Introduction: The Bible is a book of solicitations. All through the pages of this extraordinary Book, God is consistently welcoming individuals to go along with Him in where He is going and in the thing He is doing. Incidentally, that is an incredible gift! To believe that God would welcome me to go along with Him is a gift ridiculously perfect!
In this entry, Moses is conversing with a man named Hobab. There is some disagreement regarding exactly who this man is. Some think he is Moses' brother by marriage. Others think Hobab is one more name for Moses' father by marriage Jethro. I really incline toward the last understanding on account of Judges 4:11. In that stanza, Hobab is designated "the father by marriage of Moses." We know from Exodus 18 that Jethro had visited Moses and the offspring of Israel. He had been a gift and he had gotten a gift. He had likewise provided Moses with an incredible insight concerning how he was driving individuals of Israel. In this entry, Israel is leaving their place to stay at the foot of Mount Sinai. While they were there, they got the Law, fabricated the Tabernacle and figured out how to venerate the Lord God. Presently, they are breaking camp and making a beeline for Canaan. Before they leave, Moses gets some margin to welcome Jethro, or Hobab, to go with them to their objective. I might want to concentrate on this greeting today. In these sections, there are a few parts of this greeting we really want to research. There is a word here for the congregation. There is a word here for the people who are outside the congregation. There is a word here for each individual here. Thus, we should take a period today to investigate this entry and think about The Invitation To Companionship. I. v. 29 COME SHARE IN OUR PILGRIMAGE A. A Special People - Moses utilizes the words "us" and "we". He is welcoming his father by marriage to join a unique group. The offspring of Israel were exceptional on the grounds that they were A Chosen People, Deut. 7:6. They were A Redeemed People, Ex. 15:13, (Ill. The blood of the Lamb - Ex. 12:1-13). (Note: The holy people of God are an extraordinary group too. In the event that you are a devotee to Jesus Christ, you are extraordinary! You are extraordinary in light of the fact that you have been picked by Him, Eph. 1:4; John 15:16. You are extraordinary in light of the fact that you have been recovered, or purged by Him, 1 Pet. 1:18-19; Col. 1:14. On the off chance that you are saved, you are unique, 1 Pet. 2:9.) B. A Special Place - Moses welcomes his father by marriage to go along with them on their process to that land God has vowed to them, Ex. 3:8. It was to a place that is known for gift and of triumph. Nearly multiple times, Canaan land is designated "a place where there is milk and honey." It was to be a decent spot. The best part is that it was to be their place. According to moses, "Accompany us!" (Note: We are likewise made a beeline for an extraordinary spot. It's anything but a place that is known for milk and honey. Be that as it may, it is a place where there is harmony, delight and pure flawlessness. It is a place that is known for gift where none of the issues and torments of earth can follow, Rev. 21:4; 27. It is a spot called Heaven and it is guaranteed to us, John 14:1-3.) C. A Special Privilege - Hobab isn't a piece of that individuals. He isn't a piece of the pledge of Israel and he isn't a piece of the guarantees God has made to Israel. Yet, Moses has the honor of welcoming Hobab to get together with Israel and offer in their favors. Moses has the honor of express, "Accompany us and what has a place with us will turns into yours as well!" So he expresses, "Accompany us!" (Note: By the way, that is our honor too. We have the pleasure of welcoming every one of people around us to "Accompany us!" This thing called salvation is something that will be imparted to other people. We can offer what we have without decreasing the worth of what we have. On the off chance that I have 100 bucks and give five individuals twenty bucks every, then, at that point, I have shared what I have, however I have nothing left. However, on the off chance that I share my confidence and welcome somebody who doesn't know Jesus to "accompany us", I have offered what I have, yet I have lost nothing! Truth be told, I have expanded the worth of what I have on the grounds that I have recently laid up treasure in Heaven, Matt. 6:19-21. Salvation is the main thing I am aware of that gets more significant as you part with it! While I am regarding the matter, let me say that enticing individuals to "accompany us" is in excess of an honor. It is likewise a commitment. As we travel through this life, we are directed to share what we have with the people who don't have it, Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:15. We are directed to welcome individuals to "Accompany us".) II. v. 29-32 COME SHARE IN OUR PARTNERSHIP A. Join Our Family - "Come thou with us" - Since Hobab isn't a piece of Israel, he is beyond a pledge relationship with God. As such, he is a lost man. He is cut off from every one of the favors and the guarantees of the Lord. He has no expectation of salvation separated from tolerating Moses' greeting and turning into a piece of the country of Israel. In this way, Moses welcomes him to join the family. (Note: We really want to hear this today: There is no salvation outside the Lord Jesus Christ! Kindly don't misread me. I'm not saying that you can be saved by joining this or any congregation. I'm not saying that you can be saved by noticing any of the ceremonies of this or any congregation. You can't be saved through submersion or church participation. What I am talking about is that salvation must be tracked down in an individual relationship with Jesus Christ. At the point when you accept on Jesus, you become an individual from His body, or the congregation, 1 Cor. 12:13. What's more, there is no expectation of Heaven, or of salvation without an individual relationship with Jesus Christ. At the point when the Bible says, "Ye should be brought back to life", it is serious about what it says! There should be a second in time when you shift focus over to Jesus with an otherworldly conviction and trust Him as your Savior with an otherworldly conviction, Ill. Acts 16:31; Rom. 10:9-10, 13; Eph. 2:8-9. At the point when that's what you do, you quickly become a piece of the family. As a relative, you are qualified for every one of the freedoms and honors thereof. You become an offspring of God, 1 John 3:1-3. You are taken on into His family, Rom. 8:15. You secure a spot in Heaven, John 14:1-3. You are saved "to the farthest", Heb. 7:25. Participation has its honors! "Come thou with us!") B. Join Our Fellowship - "We will do you great" - Moses is telling Hobab, "Assuming you will accompany us, we will treat you right! God is favoring us and we will impart those endowments to you. We won't hurt you, yet we will put forth a valiant effort to be a gift to you!" Truly, Moses is directing two sentiments toward Hobab. 1.) You want us - If Hobab needs to be saved and partake in the gifts of the Lord, then he must go with Israel. 2.) We want you - v. 31 - This desert was Hobab's home domain. He knew where the best camping areas were found. He knew where all that trails could be found. He knew where all the watering openings were. Moses said, "We will be a gift to you and you will be a gift to us. Come thou with us!" (Note: When we welcome individuals to accompany us, we are accomplishing more than offering them a "escape Hell free card." We are promising something beyond favors after this life is finished. At the point when somebody joins the congregation, they ought to hear exactly the same things that Hobab heard. They ought to hear us say and see us live out, 1.) You want us and 2.) We want you. For what reason truly do individuals require us? The congregation ought to have the option to offer individuals a few things they can't find elsewhere in this world. This is the very thing that they ought to track down in the congregation. Ø Someone who really focuses on them - Rom. 12:15; Rom. 15:1-2; 1 Cor. 13:5; Phil. 2:4 Ø Someone who will assist them with worrying about their concerns - Gal. 6:2 - This alludes to both the physical and profound parts of this reality. In the event that we possess the ability to address an issue in somebody's life, we are to make it happen, sincerely, 1 John 3:16-18; James 2:15-16. On the other hand, we are to appeal to God for each other and get under the heap with them, Eph. 6:18; Phil. 4:6. Ø Someone who will cherish them unequivocally - Matt. 22:39; Rom. 13:9-10; Gal. 5:14; James 2:8. Ø There is undeniably more that individuals ought to track down in chapel. They ought to track down cooperation, acknowledgment, and family. We ought to have the option to tell each individual who joins with this congregation: "We will do you great!" (Ill. Extremely many places of worship are occupied with harming individuals. They hurt them by their words and by their deeds. We should get occupied with aiding individuals! At the point when we do, they will come and they will remain, in light of the fact that they will find here what they can find no place else in this world. Calvary Baptist, might we at any point genuinely say, "Come thou with us, and we will do you great"? It ought to turn into our objective to have the option to say that and mean it when we do! For what reason do we really want them? At the point when God saves a delinquent, He gives that saved money on His Spirit. Alongside the Spirit of God come the gifts of the Spirit. God extraordinarily gifts every individual He puts something aside for a particular undertaking inside His body, 1 Cor. 12:7-27. At the point when God saves somebody and sends them to our association, it's anything but a mishap! He sends them here so they can satisfy a unique spot in our service that no other person can fill. We really want what they carry with them in the event that we will be all God would have us to be. In this manner, we should figure out how to establish a climate where individuals can practice their otherworldly gifts in the service here. We ought to never hinder people, however we ought to urge them to fill in the Lord and become all they can be. We really want to give individuals the opportunity to be who God saved them to be. Sick. Certain individuals are undermined by this. They appear to feel that their "hold on power" is slipping when new individuals or more youthful individuals start to develop and get things done in the congregation. What we neglect is that this congregation isn't your congregation. It is the Lord's congregation and when He sends us somebody who is gifted for a specific undertaking, we ought to move and allow them to be who Go

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