Introduction: Chapter 10 opens with 5 of the rulers of Canaan combining efforts to go after Gibeon in light of the fact that they enjoyed made a harmony deal with individuals of Israel. These 5 lords didn't have any acquaintance with it, however they were playing solidly into the hand of Joshua. Presently, rather than taking them out each in turn, they met up and he had the option to overcome them generally together. In the event that you recall our last concentrate in this book, the Israelites had been fooled into making a ceasefire with individuals of Gibeon. Presently, it is the ideal opportunity for Israel to follow through with their guarantee to safeguard the Gibeonites. For Israel it is simply one more fight in the victory of the Promised Land, yet as far as we might be concerned, it is a distinctive image of the Christian life.
Fights are a reality in the existence of the offspring of God, yet we never need to confront them alone, Heb. 13:5; Matt. 28:20. In the day of fight, we have the commitment of help from One Who is "a consistently present assistance in a period of scarcity", Psa. 46:1. My obligation toward the beginning of today, as we think about parts 10 and 11 of Joshua, is to advise you that our lives will be loaded up with fights. Be that as it may, these fights are not exactly actual fights, nor are they fights with others. Our fights are otherworldly fights, "For we wrestle not against flesh, but rather against realms, against powers, against the leaders of the murkiness of this world, against profound devilishness in high places." Eph 6:12. In this way, our weapons should be profound also. "(For the weapons of our fighting are not lewd, yet powerful through God to the pulling down serious areas of strength for of;) " 2 Cor 10:4. Considering that, we should enlist in Joshua and the militaries of Israel as they stay the course. As we notice them in their day of fight, there are a few exceptionally unique illustrations that we can discover that will help us when we face the day of fight. Permit me to impart these contemplations to you as we teach for some time on Lessons For The Day Of Battle. I. V. 6-15 A LESSON ABOUT THE SAVIOR (Sick. In these stanzas, Israel is going to respect the ceasefire they have made with the Gibeonites. They will stay true to their promise and assist these individuals with battling those lords that have ascended against them. As they plan for the fight to come, the Lord comes to with the commitment of help and of triumph. God is going to battle for His kin!) (Sick. This part addresses the otherworldly part of our fights. There are times when the Lord simply comes to your guide and faces the conflict for you. There are times when He moves in power and supernatural occurrences are worked in your life. Such a period is envisioned here. There are three valuable insights that are uncovered here about our Savior in the day of fight.) A. V. 8 He Gave His Peace - Notice the words in refrain 8, "Dread them not!" God's test to His kin was for them not to fear the adversary. God was simply reminding Joshua that He was still in charge of the circumstance! (Sick. May I remind you toward the beginning of today that He is still in charge? He is still on the lofty position and He is as yet the Prince of Peace. For the people who will live with conviction and by focusing on subtle realities, the Lord actually gives harmony that passeth grasping, Phil. 4:7. He still His own kind of harmony that keeps and solaces the hearts of His kids, John 14:27. The key to strolling in harmony is to stroll in confidence!) (Sick. Kindly recall that the Lord didn't save you for you to be fomented and stressed. He doesn't intend for you to shudder out of frantic dread apprehension when the foes of the Lord approach. At the point when the day of fight comes in your day to day existence, the Lord will give you harmony, assuming that you will rest on Him, Pro. 3:5-6. As God's youngsters, we really want to recall that all that occurs in our lives needed to disregard first God's work area and it accepted His blessing, Rom. 8:28.) B. V. 8 He Gave His Promise - The Lord didn't stop with only an expression of support, He likewise provided them with the commitment of outright triumph! (Sick. I might want to say that I actually accept the Lord never saved you for you to be crushed! At the point when He saved you, He did as such with the commitment that you could stroll in His triumph - 1 Cor. 15:57; Rom. 8:37. That doesn't imply what is happening in life will resolve the manner in which you need it to, however it implies that God will empower you to live over your conditions and offer in His triumph over the world, the tissue and Satan!) C. V. 9-14 He Gave His Power - In these stanzas, we see the a strong exhibition of the force of the Lord in the existence of Israel! God moved in an extraordinary sign of heavenly power and gave His kids the triumph. He moved in 2 ways. 1. V. 11 In The Hail - "Hast thou went into the fortunes of the snow? or on the other hand hast thou seen the fortunes of the hail, Which I have saved against the difficult situation, against the day of fight and war?" Job 38:22-23 2. V. 12-14 In The Heavens - Here we see the Lord play out the best supernatural occurrence at any point kept as to the actual world. God halted the sun in the sky and broadened the light hours for Joshua and his military to complete the fight. (Sick. This section has brought a lot of derision upon the Bible. Some accept that this demonstrates the Bible is deadened, on the grounds that science has since a long time ago demonstrated that the earth turns around the sun and that the sun doesn't move. In any case, I might want to simply offer a couple of expressions about this supernatural occurrence that, for me at any rate, settle the issue. A. This is the language of perception. (Sick. We as a whole discuss the dawn and the nightfall. We don't utilize specialized, logical language to portray the things we see surrounding us.) Very in a real sense, the sun hung at the peak of the sky for about an entire day! B. Old history upholds this case. (Sick. The Chinese, the Babylonians, The Incas, the Aztecs, the Egyptians, the Assyrians, and other old societies all record the presence of a drawn out day, which happened about this time.) C. The schedule upholds it. Utilizing an old Chaldean schedule framework, which was worked around lunar and sun powered shrouds, it is feasible to count forward right up to the present day and find that this day fell on Tuesday July 22. Notwithstanding, assuming that we count in reverse, utilizing our process for retribution days, we will find that this occasion occurred on July 22, a Wednesday. Is there an issue? No, simply the way that a whole day is missing one way or the other you go. Refrain 13 lets us know where that missing day went! D. Some will definitely counter, "Yet evangelist, this disregards every one of the laws of nature!" I need to advise you that there are no laws of nature! There are just the laws of God which administer nature! We want to recall Who made this world. On the off chance that He can make it, then definitely He have some control over it!) E. The main concern is this, God interceded powerfully for the benefit of Israel. God gave them all the sunlight they expected to take care of business!) (Sick. What's the significance here for us? All things considered, there are times when the Lord will extraordinarily mediate in your life and He will take on your conflicts for you. I have seen individuals mended of sickness. I have seen lushes saved and sobered promptly by the force of God. I have seen drug fiends quickly let out of the force of medications and made clean. I have seen lives changed in extraordinary ways by the powerful mediation of God. I have seen the Lord move in light of the need of His youngster and move any mountain that should have been moved to get them what they required. That is our God! If it's not too much trouble, comprehend, He doesn't necessarily move like that. I have seen alcoholics conveyed, however I have seen other people who actually battled with that transgression even after they were saved. I have seen holy people mended, yet I have seen others bite the dust with their sickness. I'm let toward the beginning of today know that there are times when the Lord will move in extraordinary ability to address the issue of His kid!) I. A Lesson About The Savior II. V. 16-27 A LESSON ABOUT THE SAINTS (Sick. On the off chance that the main segment pictures the powerful part of our fights, this part depicts the individual part of the fights we should battle throughout everyday life. God gave them an incredible triumph through His strong power, yet there was even a greater amount of the fight to be battled. In these sections, we see Israel, not the Lord, took part in the fight! There is an illustration here for the holy people of God!) A. V. 16-18 We Must Control Our Enemy - Notice that these five lords attempted to conceal themselves in a cavern. At the point when they were found, Joshua requested the cavern to be fixed up, consequently keeping the rulers from escaping. This is an image of control. (Sick. At the point when you got saved God transformed you! Nonetheless, your old, wicked nature is as yet perfectly healthy! Believe it or not, that piece of you that loves sin and the world is as yet dynamic. On the off chance that you don't accept, simply keep close by a couple of additional days and you will see! Very much like these lords, our adversary, the tissue, conceals itself inside us and runs out of the shadows now and again to bring us hardship. It very well might be an issue with the tongue that will emerge every once in a while. It very well might be outrage, contempt, bias, desire, wickedness, and so forth. Anything that thing might be a major part of your life, it should be controlled, or it will ultimately come to control you.) (Sick. It means quite a bit to take note of that piece of the Fruit of the Spirit is "balance", Gal. 5:23. This word in a real sense signifies "restraint". It alludes to that individual who is the expert of himself. As an offspring of God, you reserve no privilege to do however you see fit! As a matter of fact, in the event that you are saved and permitting sin to reign in your life, you are doing as such with taken property! You are the Lord's and you should not be utilizing His body, His psyche, His anything for wrongdoing and fiendishness, 1 Cor. 6:19-20. One proof of strolling in the Spirit is restraint! How are you getting along around here?) B. V. 22-25 We Must Confront Our Enemy - Notice that after the fight had been won, Joshua returned to that cavern and brought these rulers out and embarrassed them by having his sovereigns place their feet upon their necks. He went up against them straightforwardly and openly articulated the triumph over them. (Sick. Profoundly talking, we really want to do exactly the same thing. Ev

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