Introduction: This section is frequently alluded to as the Lord's Prayer. As a general rule, it is the Disciple's Prayer. It was given to them as an example for them to follow when they implored. Subsequently, we could appropriately call this request the Model Prayer. This request is frequently wrongly utilized, be that as it may. We are not to simply carelessly rehash it from repetition memory, however we are to involve it as a structure whereupon we can construct a request life that is proposed to God, heard and replied by Him, and one that extols His Name. This evening, as the Lord gives me freedom, I will impart to you The Pattern For Prayer.
I. v.9-10 OUR PRAYERS SHOULD BE TO A PERSON A. v. 9a WHO? 1. Father - Implies a relationship. The new birth is expected for addressed petition - John 14:13. 2. Our - Speaks of the real local area. Our time with God ought to include the whole group of God. Sick. Time and again, we are at fault for self centered asking! (Sick. Me and my requirements sole! - Phil. 2:4!) B. v. 9b WHERE? - Heaven! Talks about God's situation as Sovereign. He is on Heaven's privileged position and truly deserve our confidence. He is a capable God! Irresoluteness is not welcome in our times with God - Heb. 11:6; James 1:16-17; Rom. 14:23. (Sick. We can ask on His commitments - John 16:23; 1 John 5:14-15) C. v. 9c HOW? (2 things to recall as we precede His presence!) 1. Consecrated - Reminds us of His blessedness. God is a blessed God and should be moved toward in dread and respect! (Sick. Isaiah - Isa. 6:5; Ill. Work - Job 40:4) To really bless His name implies that we consider Him to be Lord over all. At the point when His name is consecrated, we can never say, "No, Lord!" we can never say, "Not me Lord!" The main word that fits with Lord is "Indeed, Lord!" To Hallow God, we basically credit to Him the honor and magnificence and grandness that is and has forever been His. We become participated in the recognition of His Person - Ill. Section 13. 2. Name - When we precede Him, we want to recall that our main admittance to God lies in that name which is over each name - Phil. 2:9-11; John 6:23. Jesus is our main access and street of way to deal with the Father - 2 Tim. 2:5. D. v. 10 WHAT? - 2 Great goals should be central in our brains as we approach God. 1. Thy Kingdom Come - (Ill. A genuinely Awesome idea.) This is a three-overlay demand: a. A Request For Jesus To Return To The Earth - "realm" doesn't allude to a geographic area, yet to territory and power. At the point when we ask "Thy Kingdom Come," we are petitioning God for Christ's standard upon the earth. This approaching Kingdom focuses ahead to when Jesus will lead and reign upon the earth in wonderful brilliance, harmony and nobility - Ill. What daily! b. This Is A Personal Request - We are in a real sense petitioning God for the Kingdom of God to be acknowledged in our own lives. Assuming that you are saved, the Kingdom of God is in you - Luke 17:21. Basically, when we implore this request, we are requesting that Jesus have preeminent rule in our lives. We won't ever be viable as holy people of God until we can supplicate, "My realm go and Thy Kingdom come!" (Ill. This is the entire purpose of Matt. 6:33!) (Ill. He should have the way in to each room in our lives! That is, He not we should be in that frame of mind of our lives!) c. This Is An Evangelistic Request - As we are respected God and He is managing and reigning in our lives, we can have an impact in bringing other to Him. One more way God's Kingdom is brought to the earth is the point at which a renewed person is brought to Him through salvation. One more Temple is loaded up with the greatness and presence of God. Hence, when we appeal to God for the lost, we are petitioning God for God's Kingdom to extend in the earth! We are to ask evangelistically - 1 Tim. 2:1-4! (Sick. Stephen - Acts 7:60!) When we supplicate as we should, we a zeroed in on looking for the Kingdom of Almighty God. 2. Thy Will Be Done - This is a cousin to the past line, for when God's Kingdom is acknowledged on the planet, His will be finished here as it is finished in Heaven. This expression is likewise advising us to put God's will vital in our lives. It is the request supplicated in the desire of God that gets the response of God - 1 John 5:14-15. (Sick. His will in Heaven - Psa. 103:20-21!) Prayer never alters God's perspective, however it hurries His movement on the planet. Petitioning God moves Heaven in the earth! (Sick. Purposes behind unanswered supplication - James 4:3) Ill The key is to be lost in His will! II. v.11-13 OUR PRAYERS SHOULD INCLUDE PETITIONS A. We Should Pray About Physical Needs - There is no transgression and no disgrace in requesting that God meet our actual necessities. He has vowed to supply them all - Phil. 4:19; Psa. 37:25; Matt. 7:7-11; Rom. 8:32. (Sick. "This day," We want to take the present need to God, yet leave the upcoming need until tomorrow. To stress over tomorrow is a transgression - Matt. 6:33-34. God's call is for us to rest in Him to now and trust Him absolutely for later as well.)(Ill. This piece of the text is empowering us to shift focus over to God as the "provider" - Deut 8:18. We want to seek Him for those things we need, He has what you really want - Psa. 50:10; Rom. 8:17. B. We Should Pray About Our Spiritual Needs - More otherworldly requirements are referenced here than actual ones. The explanation? Our profound necessities are more noteworthy by a long shot than our actual requirements. Notice a few profound necessities that we really want to ask about. 1. Mercy For Self - Ill. "Obligation" = Something owed that should be taken care of. It tends to be deciphered as "transgression, trespass, inadequacies, feelings of hatred, what we owe to God, or anything we have fouled up." We all need to look for God for the pardoning of our own wrongdoings - 1 John 1:8-10. (Sick. Indeed, even Paul conceded that he was blemished - Phil. 3:12) When we invest more energy in His presence, we become more mindful of His blessedness and our wickedness. Somebody has said, 'The more noteworthy the holy person, the more prominent the feeling of wrongdoing and the attention to sin inside." 2. Absolution Of Others - An unforgiving soul will thoroughly obliterate one's time with God. (Sick. What a man said the John Wesley.) Society commends retaliation over pardoning, yet society is off-base! Unforgiveness will destroy you profoundly, filling you with sharpness, outrage, rage, tension, sadness, and so forth. Paul considers it a "base of sharpness," Heb. 12:15. (Sick. The method of a root!) There are three smart justifications for why we ought to rehearse the pardoning of others. a. You Are Never More Like God Than When You Forgive - What sort of God do we serve? He is cherishing, thoughtful, kind and excusing! At the point when we pardon others, we are practicing genuine purity, Eph. 4:32. Sick. Section 10 - What is being finished in Heaven? Love, Exaltation of Jesus, Forgiveness of transgression! You are in a real sense carrying Heaven to earth when you excuse a sibling in Christ - Matt. 18:18! b. It Is Only Reasonable That Those Who Are Forgiven Forgive - (Ill. Matt. 18:21-35) He has pardoned us a huge obligation, we can most likely excuse our sibling a lot more modest one! c. Inability To Forgive Results In Chastening - (Ill. Matt. 18:31-35) When we decide not to excuse, we will be tormented by sharpness, hatred, and loss of association with God. As a matter of fact, when we won't pardon, we are usurping the spot and force of God Himself - Rom. 12:19-21. We are playing God and not a single one of us is equipped for that work. 3. To Be Delivered From Temptation - Ill. Everybody is enticed, however God entices nobody - James 1:13. Our request ought to be that God will coordinate our ways so we might keep away from the spots of enticement, Psa. 37:23. This is a request to keep up with close partnership in case we be enticed - James 1:14. 4. To Be Delivered From Evil - Literally, this is a request for assist in keeping away from with erring, 1 Cor. 10:13. This is a supplication for God to transform us, support us, keep us, and stroll with us that we may be shielded from the force of the Evil One! This is help to keep away from the entanglements of wrongdoing! III. v.13b OUR PRAYERS SHOULD INCLUDE PRAISE A. For His Sovereignty - He is to be applauded for the King He is. He should be celebrated. B. For His Power - He is to be applauded for His capacities and for the times wherein He has exhibited His power in our lives! C. For His Glory - He requests and merits all the magnificence in each circumstance throughout everyday life. He ought to be celebrated on earth as He is in Heaven! Conc: Our supplicating can be characterized as a movement that should incorporate ACTS. That is an acrostic that is delivered consequently: A - Adoration - God should be venerated C - Confession - Our wrongdoing should be managed T - Thanksgiving - We should constantly have a grateful heart previously Him. S - Supplication - There is space to let him know what we want. One more letter could be added to the front, and that is the letter F. It represents Faith, without which we can not anticipate anything from God - Heb. 11:6; Rom. 14:23. How's your asking look when it is contrasted with the model?

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