Introduction: Israel has quite recently been engaged with an extraordinary military triumph. They saw the astonishing loss of the city of Jericho. They walked around a city multiple times north of six days, they yelled, the blew their trumpets, and the city walls bombed. They vanquished Jericho without shooting a shot! They are as yet luxuriating in the gleam of that extraordinary occasion. The fact that they are brilliant makes them certain. They are sure that each impediment in their way will be moved out of their way.
Stanza 1, in any case, uncovers reality that God is angry with Israel. Israel felt that everything was good. They felt that they were remaining on the edge of an extraordinary series of triumphs that would see them overcoming the whole place where there is guarantee. "However, in stanza 1 signals a difference in fortunes for Israel. Up to this point they had been honored and utilized significantly of the Lord, yet presently things have changed! They assumed they were relentless, yet what they didn't know was that there was a significant issue in their middle. There was one man among them who was causing an issue for the whole group of God. A similar situation is as yet conceivable today. We are individuals from one body, 1 Cor. 12:27. We as a whole know that when one individual from the body has issues, the whole body endures with it. Exactly the same thing is valid in the assortment of Christ, 1 Cor. 12:26. Your otherworldly temperature significantly affects the whole collection of Christ. You are not an island regardless of anyone else's opinion. What you do influences the whole church body. We will see this reality showed in this section today. My craving in teaching this message is that we would look at our souls and our lives. Assuming there is anything in any of us that we assume we have stowed away; anything that we believe is covered, I believe that we should get that issue settled with the Lord before we leave here today. We can and this section lets us know how. The truth of the matter is, there are a few things you can't stow away. On the off chance that you eat crude onions or garlic, others will be aware of. Assuming you quit washing or utilizing antiperspirant, you won't conceal that for a really long time. Assuming you eat Cheetos, your orange fingertips will part with you. Assuming you attempt to conceal sin in your life, your mystery will ultimately get out, in light of the fact that your wrongdoing will influence you and every one of people around you. Sick. Num. 32:23b, "...and be certain your wrongdoing will think that you are out." Ill. Psa. 90:8, "Thou hast set our wrongdoings before you, our mystery sins in the radiance of thy face." We might not have any desire to just own it, however we as a whole realize that transgression creates some issues. It creates issues for the one erring and it creates some issues for everybody around them. It resembles tossing a stone into a lake. Sick. Tune 2:15 The majority of us are very much like Achan now and again. We permit sin into our lives; we attempt to conceal those transgressions; and we attempt to cover them up. At the point when we do, we bring torment and inconvenience into our lives. These refrains instruct us that Some Things Can't Be Hidden. Notice with me the bits of insight uncovered in these sections. I. v. 2-5 ISRAEL ENDURED A TERRIBLE SLAUGHTER A. v. 2-3 Israel Was A Determined People - Israel was all the while lolling in their triumph at Jericho when they looked toward Ai. They were sure that a little town like Ai would be a walk in the park for such an extraordinary armed force. Israel was a sure group, however a more critical look uncovers that their trust was ill-conceived. In section 3, they accept that only a couple of fighters are expected to get a triumph in little Ai. Israel was at fault for resting in their past victories. Sick. Israel didn't understand it, however they were surviving one of the most hazardous seasons of life. The time soon after an incredible profound triumph is a risky time. Frequently, similar to Israel, we will be presumptuous and accept that we can deal with any fight that comes our direction, Pro. 16:18. At the point when we accept that way, we are going to experience our most prominent loss. Sick. Certainty is something to be thankful however long one's certainty is perfectly located. At the point when we are strolling with our expectation and our trust in the Lord, we will be triumphant; yet when our certainty is in our capacity and in the force of our tissue, then we are bound to come up short, 1 Cor. 10:12! B. v. 3-5a Israel Was A Defeated People - When Israel went up to Ai they experienced a horrendous loss and 36 of their number were killed. This probably been crushing to the Israelites. Sick. The implications of this loss. Since there was sin in the camp, 36 men passed on. 36 arrangements of youngsters lost their dads. 36 moms lost their children. 36 spouses became widows. It was an exceptionally exorbitant cost to pay for wrongdoing. At the point when we get some margin to look all the more carefully at their activities, it is not difficult to see that they committed a few errors. 1. No place in this entry does it even clue that Joshua and individuals of Israel looked for the desire of God for managing Ai. They didn't actually ask about the matter. Assuming that they had, God would have uncovered the issue before individuals kicked the bucket. Sick. How frequently would we say we are at fault for jumping in front of the Lord and His will? We will rush head-first into life and anticipate that the Lord should rescue us of the wrecks we make. It is obviously better to counsel God before we commit the error than it is to anticipate that He should tidy up the wreck a short time later. 2. They didn't take the Ark of the Covenant into the fight. The Ark represented the presence and force of God. They went into the fight in their own solidarity, without the force of God, and they fizzled! Sick. Here is a region where we could all utilization help. We attempt to carry on with the Christian life, battle the tissue and Satan in our own power and we bomb many times. The explanation? We don't find opportunity to reinforce our daily life with the Almighty! At the point when we are strolling with the Lord and in His Word as we ought to be, we can be sure about the clashes of life and face our adversaries in the strength of God. We fall when we neglect to use the entire protection of God, Eph. 6:10-18. Sick. Who killed the monster, David or God? David himself responds to that inquiry in 1 Sam. 17:47. 3. Israel had their trust in their own power and not in the Lord. They were not living with conviction, but rather they were at real fault for believing what they could do. Sick. How frequently have we endured rout since we accepted we could deal with issues ourselves. We can't finish the work! We as a whole need the Lord in the event that we would appreciate otherworldly triumph in our lives, Phil. 4:13; John 15:5. 4. Israel was not able to put all that they had into the gig they were called to do. In section 3, the government operatives who went to Ai returned and said, "...make not every one individuals to work thither..." The city of Ai was situated at around 1,700 feet above ocean level. Their camp in Gilgal was situated at around 800 feet beneath ocean level. It would have been a move of exactly 2,500 feet. It would have been an extremely tiring trip. Individuals of Israel couldn't se the point in every one of the battling men really buckling down. They didn't view the job needing to be done as being worth the work it would require! Sick. At the point when we begin searching for ways of escaping our obligations before the Lord, we are set out toward inconvenience. He merits each ounce of our work. Sick. Lady. 6:9 C. v. 5b Israel Was A Distressed People - After their horrendous loss because of Ai, individuals of Israel are feeling similar trepidation their foes experienced, Josh. 2:9; 5:1; 6:1. This is one of the serious issues with wrongdoing. It routs you and leaves you feeling broken, utilized and confounded. Nothing is directly in the existence of a devotee while there is sin in his heart! Sick. Have you at any point had a period like this in your profound life? I have and more often than not, they come about because of permitting different things to uproot God in my life. I. Israel Experienced A Terrible Slaughter II. v. 6-15 ISRAEL ENCOUNTERED A TERRIBLE SUMMONS Sick. Israel didn't have any idea what was off-base. All they knew was that they had quite recently experienced their most memorable loss. Incidentally, this would be their main loss! God believes that His kin should have the triumph, not the loss. Thus, He does whatever it takes to uncover to the country of Israel just precisely where the issue lies. A. v. 6-9 Joshua's Amazement - After this misfortune happens, Joshua winds up before the Lord in petition. His request is from a messed up heart, v. 6. In any case, there is likewise a touch of outrage and allegation against the Lord. Joshua will discover that request is the right response in a tough situation. He will likewise discover that request will not profit anything until transgression has been managed, Psa. 66:18; James 5:16b! Joshua asks why Israel was feeble in the fight. The response wouldn't be tracked down in accusing God, or in questioning His will. The response would be tracked down in their own hearts! Sick. After we have pursued choices that bring awful outcomes, looking for someone else to take the blame is past the point of no return. It's never the perfect opportunity to blame God for anything. Sick. This has been happening starting from the start - Gen. 3:9-13. At the point when there is a misfortune in our lives, we really want to search inside and see where the issue is. At the point when there is an absence of force in my life, the issue isn't with God, nor is it with others, the issue is consistently with me! The equivalent is valid in the congregation. At the point when there is feebleness in the congregation and spirits aren't being saved; when the administrations are dull and dead, we want not fault the Lord! He is doing His part. The issue is consistently an issue inside! B. v. 10-15 God's Announcement - While Joshua and Israel attempt to sort out what's going on, God in Heaven definitely knows and uncovers it to Joshua. He lets him know that there is sin in the camp of Israel! He explains to Joshua that this transgression why He is keeping His power and permitting them to be crushed, v. 12. He advises Joshua how to find the liable party. In these words to Joshua, God gives us a few experiences into wrongdoing. We want to pay

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