Introduction: Proverbs is in a part of the Bible known at "Shrewdness Literature." different books in this segment are Job, Psalms, Ecclesiastes and The Song Of Solomon. The focal point of these books is train men in the ways of the Lord and in His administration and love. The Book of Proverbs is an assortment of lessons from Solomon to his child, telling the young fellow the best way to carry on with his life in a way that was satisfying to the Lord. I would agree that that we as a whole need that sort of guidance, couldn't you?
Assuming that there is a key section that opens the power and reason for this incredible book, it would be the refrain that we have recently perused. In the event that we are to learn astuteness and information, it should start with the apprehension about the Lord. This is a subject that isn't taught about much in our day, yet it is as yet crucial to the Christian's confidence. We really want to understand what's genuinely going on with the apprehension about the Lord. This is an exceptionally imperative way of thinking in the Book of Proverbs as it is referenced approximately multiple times in its pages. On the whole, the expression can be found multiple times in the Bible. Assuming this is the case a lot of accentuation is put on dreading the Lord, then I accept that we want to understand what it means and how we can approach making it happen. Consequently, I might want to require a couple of moments and teach from this book on The Fear Of The Lord. I accept that the Lord needs to show us what this question of dreading Him is about. He maintains that you and me should fill in our relationship with Him and in our insight into Him and the manner in which information starts is with the feeling of dread toward the Lord. I. A DEFINITION OF THE FEAR OF THE LORD A. What does the expression "the apprehension about the LORD" allude to? At the point when we consider dread, we partner the word with fear. Webster's Dictionary characterizes dread as "a sensation of nervousness and unsettling created by the presence or proximity of risk, evil, torment, and so on" For some, this would depict the inclination you get when you see a snake, go to the specialist or dental specialist, or when you carve out yourself in an opportunity of outrageous peril. It is fear of the unexplored world. Most likely, this isn't the sensation the essayist of Proverbs is alluding to. In our advanced vernacular, the word dread, in the setting in which it is utilized by Solomon, has been supplanted with love, stunningness, extraordinary regard. What the essayist of this book is talking about is that we are to have a profound love and regard for the Lord. In a real sense, we are to be awed and lowered by His presence. B. What, then, at that point, does it intend to fear the Lord? At the point when we really dread the Lord, we will perceive that He is the Creator and we are the animals. He is the Master and we are the workers. He is the Father and we are the kids. This demeanor will show itself in our having a regard for God, His statement and in our wanting to do everything that He says to us to in His Bible. We can relate this sort of dread to that which a kid has for his folks. Assuming the right sort of dread is available, the youngster realizes that his folks can hurt him assuming that there is insubordination, yet superseding that dread is the information that defiance harms the guardians and the kid loves and regards his folks and doesn't have any desire to hurt them. To lay it out plainly, the anxiety toward the Lord is a well established respect for God that makes men need to satisfy Him no matter what. (Sick. Authentic apprehension about the Lord is constantly found in submission to the Word of God, Pro. 8:13. Individuals who don't stroll in accordance with God's Word don't fear the Lord, paying little mind to what they maintain with their lips. Hence, when we dread the Lord, there is a components of fear at what His rage can do, however there is likewise such a regard for Himself and for His will that pretty much nothing else has any significance except for doing what satisfies the Lord.) (Sick. Oswald Chambers, "The momentous thing about dreading God is that, when you dread God, you dread nothing else; though, on the off chance that you don't fear God, you dread all the other things.") C. Could you depict your life as one lived in the apprehension about God? Does the fear of His rage provoke you to blessedness? Does regard for Himself and for His will push you toward acquiescence and righteousness? We want to dread of the Lord in our lives! I. A Definition Of The Fear Of The Lord II. A DIVIDENDS OF THE FEAR OF THE LORD (Sick. As per this book, the feeling of dread toward the Lord will deliver specific advantages in your day to day existence and mine. At the point when we dread the Lord, we will view specific things as evident.) A. 1:7; 9:10; 15:33 - It Is The Beginning Of Wisdom Prov 1:7, "The apprehension about the LORD is the start of information: yet tricks scorn shrewdness and guidance." Prov 9:10, "The apprehension about the LORD is the start of astuteness: and the information on the sacred is understanding." Prov 15:33, "The feeling of dread toward the LORD is the guidance of shrewdness; and before honor is lowliness." (Sick. The best spot to start the quest for genuine insight is in the apprehension about the Lord. Genuine feeling of dread toward the Lord is conceived out of an information on how limitlessly strong, glorious and brimming with goodness God is. Before one can fill in the Lord, he should initially figure out how to fear Him.) B. 3:7; 16:6 - It Motivates People To Holiness Prov 3:7, "Be not shrewd in thine own eyes: dread the LORD, and leave from evil." Prov 16:6, "By kindness and truth injustice is cleansed: and by the feeling of dread toward the LORD men withdraw from evil." (Sick. These section let us know that the feeling of dread toward the Lord advances sacred living. The individual who genuinely worshipful sentiments and regards the Lord as he ought to will do nothing that brings shame, disrespect or agony to the core of the Lord. Individuals who truly dread the Lord will escape from evil. The possibility of causing the Lord agony will be too perfect to even think about bearing!) (Sick. Work is an extraordinary illustration of what the feeling of dread toward the Lord will deliver in your life, Job 1:8) C. 10:27 - It Prolongs Life - Prov 10:27, "The apprehension about the LORD prolongeth days: however the long stretches of the evil will be abbreviated." (Sick. This is definitely not a sweeping commitment in light of the fact that quite a few things can occur along the street of life that can remove us from here in a moment. Notwithstanding, by and large, who live in the anxiety toward the Lord are bound to live to an old fashioned age than the people who live for the tissue and the world.) (Sick. around 60% of human sicknesses can be followed straightforwardly or in a roundabout way to fear, distress, envy, disdain, culpability, contempt, or to quite a few close to home burdens. Add to that the dreadful torment brought about by liquor (cirrhosis of the liver), tobacco, (emphysema, malignant growth, coronary illness), and unethical behavior, (venereal sicknesses and AIDS), we can see that a daily existence lived in the apprehension about the Lord with compliance to His Word will bring about a lot better presence.) D. 14:26 - It Produces A Sense Of Security - Prov 14:26, "In the feeling of dread toward the LORD areas of strength for is: and his kids will have a safe space." (Sick. At the point when we are strolling in the anxiety toward the Lord, we can have certainty that God is our ally. Notice Romans 8:31, "What will we then tell these things? Assuming God be for us, who can be against us?" The individual who is strolling in the apprehension about the Lord and is living by the Book will have less sensations of uncertainty, relinquishment and dread. There will be far less times when salvation is questioned. The feeling of dread toward the Lord delivers major areas of strength for an of safety and close cooperation with the Father. This is an honored advantage!) E. 14:27 - It Produces Life - Prov 14:27, "The feeling of dread toward the LORD is a wellspring of life, to withdraw from the catches of death." (Sick. At the point when we stroll in the feeling of dread toward the Lord, we are more grounded in a profound way than we could be in any case. The feeling of dread toward the Lord resembles a wellspring that ceaselessly jumps up with profound imperativeness and strength. This empowers the Christian to walk cleaner and closer hence keeping away from the allurements and traps of Satan.) F. 15:16 - It Makes All Of Life Better - Prov 15:16, "Better is little with the apprehension about the LORD than extraordinary fortune and inconvenience therewith." (Sick. This stanza helps us that it is smarter to have restricted assets and be in the desire of God than it is to have bounty and the difficulty that shows up with it. The reality here is this, when you are in the Lord's will, and when you are strolling in His trepidation, then your consideration is His obligation, Matt. 6:25-33; Phil. 4:19. The life loaded up with "things" and wealth is a difficulty filled life. The existence lived in confidence and in the feeling of dread toward God is in a real sense lighthearted.) G. 19:23 - It Produces Satisfaction And Safety - Prov 19:23, "The apprehension about the LORD tendeth to life: and he that hath it will stand fulfilled; he will not be chatted with evil." (Sick. The individual who lives in the feeling of dread toward God will be a fulfilled individual. They will have one objective in live, satisfying the Lord, and it will have been met. Consequently, they will have every one of their necessities met and they will be blissful. At the point when we should have other stuff to fulfill us, we never will be! At the point when we figure out how to be happy with the Lord and with the honor of strolling in His trepidation, we will be forever fulfilled. Nothing will have much of any significance yet the grin of God and it will be upon our lives. Notice, this refrain says that this sort of individual won't be chatted with evil. The individual who strolls in the veritable apprehension about the Lord need never dread going to Hell, he really want never dread a significant number of the things that plague his general surroundings. By his stroll in the apprehension about the Lord, he brings the grin and the fence of God into his life, Job 1:10.) H. 22:4 - It Brings Great Blessings - Prov 22:4, "By modesty and the anxiety toward the LORD are wealth, and honor, and life." (Sick. The individual who decides to stroll in the apprehension about the Lord can have confidence that this choice will bring extraordinary favors into his life. There will be otherworldly wealth too much, (harmony, happiness, trust, security, the commitments of God, the presence of God, and so forth), there will be honor from the Lord, and there will be plentiful life, John 10:10. The feeling of dread toward the Lord, delivers the best conceivable daily routine that any individual can at any point experience. There could be no greater life upon this world than a day to day existence lived in the desire of the Lord!) I. A Definition Of The Fear Of The Lord II. Th

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