Introduction: This is the subsequent otherworldly experience of Jacob's life. The first was at a spot called Bethel, Gen. 28:10-22. At Bethel, Jacob saw a stepping stool, as Jabbok, he saw the Lord. At Bethel, Jacob turned into a trusting man, at Jabbok, he turned into a messed up man. At Bethel, Jacob turned into a child of God, at Jabbok, he turned into a holy person of God. At Bethel he kicked the bucket to his wrongdoings, at Jabbok, he passed on to self. He left Bethel with a spring in his step, he left Jabbok with an enduring limp however with an eternity changed heart.
Presently, all men need a Bethel experience. Each individual in this room should have the option to review when you met God by and by, you got Him and turned into His kid. Isn't salvation magnificent? Nonetheless, many never go past that experience. They get saved and that is the extent to which they go. They never appear to be ready to create anything for the magnificence of the Lord. While we should have a Bethel experience on the off chance that we hope to get to Heaven, we likewise need a Jabbok experience assuming that we at any point expect to be valuable to the Lord. The very thing that happened to Jacob needs to occur in the existence of each and every adherent to this room tonight. He went through the late evening conversing with the Lord and He was rarely something very similar. I would dare to say that the vast majority of all Christians need to have a little talk with Jesus like old Jacob had. How about we invest a few energy tonight investigating these sections and see what happened during Jacob's discussion with the Lord. I. V. 24a JACOB WAS VERY MUCH ALONE A. Jacob was confronting a serious trying period. He had abandoned his home and he was going to confront a sibling he had violated numerous years sooner. At this crossroads in his day to day existence, he expected to look for counsel from the Lord. The way that Jacob went through the night in petitioning heaven is obvious from Hosea 12:4. As he entered this season of supplication meeting, Jacob thought of himself as particularly alone. (Sick. The sum total of what he had was gone. Family, workers, domesticated animals, abundance, everything. Jacob had to confront God in isolation!) B. Sick. Many individuals dread this sort of dejection! Individuals structure their opportunity to be essentially as full as could be expected. The explanation? At the point when we are distant from everyone else and abandoned, then, at that point, we need to encounter God, Ill. Judas, Matt. 27:3-5! Individuals dread that sort of closeness with the Lord! However, the very thing they dread is the very thing they need the most in their lives. C. At the point when we are occupied, we can possess the heart and the brain. At the point when we are distant from everyone else yet, it is simpler so that us might be able to hear the Lord when He is talking. (Sick. Numerous delinquents will generally fill their lives with occupied work so they can keep away from the voice of God.) D. In the event that we Christians will serious areas of strength for be the Lord, we should carve out opportunity to be separated from everyone else with God. (Sick. The worth of a day to day calm time is plainly exhibited in the existence of the Lord Jesus Christ. He carved out opportunity to be separated from everyone else with the Father - Matt. 14:23; Luke 6:12) Ill. You and I ought to never fear being distant from everyone else with the Lord. He just has great made arrangements for us, Jer. 29:11, "For I know the considerations that I think toward you, saith the LORD, contemplations of harmony, and not of wickedness, to give you a normal end." I. Jacob Was Very Much Alone II. V. 24b-25a JACOB WAS VERY MUCH ALIVE A. As Jacob implored that evening, apparently he encountered a Theophany. That is, he was special to be where the Lord chose to show Himself in an individual way. A theophany in a pre-Bethlehem appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. The holy messenger couldn't conquer Jacob. Obviously, we realize that God could whip Jacob with simply the possibility of His brain, however He permitted Jacob to battle to carry Jacob to the spot where he was able to see himself as he genuinely was. (Sick. As of now, Jacob addresses the beefy idea of man. He addresses our old, corrupt nature that is continually battling against the Lord. These qualities that we are brought into the world with are obstinate, steady, battling and independent. The old idea of man is everything the holy person of God shouldn't be.) B. The truth of the matter is, a significant number of us are very much like Jacob! We battle the Lord every step of the way in our lives. God will let us know something is off-base and the old nature rebels against the Lord's reality. God will tell is something is correct and our tissue will ascend in rebellion. (Sick. Paul battled with this issue - Rom. 7:15-25.) (Sick. May I remind you tonight that the old nature isn't fit to live! It merits on thing and that will be killed, Col. 3:5-10; Eph. 4:22-24; ***Gal. 5:19-25***) (Sick. We are called upon to figure the elderly person dead, Rom. 6:1-18. Nonetheless, we like to drag the cadaver around with us isn't that right? Sick. The Roman act of bringing an indicted killer into desert, marking him down and afterward laying the carcass of his casualty on top of him. Similarly as the defilement from that cadaver would fall upon that liable man until he at last passed on, so our old nature consumes us bringing demise, obliteration and debasement every step of the way. The fact that the fire of misery makes the old human instinct good in vain less. It ides not have the right to live! I join Paul in shouting, "O wretched man that I am! who will convey me from the body of this demise? I express gratitude toward God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the brain I myself serve the law of God; however with the tissue the law of transgression." C. I challenge you to ask yourself this evening, "Who is alive? My self, that elderly person; or the Lord Jesus?" Do you continually wind up battling against the Lord? Do you wind up acting obstinately when confronted with God's arrangement for your life? Who is alive in you, the tissue or the Lord? Check Rom out. 6:6-7; Gal. 2:20. I. Jacob Was Very Much Alone II. Jacob Was Very Much Alive III. V. 25b-32 JACOB WAS VERY MUCH ALTERED (Sick. This one night in the existence of Jacob was the summit of 20 years of patient movement by the Lord. Sick. We need moment everything today. Moment espresso, moment tea, moment corn meal, moment delight, moment everything! However there is one thing without a doubt: Instant heavenliness isn't accessible to anybody! It is dependably the aftereffect of petition, penance and abstemiousness. It appears to be that God generally requires His investment in carrying us to otherworldly development. He tenderly and persistently leads us along and carries us to the spot where we can be filled and utilized for His brilliance. This is clear in the existence of Jacob.) A. V. 25b-27 He Was A Broken man - Notice: 1. He Was Clinging - Jacob is done battling, he is just hanging on. Assuming we demand battling the Lord and His efforts to develop us, He will ultimately carry us to the spot where everything the battle is no more. He knows precisely where and how to contact your life to definitely stand out enough to be noticed. (Sick. Absalom and Joab - 2 Sam. 14:28-32). God's longing for your life and mine is that we reach where quit strolling in our own power and independence and we come to where we are relying upon Him for everything. He believes that us should comprehend the reality of John 15:5. 2. He Was Confessing - The holy messengers requests to know Jacob's name. He compelled to concede exactly what his identity is. Sick. Jacob = joke artist, supplanter, cheat, one who takes you by the recuperate. Or on the other hand, in our terms, one who winds the arm. Jacog needed to come to the spot of seeing himself as he truly was before the Lord could utilize him. Incidentally, God can't utilize any of us until we are will to concede reality with regards to ourselves to Him. God can't utilize us until we come to where we will concede that we are disappointments and delinquents before Him and that we are unequipped for anything without Him - 1 John 1:9. God will favor a legitimate heart, Psa. 51:17, "The penances of God are a messed up soul: a wrecked and a remorseful heart, O God, thou shrivel not disdain." B. V. 28-30 He Was A Blessed Man - Ill. The Jacob who left Canaan was equipped for beguiling his sibling, deceiving his visually impaired father, of tricking a slanted uncle. Be that as it may, the one who returns is a man with another nature. No more Jacob the "Prankster", however Israel a "Sovereign with God." (Sick. God's motivation in breaking us generally the equivalent. He does it with the goal that He can make us once more, Ill. The Potter - Jer 18:4. He doesn't discard us, however He shapes us and molds us until we fit the picture He cravings for us to have. He truly is as yet chipping away at us!) (Sick. Saul/Paul - He was useless until he was broken before the Lord. In any case, whenever he was broken, the world was contacted for Jesus!) I can't help thinking about how God could manage every one of us assuming we arrived where we were completely broken and yielded before the Lord? C. V. 31-32 He Was A Branded Man - Ill. The limp! Wherever Jacob pursued that day, he conveyed the sign of God upon his body. (Sick. At the point when he remained before Pharaoh in Gen. 47:7-10.) Every step he took reminded him and everybody around him that he was the Lord's and the Lord had contacted him in an extremely private way. Sick. The devotee is the same - Matt. 5:16. We should be marked for Jesus - Ill. Paul - Gal. 6:17. (Sick. The Law of the Bondslave - Ex. 21:1-6. After the opening had been drilled into the ear, there was no question with regards to who the slave had a place with! Incidentally, society should not need to ponder us all things considered!) (Sick. The stroll of the adherent should be unique - 2 Cor. 5:17. At the point when a man is strolling with the Lord, he will continuously be in conflict with the world!) Conc: Jacob's life was one of differences. Prior to this episode, broken, inadequate carrying on with denoted this man's life. After this astounding evening, sacredness and otherworldliness checked him. In the event that you were completely straightforward tonight, which could you say best depicts your life? Licentious or profound? Maybe this would be a great time for you to arrive at this special stepped area and let this be the spot for your Peniel experience. Let this be the night when you precede the Lord and permit yourself to be broken by Him for administration. Let this be the point at which you are everlastingly changed. At the point when you completely lastly introduce yourself a living penance to the Lord Jesus Christ, Rom. 12:1-2. Large numbers of you realize you have opposed His call, let this evening be the night when you get yourself

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