Introduction: There is a propensity in our reality to stay away from the negative. Individuals simply need to hear the uplifting news; they are not intrigued by the terrible. That is one way we can make sense of the progress of individuals like Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and other. They advise individuals how to carry on with a superior life now. They advise individuals how to track down their motivation. Yet, they neglect to inform individuals regarding their wrongdoings. They neglect to inform them concerning Hell. They neglect to let them know that God anticipates blessedness and faithfulness from His kin, and that He will pass judgment on devilishness and sin, both in perspectives and activities. The truth of the matter is, individuals simply don't have any desire to hear that!
We really want to comprehend that an evangelist who never referenced sin would resemble a specialist who never recommended a negative treatment for your sickness. A specialist like that would be risky and would be kept away from no matter what. Envision you had destructive growth in your body and your primary care physician said, "Indeed, that cancer needs to emerge, however medical procedure is simply so negative. We should leave it in there for some time and see how it treats you." You wouldn't go for that. You would request that your PCP get negative with you and get that growth out of your body. The equivalent is valid profoundly. A great deal of us are strolling around with otherworldly tumors in our spirits. Those malignant growths should be uncovered and uncovered so we can carry on with additional positive lives for the brilliance of God. The main way was to do that is to get negative. That is the very thing that this entry will lead us to do. I need to look at these significant stanzas today since they uncover a few wicked perspectives and activities that God despises. On the off chance that God would proclaim His disdain for these wrongdoings, and He truly does in refrain 16, then we should be certain we disdain these transgressions too. We should be certain that these transgressions are not a piece of our lives. I need to take these refrains and think about their message today. I believe you should realize that the negative message in these sections can affect our lives, assuming we will take on the progressions He has as a primary concern. I need to teach on the idea God Hates It! Allow me to impart to you the contemplations that current themselves to us in this text. These contemplations will instruct us that what God detests ought to never be tracked down in our lives. Assuming we are His, we will despise what He abhors, and we will cherish what He adores. I. v. 16 A LOATHING · "These six things doth the Lord disdain: yea, seven are a detestation unto Him." - When we read this section, there are two words in it that irritate us. Those words are "disdain" and "horrifying presence". Those words annoy us since they are something contrary to how we have been instructed to contemplate God. The fact that God is love makes us educated. That is the unmistakable assertion of the Bible, 1 John 4:16. However, here we are permitted to see the opposite side of God's personality. There would be no requirement for up in the event that there was not likewise a down. There would be no requirement for in the event that there was not an out. There would be no requirement for good on the off chance that there was no malicious. There would be no requirement for Heaven except if there was a Hell. What's more, there would be no requirement for affection assuming that there was no disdain. · We are plainly informed that while God is characterized by His adoration; God likewise has the ability to despise. God's disdain of certain things emerges out of His adoration for His Own greatness and heavenliness. Indeed, even His contempt of sins is a statement of His ideal love. · We should pause for a minute to think about those words. 1. Disdain - "A close to home demeanor toward people or things which are against, loathed, scorned and with which one wishes to have no contact or relationship". Disdain is the total inverse of adoration. Disdain in a real sense signifies "to reject from partnership." Thus, God can't endure to cooperation with the people who display these propensities. 2. Anathema - This word alludes to something which is "despised or which causes awfulness". The Bible notices a few sins that are called evil entities. Ø Homosexuality - Lev. 18:22-30; 20:13 Ø Idolatry - Deut. 7:25 Ø Human Sacrifice - Deut. 12:31 Ø Eating Ritually Unclean Animals - Deut. 14:3-8 Ø Sacrificing Defective Animals - Deut. 17:1 Ø Engaging In Occult Practices - Deut. 18:9-14 Ø Dishonest Business Practices - Deut. 25:13-16 Ø Ritual Prostitution - 1 Kings 14:23ff · We really want to comprehend that the people who are at legitimate fault for these things will be visited by the wonderful anger and judgment of God. Consider: Ø Psa. 50:22, "Presently think about this, ye that fail to remember God, in case I tear you in pieces, and there be none to convey." Ø Pro. 29:1, "He, that being frequently upbraided hardeneth his neck, will abruptly be obliterated, and that without cure. Ø Psa. 73:18-20, "Certainly thou didst set them in tricky spots: thou castedst them down into annihilation. How are they brought into devastation, as in a second! they are completely consumed with fear. As a fantasy when one awaketh; in this way, O Lord, when thou awakest, thou shalt detest their picture." Ø Num. 32:23, "However on the off chance that ye won't do as such, observe, ye have trespassed against the LORD: and be certain your transgression will think that you are out." Ø Gal. 6:7-8, "Be not tricked; God isn't derided: for at all a man soweth, that will he likewise harvest. For he that soweth to his tissue will of the tissue procure debasement; yet he that soweth to the Spirit will of the Spirit harvest life never-ending." · At the point when this section says, "These six things doth the Lord disdain: yea, seven are an evil entity unto Him." This is a Hebrew scholarly gadget that is utilized to stress a rundown of things. Amos involved this apparatus a few times in his book, Amos 1 and 2. This type of articulation is utilized to stress reality that every one of the seven things on this rundown are contemptuous to God. He won't have cooperation with the individuals who are at legitimate fault for these things. Pointing out extraordinary the keep going thing on the list is likewise utilized. While God loathes every one of the seven of these transgressions, the last one is particularly loathsome to Him since it is the ultimate result and fulfillment of all the others. It ought to likewise be noted here that this is certainly not a total rundown of the relative multitude of things God loathes. He detests anything that stands in open resistance to His Word and His greatness. I. A Loathing II. v. 17-19 A LIST · Before we consider this rundown of things God despises, let me notice that things are a discourse on the individual referenced in refrains 12-15. In section 12 God discusses a "underhanded" individual. The word signifies "one who is useless; deadbeat; one who is demolished; one set out toward obliteration." It is a similar word deciphered "Child of Belial" somewhere else in the Old Testament. It is a term used to portray an individual who is surrendered to evil. He additionally refers to this kind of individual as "insidious". This word discusses "one given to devilishness; one who creates problems; one who brings extraordinary distress." What we have here is a rundown of activities and mentalities that portrays an individual consumed by evil. This rundown characterizes the individuals who are inconvenience. This rundown depicts the people who bring distress. This rundown spreads out the qualities of the people who are contemptuous to the Lord and who will undoubtedly confront His anger sometime in the future. · Since we have laid out the way that God loathes this rundown of mentalities and activities, how about we think about these seven contemptuous, accursed sins. As we see this rundown, we should inspect our own hearts to be certain that none of these mentalities or activities exist inside us. Ø A Proud Look - Literally "eyes of grandiosity". It is "a disposition of the heart that exaggerates oneself and underestimates others". It is the vibe of the eye, the glimmer of the eye, the turn of the head that says you assume you are superior to another person. Pride is "dust idolizing itself". It is the wrongdoing of "haughtiness", and it generally prompts obliteration, Pro. 16:18. The Bible has some guidance for individuals burdened by the issue of pride, 1 Cor. 10:12; Rom. 12:3. Sick. One worker told about his lord who was an exceptionally prideful, vain man. The worker said in the event that his lord went to a dedicating, he needed to be the child. On the off chance that he went to a wedding, he needed to be the lady of the hour. In the event that he went to a burial service, he needed to be the body. At the end of the day, a prideful heart is one that needs to be the focal point of consideration. Pride was at the core of the main sin, Isa. 14:13-14. Pride was the snare that attracted Eve to the illegal organic product, Gen. 3:5. Pride is a transgression and God can't favor it. He favors modesty, which is the total inverse of pride. Pride is an individual reasoning more about himself that he ought to. Modesty is a man not pondering himself by any stretch of the imagination. That is the main demeanor God can and will favor, James 4:6, 10; 1 Pet. 5:5-6. Ø A Lying Tongue - God can't stand lying! A falsehood is something contrary to God's actual nature. God is truth, and a falsehood is an assault on His actual Person, John 14:6; Psa. 31:5. He will at last decide every one of the people who utilize their tongues who lie, Rev. 21:15; 27. The tongue was made so we could utilize it to give magnificence to God. At the point when we use it in an ill-advised way, we take magnificence from Him! Did you had any idea that the Bible commits more sacred texts to the utilization of the tongue than it does to the utilization of liquor? Certain individuals could never drink a brew or even eat in a café that served it, however those equivalent individuals barely care about utilizing their tongues to criticize others and spread lies. (Sick. James 3:1-12) God abhors the maltreatment of the tongue and He will pass judgment on it. He needs to track down truth in His kin, Psa. 51:6. At the point when reality stays inside us, it will turn out in our discourse and in our works. Ø Hands That Shed Innocent Blood - This expression alludes to kill. It talks about the people who remove the existences of different people. We as a whole realize that you can kill an individual truly, yet you can likewise kill them in alternate ways. You can kill then in a profound sense, mentally, and intellectually. W

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