil. 4:19; Matt. 6:25-34. Assuming we would speak the truth about it, we would need to recollect that God has addressed our necessities as a whole. He has favored far in excess of anything we merited. God has really taken care of His kin. (Sick. Psa. 37:23-27) C. v. 2 He Remembered God's Power - Do you see the progress in refrain 2? Toward the start of the refrain he is designated "Jacob". Toward the finish of the refrain, he is classified "Israel". "Jacob" signifies "Prankster, supplanter, heel grabber". Israel signifies "Sovereign with God." As he lays biting the dust, Jacob carves out opportunity to recollect the God Who completely changed him. He recalls the magnificent force of God working in him and through him, transforming him from what he was to what the Lord believed that him should turn into. (Note: That has been my experience also! I need to applaud the Lord Who transformed me! He saved me and made me another animal for His magnificence, 2 Cor. 5:17. (Sick. All He has accomplished for me!) III. JACOB REFLECTED ON THE PRESENT (Sick. As Jacob was passing on he realized that every one of his gifts were not previously. The Lord had put a few things right in from of him that helped him to remember God's endowments today.) A. v. 8-11 The Evidence Of Grace - Jacob embraces the two children of Joseph. Some time ago he thought Joseph was dead and that there would be no posterity from that child. Presently, by the beauty of God, Jacob sees Joseph once more, however he additionally sees Joseph's two young men. That is effortlessness in real life! (Note: Can you see the proof of beauty around you today? I can! I can see His beauty in my loved ones. I can see His effortlessness in the service. I can see His effortlessness in the congregation. I'm seeing things, getting things done and encountering things I would never have thought when He saved me. I'm encircled by the proof of effortlessness!) B. v. 5-6 The Expansion Of Grace - Jacob takes on the two children of Joseph and gives them a legacy among Joseph's siblings. He is, basically, providing Joseph with the twofold part of the firstborn. At the point when the legacy of the country of Israel was given our numerous years after the fact, there was no clan of Joseph, yet there were the clans of Manasseh and Ephraim. (Note: The elegance that was dynamic in Jacob's life moved from him to the progressive ages. All in all, in view of the beauty of God that was on him, he had the option to give over a legacy, an inheritance, to the people who followed him. We should do today that. Similarly as Jacob gave over his favors to his grandkids, we should endeavor to give over the gifts of God's extraordinary beauty to the people who are trailing behind us. (Sick. I need to have down a tradition of teaching, love and compliance to God to the people who come behind me.) C. v. 12-20 The Economy Of Grace - In these refrains, Jacob favors Joseph's children. Yet, Jacob gives the gift of the firstborn to Ephraim rather than Manasseh. Joseph attempts to mediate, thinking that Jacob just couldn't understand what he was doing, v. 18. Be that as it may, Jacob was completing the desire of the Lord and he knew precisely exact thing he was doing, v. 14, 19. In the realm years, Ephraim turned into the most remarkable and crowded clan in Israel, with Manasseh being second. God gave the gift to whom He picked. (Note: That is the method of effortlessness. God favors whom He will. God utilizes whom He will. God picks one over one more without clarification. At the point when we see someone else being honored more than ourselves, there is a human propensity to become envious. We ought to commend God for the straightforward reality that He even favors us by any means. We surely don't merit it! Any gift of God on our lives is unadulterated effortlessness. Whenever the Lord utilizes us by any means, it is unadulterated effortlessness. I check out today and I say thanks to God for His effortlessness!) IV. JACOB REFLECTED ON THE PROMISES (Sick. Jacob finishes up his appearance on his life by recalling and repeating the commitments of God in his life and to his posterity. These commitments have a place with us too today.) A. v. 21 Their Heritage - God had an arrangement for Israel. He drove them into and one day He would lead them out and back to the place that is known for Canaan. They had a legacy! Go

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