Introduction: Last week we carved out opportunity to think about Joseph's Gentile lady of the hour, Asenath. We perceived how she was a sort of the Bride of Christ. It excited my heart to concentrate on how she was raised up out of lack of definition and hitched to Joseph.
Today, I need to investigate Joseph. I told you toward the start of this series that there are north of 100 parts of Joseph's life where he pictures the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Lord gives freedom today, I need to take only three parts of Joseph's life and I need to show you how He portrays the Lord Jesus. I need to think about Joseph's embarrassment, his worship and his salvation. As I travel through these contemplations, I maintain that you should get a new look at the Lord today. Let the existence of Joseph help you to remember Who Jesus is and how He has helped us. How about we check out at Joseph today. I need to share a few contemplations from the Word of God as I teach on Joseph: The Savior Of The World. I. JOSEPH AND HIS HUMILIATION · He Laid Aside His Glory - Gen. 37:23 - That coat addressed Joseph's spot in the family. It let everybody know that he was his dad's number one child and that he was the top of the family. The coat addressed Joseph's magnificence. That magnificence was dismissed for a period of embarrassment. Like Joseph, Jesus likewise dismissed His magnificence to enter a period of embarrassment, Phil. 2:5-7; Isa. 53:1-3. He Son of God passed on His home in Heaven above to enter this world as a little child. The Creator became subject to His creation! The magnificent God of the universe in light of the fact that a man and strolled among men! While He was here, He energetically dropped His greatness. His magnificence was appeared in numerous ways while He was here, however it was noticeable only one time, Matt. 17:1-8. · He Became A Slave - Gen. 37:28; 36; 39:1-3 - Joseph was double-crossed by his siblings and sold as a slave. He went down to Egypt and served in Potiphar's home. The Lord Jesus likewise entered this world as a slave, Phil. 2:7. He didn't arrive at this world to involve the high position of a crown ruler. He arrived at this world to serve mankind and to give His life a payoff for miscreants, Matt. 20:28. · He Overcame Temptation - Gen. 39:7-12 - Potiphar's better half attempted to entice Joseph to commit infidelity with her. He unfalteringly declined and kept up with his honesty. Jesus likewise endured an extraordinary tempest of enticement for us, Matt. 4:1-11. His allurement was not to demonstrate that He wouldn't sin, however to demonstrate that He was unable to sin! Jesus came into this world as the flawless Lamb of God. He was, yet is, totally blameless, 1 Pet. 2:22; Heb. 4:15; 1 John 3:5. · He Was Successful In All He Did - Gen. 39:3-6; 21-23 - Joseph was honored significantly by the Lord and God involved him in an exceptional manner. Notwithstanding where he found himself, the Lord made him succeed. The equivalent is valid for the Lord Jesus. He was effective in all that He did. The people who saw Him serve said of Him, "He hath done all things competently," Mark 7:37. He never bombed in any errand He was given. He recuperated each disorder He experienced. He cast out each evil spirit He was confronted with. He raised each dead individual He came into contact with. He quieted each tempest He was ever in. He saved each lost soul that would trust on Him. What's more, in His perishing breath, He had the option to proclaim, "It is done", John 19:30. · He Was Falsely Accused - Gen. 39:14-19 - Potiphar's better half made dishonest complaints against Joseph that brought about him being tossed into jail. He was guiltless, yet he was rebuffed. Jesus was additionally erroneously denounced. They could see no major reason to truly criticize Him, so they found men who were able to lie to convict Him, Matt. 26:59-61. They blamed Him for irreverence, Matt. 26:63-68. He was at legitimate fault for no wrongdoing, yet they condemned Him to death! · He Offered No Defense - Gen. 39 - As far as we probably are aware, Joseph never opened his mouth in his own guard. He took the discipline that was put upon him without remark. Once more, Joseph is a picture of the Lord Jesus. At the point when He was denounced by the Sanhedrin, He offered no guard, Matt. 26:62-63. At the point when He went before Pontius Pilate, He offered no protection, John 19:9-11. At the point when He showed up before Herod, He offered no safeguard, Luke 23:8-12. Indeed, even as He went to the cross to kick the bucket for transgression, He kept up with His quiet, Isa. 53:7. He might have liberated Himself out of the blue. All things considered, He is the Creator of the universe. He might have called armies of holy messengers to come to His protection, Matt. 26:53. He might have expressed the word and His abusers would have been gobbled up alive by the earth and shipped off Hell. In any case, He enthusiastically persevered through the cross and the disgrace since it was His Father's will! · He Suffered As An Innocent Man - Gen. 39 - We take care of currently this, however Joseph was dishonestly blamed, shamefully censured and wrongly detained. He experienced such a long time of disconnection in jail as an honest man. Once more, there is a lined up with the Lord Jesus. He was not a delinquent and He was not a lawbreaker. He didn't have the right to go to the cross to bite the dust. He was totally guiltless. However, He readily had our spot on that cross and passed on for us, the honest for the liable, that we could go free, 2 Cor. 5:21. That was my beating. That was my embarrassment. That was my crown of thistles. That was cross. That was my discipline. That was my passing. He did everything for me! On the off chance that Jesus was at legitimate fault for anything, He was at real fault for cherishing miscreants! He was at legitimate fault for adoring me! His adoration for me put Him on the cross and kept Him there until the cost was paid, Rom. 5:6-9. II. JOSEPH AND HIS EXALTATION · He Was Brought Out Of Prison - Gen. 41:14 - Joseph was at last set free from his jail and was brought before Pharaoh. Jesus was detained by death and His body was fixed in a burial place, yet after three days, Jesus emerged from the dead, Matt. 28:1-6. He emerged from that jail and He is alive forevermore, Rev. 1:18. Since He lives, our salvation is ensured and our everlasting life is gotten, Rom. 5:10. · He Was Exalted - Gen. 41:37-42 - Joseph is raised to the place of Prime Minister. Nobody in the realm, other than Pharaoh himself, was more noteworthy than Joseph. Joseph was given Pharaoh's ring, which was an image of power and power. He was provided a gold chain with that discussed his new riches. He was dressed in fine cloth, which connoted that his work as a worker was over until the end of time! Jesus has likewise been commended. His Father has magnified Jesus, Phil 2:9. "Magnified" signifies "to lift to the most noteworthy position and power, to raise to incomparable grandness". God has amplified Jesus to the spot where there in nobody more prominent than Him in the universe! The holy messengers of Heaven commend Him, Rev. 4:4-11; 5:11-12. The holy people in magnificence commend Him, Rev. 5:9; 7:9-10; 22:3. He is qualified to be commended at the present time, Heb. 13:5; Psa. 47:1; Psa. 135:1-3. Like Joseph, Jesus has "all power in paradise and in earth", Matt. 28:18. He has all the abundance of His Father, John 3:35. At the point when Jesus was restored, He emerged with a celebrated body. (Sick. All He had the option to do!) · He Was Enthroned - Gen. 41:41 - Joseph was given the high position of another. He was permitted to manage by the pronouncement of Pharaoh. Jesus was likewise enthroned and permitted to sit with His Father in His lofty position, Rev. 3:21. The Lord Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father today, Heb. 1:3; 10:12; 1 Pet. 3:22. · He Was Given A New Name - Gen. 41:45 - Joseph was given another name by Pharaoh. This was normal for outsiders back then. The name Joseph was given, Zaphnathpaaneah, can have a few implications. Researchers vary on what the name really implies. It can imply, "The Savior of the world"; "The Revealer of insider facts"; "God talks and appeared"; "Wealth of life"; or "God's statement talking life". These names fit the new life Joseph was given by Pharaoh. At the point when individuals heard this name, they fell on their appearances and regarded Joseph, Gen. 41:43. Obviously, these names likewise talk about the Lord Jesus Christ. We are told in Phil. 2:9-11 that God has given Jesus a name that is over each and every other name. At the exceptionally referenced of that name, knees are to bow and tongues are to admit that He is Lord! Every one of the potential implications of Joseph's name have application to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is "The Savior Of The World", Matt. 1:21; John 14:6. He is "The Revealer Of Secrets", Heb. 4:12. He is "God Speaks And Came Into Existence", John 1:1. He is "The Abundance Of Life", John 10:10; John 1:4; John 6:33. He is "God's Word Speaking Life", John 5:24. · He Was Given A Gentile Bride - Gen. 41:45 - This lady of the hour was picked for Joseph and given to him after his worship. The Bride of Christ has been picked by the Father, Eph. 1:4, and she has been given to the Lord Jesus Christ, John 6:37. · He Was Given All Authority In The Land - Gen. 41:40-44 - Joseph was given the position to run the country as he saw fit. He was the ruler. The Lord Jesus has been given all power by His Father, Matt. 28:18. He has the ability to save, John 6:37. He likewise has the ability to decide the people who reject Him, John 5:22; Rev. 20:11-15. He additionally has the ability to comfort the people who are troubled, Matt. 11:28; Heb. 4:15. · He Intervened In The Lives Of The People - Gen. 41:48-57 - Joseph assumed command over the harvests of Egypt. Each individual in the nation felt the force of his touch. The Lord Jesus is very familiar in the existences of His kin. He mediates for them in Heaven, Heb. 7:25; Rom. 8:34. He addresses their issues step by step, Matt. 6:25-34; Phil. 4:19. He is ever-present with His kin, Heb. 13:5.

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