Introduction: In 1899, Charles H. Duell, Commissioner in the U.S. Office of Patents said, "All that can be developed has been concocted." Since then, at that point, the world has seen the appearance of planes, vehicles, monitored space travel, plastics, PCs, PDAs, and in a real sense a great many different gadgets and items that we use and underestimate consistently. I surmise Mr. Duell just couldn't see excessively far into what's to come.
In 1988, a book was disseminated to practically every minister in America. It's title was: "88 Reasons Why Christ Will Return In 1988." In that book, the writer, Edgar Whisnant, anticipated that the happiness would occur on Sept. 11, 12, or thirteenth of 1988. Many individuals trusted the forecast. Trinity Broadcasting Network even ventured to such an extreme as to change their normal timetable and communicated chosen tapes telling non-adherents what they ought to do on the off chance that their friends and family abruptly vanished. North of 3,000,000 million duplicates of that book were dispersed, millions more trusted it, yet it never happened. I guess Mr. Whisnant couldn't see excessively far into the future by the same token. In truth, man simply doesn't have any idea what's on the horizon. Individuals burn through huge number of dollars each year calling clairvoyants and visiting palm perusers without much of any result. They actually don't have the foggiest idea about anything else than they. Coincidentally, did this thought at any point seem obvious you: If those mystics know such a great amount about the future; for what reason don't they realize you will call, and for what reason don't they call you first? We can look in reverse reasonably obviously on the past, yet we can't look forward into the future by any means. To my brain, it is an extraordinary gift to realize that God has hidden what's to come. On the off chance that we had the option to see it, our lives would be adjusted. Assuming we realize that thriving was coming, we would live indiscreetly. On the off chance that we realize that misfortune or inconvenience was the gauge, we would live with steady uneasiness and dread. Man would bite the dust 1,000 passings before his actual demise at any point showed up. Unquestionably, God is great to stay quiet about what's to come. James manages this thought in these sections. He lets his perusers know that despite the fact that they can't have the foggiest idea about the future, they ought to manage it genuinely. They are told not to impose upon a future which they can not handle, or makes arrangements in regards to the future without thinking about God. They are likewise told not to defer until the future those things God has directed to be done today. Three errors were being made by these early devotees that numerous in our day actually make. I might want to impart these three mix-ups to you with an end goal to keep us from falling into similar snare into which these people fell. I would like for us to investigate these stanzas together for a couple of moments as I teach on the idea: Avoiding Future Mistakes. I. V.13 AVOID THE MISTAKE OF FOOLISH PLANS A. James' perusers were at fault for indifference with regards to the brethren, 4:1-10. Presently they are supposed to be detached toward God. He was overlooked in their preparation. This is a type of experience! Everything seems OK with making arrangements for the future, yet it is wrong to avoid God with regards to the arranging system! B. Here is their arrangement! (Sick. "Come now!" - Implies a need to get moving.) 1. The Plan Is Constructed - Today or Tomorrow. 2. The Place Is Chosen - He will go, make a very early move and make his fortune. 3. The Period Is Calculated - They would require just a year to succeed. 4. Their Purpose Is Considered - "Trade" They are going retail! 5. Their Profit Is Computed - "Get gain" This turned into their concentration! Placing our fortune in some unacceptable world is a certain street to calamity. At the point when we start to adore gold more than God, we are in peril! C. Their concern was two-crease: 1. They carried on with their lives totally neglecting God's will. 2. They arranged their future totally neglecting God's will. Essentially expressed, many individuals carry on with their lives as though God didn't actually exist! (Note: One of the most popular skeptics in American history was a lady named Madelyn Murray O'Hair. She was liable for supplication being eliminated from the state funded schools in this country. Miss O'Hair, alongside her child and granddaughter were killed for their cash quite a while back. In any case, during her life she was popular in light of the fact that she was a skeptic. She said that she didn't put stock in God. She was a scholarly skeptic, she said, "I don't really accept that that God exists." You might review quite a long time back now when the principal Russian Cosmonauts went into space and returned. Pay attention to what one of them said when he got back from his excursion in space, "Certain individuals say there is a God out there, however in my movements around earth the entire day I glanced around and I didn't see him. I saw no God, nor holy messengers, I don't trust in God." Indeed, on the off chance that he'd got out of that case he'd have seen God in no less than five seconds and he would have realized that there was a God! Yet, he was a scholarly skeptic, he said, "I don't really accept that that there is a God." Did you had at least some idea that there is one more sort of nonbeliever? What's more, did you had any idea that some are perched on these seats today? According to a scholarly nonbeliever, "I don't really accept that that there is a God." They tell the truth, and keeping in mind that I can't help contradicting them, I can regard a legit individual. The other sort of skeptic is known as a "useful nonbeliever." While a scholarly agnostic says there is no God; a functional skeptic realizes there is a God, yet lives as though He doesn't exist. Not one individual in this room is a skeptic. Everybody here accepts that there is a God and you are here to respect that reality. In any case, is it undependable to say that many are carrying on with their lives as though there was no God? Is it undependable to say that many here are doing however they see fit; as though God didn't exist; making arrangements and carrying on with existence totally neglecting the Lord's will? In the event that you fall into that class, you are a functional nonbeliever. You might have faith in God, however you live as though He doesn't make any difference! My companion that is a perilous lifestyle choice your life! You will cause problems assuming you keep on following that way! God has a brilliant arrangement for your life. Furthermore, as His youngster, your most memorable thought should be, "What might God have me do with my life? What is the Lord's will in this present circumstance?" The idea referenced in section 15 genuinely deserve note. What's to come is all in the hand of the Lord. Your best strategy in this life is to track down the Lord's will for your life and follow it precisely. You will track down the Lord's will by submitting to Him, Rom. 12:1-2.) (Note: When we neglect to recognize God and His authority for our future, we are living in pride. We should sit idle, plan nothing and endeavor to not carry anything to pass without first looking for the Lord's will with regards to this issue. What I need is unimportant. What God needs is material. For what I need might in all likelihood never happen, yet what He needs will continuously be finished. Anything we do, we should be certain that God's objectives are our objectives and that we generally keep a legitimate perspective on what's to come. Have you been at real fault for these things? Arranging and forgetting about God? We should not be at real fault for the wrongdoing of pride and assumption. Yet, rather, let us figure out how to trust the Lord and submit to His will for our lives. We should never avoid God with regards to our preparation.) II. V.14-16 AVOID THE MISTAKE OF FOOLISH PRESUMPTIONS A. They Failed To Grasp The Complexity Of Life - They depended on an excessive number of things going the perfect way. Life is loaded up with an excessive number of factors. How is it that they could understand what was in store held? How might we accept that we do? (Sick. Notice their "I will's" - This was the primary attribute of Satan's disobedience - Isa. 14:13-15.) (Sick. Some time prior, a Senate Sub-board made the accompanying expectations: Men will be working 22 hour weeks, 27 weeks out of each year and will resign by age 38. This was anticipated in 1967, for what's in store. The year this was to occur? 1985! They surely missed that one!) The truth of the matter is nobody can understand what will occur! B. They Failed To Grasp The Uncertainties Of Life - (Ill. Their assertions in v. 13 - These individuals appear to be so sure with respect to what will occur.) Nobody understands what bend life will toss you tomorrow. (Passing, ailment, mishap or injury, and so on) (Ill. V. 15-16 All of life is likely to God's will, not mine or yours! What's to come is best left in His grasp. Individuals disregard God when they make their arrangements since they are anxious about the possibility that that God will disrupt the general flow - Ill. Matt. 6:31-33. What's more, He will! Individuals would do well to recall that even with our best laid plans, our lives, our prospects and all that we have and are, are in the possession of Almighty God. Just He understands what's on the horizon. Hence, the exhortation given in refrains 15 is significant. The expression "In the event that the Lord wills… " ought to be in excess of a catch word with devotees. It ought to be a lifestyle! (Sick. Whenever Napoleon Bonaparte referenced to a companion his arrangements to attack Russia, the man attempted to deter him by advance notice, "Man proposes, however God arranges." Napoleon answered, "I arrange as well as propose." The haughty move of Napoleon was eventually the defining moment of his own destruction. He discovered that while man might propose his arrangements, no one but God could carry them to completion. So man should bow the determination of his heart to the insight and could of the heavenly will.) C. They Failed To Grasp The Brevity Of Life - At its absolute best, life is frightfully short. How should these individuals know whether they could be alive tomorrow, considerably less one year from now? Demise is coming and it comes out of nowhere and unannounced! 1. 1 Chron. 29:15, "For we are outsiders before you, and sojourners, similar to every one of our dads: our days on the earth are as a shadow, a

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