Introduction: Ill. Moses and the troublesome work task he was given by the Lord. His obligation was to lead a defiant, narcissistic, hardheaded individuals through a desert to the Promised Land. To achieve this work, Moses required a cozy relationship with the Lord.
Presently, when we come to part 33, Moses has quite recently gotten the Law from the Lord. He was away for 40 days and evenings while God uncovered the Law to him. While he was gone, individuals made a brilliant calf, started to venerate it as their god and serious terribly unethical sins. At the point when Moses descended from the mountain and saw what they were doing, he tossed down the stone tablets containing the Law and broke them. In view of their wrongdoing and worshipful admiration, the Lord is furious with individuals and He will not go with them into Canaan, 33:1-3. Moses answers by reminding the Lord that the Israelites are God's kin and that in the event that the Lord doesn't go with them, then Moses isn't going. So Moses and the Lord examine the matter and God says that He will to go with them and carry them into the place where there is guarantee. Kindly don't request that I make sense of the relative multitude of things that are going on in this part. All I know without a doubt is that the Lord is attempting to work in the existence of Moses and assist him with developing. At the point when these occasions happened, it Moses was put in a place of debilitation and uncertainty. He wanted something from the Lord if he somehow managed to keep on driving Israel. So he asks the Lord for a little consolation. He requests that the Lord show him His greatness. God addressed Moses' solicitation and uncovered His magnificence to him. At the point when Moses saw the Lord in the entirety of His brilliance, it brought about Moses tumbling down before the Lord in love. There is a word here for our lives. Not a single one of us have at any point been given a task very like the one Moses got, however we have been called to follow the Lord and to address Him in this world. There are times when this errand becomes troublesome and deterring. At the point when those times come, we likewise need something from the Lord. We really want something we can't deliver without anyone else. We really want something that will re-energize our otherworldly batteries and revive the past love interests of fervor and energy for the Lord. We want something that will push us to the brink of collapse in love. In this experience with the Lord, Moses found The Significance Of Biblical Worship. He discovered that revering God can affirm, solace and bless the stinging heart of the unassuming holy person. I need to take this episode from the existence of Moses and teach about The Significance Of Biblical Worship. I maintain that you should see The Bold Request Of Moses; The Balanced Response Of God; The Beautiful Results For Both. How about we notice these insights together. I. THE BOLD REQUEST OF MOSES A. 3:10 Moses And His Duties - Moses was Divinely called to the assignment of driving individuals of God to Canaan. It was anything but a simple undertaking. His initiative was frequently raised doubt about and his orders were resisted. Moses had an obligation that expected unwaveringness and trustworthiness. He had the assignment of strolling in submission to the Lord and His will. B. 33:1-3 Moses And His Discouragement - individuals had defied the Lord again in part 32, and thus, the Lord needed to annihilate them at more terrible and eliminate his attendance, best case scenario. They were in a tough situation paying little mind to what direction that one ended up. Could you at any point envision how Moses probably felt? He has given a valiant effort to lead them and to follow the Lord's will regardless all they did was whine, track down shortcoming, gripe and sin against the Lord. There probably been ordinarily when Moses needed to tap out and just quit! C. 33:18 Moses And His Desire - Moses showed some care to be aware and experience God in a more profound and more significant manner. Moses realize that the country of Israel couldn't address his issue. He realize that simply chipping away at his administration abilities wouldn't address his issue. Moses appears to realize that the best remedy for demoralization, dissatisfaction and dryness is a new look at what god's identity is and what's genuinely going on with Him. Moses specifies 4 regions where he wants to realize God better. 1. His Ways - 33:13 - Moses needs to all the more likely comprehend the manner in which God works so he could serve Him better. 2. His Person - 33:13 - Moses needs to more readily comprehend the Person of God so he could partake in a more profound partnership with Him. 3. His Presence - 33:15 - Moses needs a more clear sign of God's presence so he could follow God better. This is a request for initiative. 4. His Glory - 33:18 - Moses needs to see the greatness of God so he will be moved to a more profound relationship in his love life. (Note: Moses was constrained to look for a more full disclosure of the Lord since he needed a more profound love for the Lord. He was likewise attracted to realize God better so he could adore God all the more with a burning intensity. Moses was not simply searching for data, he was looking for motivation. This was the craving communicated by the Apostle Paul in Phil. 3:10-11, "That I might know him, and the force of his restoration, and the cooperation of his sufferings, being made similar unto his demise; If using any and all means I could achieve unto the revival of the dead." This is the very want that ought to make us indescribably pleased. I supplicate the Lord will expand our affection for Him so we will be attracted to realize Him better. A superior information on the Lord will continuously bring about more profound and more unadulterated love.) (Note: Why did Moses have such a craving to know God? His craving was brought into the world out his stroll with the Lord. Moses had been honored by the Lord and the gifts of God showed themselves in a craving to realize God better and to profoundly venerate God more. A couple of the reasons Moses had a heart loaded up with love are as per the following: 1. Moses Had Been Chosen - Moses was staying out of other people's affairs, keeping Jethro's sheep, when the Lord called to him out of that consuming bramble, Ex. 3:2. God ventured out in His relationship with Moses. Moses followed the Lord voluntarily, Heb. 11:24-25, yet he just went with his decision since God had picked him first, Eph. 1:4. As Alfred Gibbs said, "The development of a spirit toward God, is nevertheless the impact of the development of God toward that spirit." Everyone who venerates God is somebody who was first picked and called by God. 2. Moses Had Been Converted - He had encountered the gift of Passover, Ex. 12:13. Moses understood what it intended to be watched in the blood of the sheep. He had been reclaimed out of Egypt and he was grateful. He likewise educated in that situation that God was on the up and up. These are explanations behind love that we share with Moses! The blood of the Lamb of God has given us salvation, wellbeing and timeless security. His Word gives us the outright certainty that He will do all that He has guaranteed! Contemplating your recovery will make you need to revere! 3. Moses Had Been Communing - Moses partook in a stroll of the most profound closeness with the Lord, Ex. 33:11. This closeness with God recognized Moses from each and every other individual living in his day. This closeness even extended into his passing, Deut. 34:5-6; 10. He was as yet personal with the Lord 1,500 years after he kicked the bucket, Matt. 17:3. This closeness to the Lord made him need to revere God. The additional time you enjoy with the Lord, the more you come to adore Him. The more you come to adore Him, the more you are attracted to revere Him! I. The Bold Request Of Moses II. THE BALANCED RESPONSE OF THE LORD 33:19-23; 34:5-7 A. v. 19-20 God Makes A Promise - God lets Moses know that He will give His solicitation. He will permit Moses to get a little look at His brilliance as He cruises by. For what reason did God do this? The response lies in stanza 17. Moses had tracked down beauty according to the Lord! As such, Moses hadn't acquired this experience, it was the Sovereign decision of Almighty God. We want to comprehend that anything we have at any point gotten from God, from salvation to the littlest of His favors, have not been given to us since we have procured them. They have not been given to us since we have some way or another constrained the Lord's hand. (Note: By the way, anything we at any point get from the Lord is crafted by His beauty in our lives. Simply the way that we are permitted to appeal to Him, to adore Him and to community with Him is astonishing! Say thanks to God for those times He deigns to us in permitting us to cherish, serve, and love Him!) B. v. 21-23 God Mentions A Place - God lets Moses know that there is a spot by Him where Moses can stand and see the magnificence of God as it cruises by. That spot is a separated in the stone. (Sick. There is as yet a spot by Him. There is as yet a split in the Rock and he is Jesus! There is just a single spot where man will at any point see God. Also, that spot is in Jesus Christ! He is the Rock, 1 Cor. 10:4. Assuming that we would see the Father, we want look no farther than the Son! Notice what the Bible says regarding Jesus, John 14:9; John 1:18; Heb. 1:3.) (Sick. Rock Of Ages was composed by Augustus Toplady after he had been caught outside in a savage tempest. Knowing about an enormous stone with a separated in it, he ran there for cover. As he entered that gap in the stone, the tempest broke upon it with all its rage. Lightning streaked, roared blast and the downpours fell in a heavy storm. Toplady, in his haven, was absolutely immaculate. The tempest spilled out its anger upon the stone, yet he was protected on the grounds that he was in the stone. That equivalent honor is our in Jesus. At the point when He was on the cross, the strong rage of God released itself upon Him. At the point when we are in Him, we are protected from the fury of God and from the dreadful punishment of transgression. That, my family, is a reason for love!)

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