Introduction: In the congregation I went to as a kid, there was a bunch of twin young ladies who went to there moreover. These two young ladies were totally indistinguishable, with the exception of the way that one of them had an enormous pigmentation on her cheek. Without that skin pigmentation, it would have been incomprehensible, basically for me, to have differentiated them.
Did you had any idea that all obvious adherents likewise have specific denotes that put them aside from the remainder of humankind? We could appropriately call these things that put us aside our pigmentations. They seem when we are saved and they mark us as offspring of God. Each saved individual has all of the pigmentations of salvation. Certain individuals question whether it is feasible to realize without a doubt that one is saved. Indeed, the Bible tells us of some who knew: Job, Job 19:25; Paul, 2 Tim. 1:12. Since God is no respecter of people, you might have that equivalent affirmation moreover. As a matter of fact, one reason for the composition of this book from which we have perused today, was to assist with peopling realize without a doubt that they had been saved, 1:6; 5:13. As you read First John, obviously he is attempting to assist God's kin with acquiring outright confirmation of their salvation. He utilizes "know" multiple times. John is attempting to let us know that there are a few things we can be aware. One of them is whether we are saved. Assuming you have battled around here, I need to assist you with getting that matter settled unequivocally today. I need to share the skin colorations of the genuine adherent with you today. Recognizing the presence, or the need, of these attributes inside our lives can assist us with understanding where we stand corresponding to God. Assuming that you have battled around here, there is compelling reason need to do so any more. God can give you confirmation, on way or the other, at this moment. We should check out together at The Birthmarks Of The True Believer. I. 5:1 A SPIRITUAL CONVERSION A. This section lets us know that the genuine devotee is an individual who "accepts" that Jesus is the Christ. What then is conviction? Is it only a psychological affirmation of current realities? No! Conviction is knowing something with the head, yet it is likewise tolerating that reality into the heart. Authentic conviction, or saving confidence, is coming to where one is confiding in nothing else, or no other person, however Jesus Christ for salvation. There is no space for works, religion, great deeds, or whatever else in the core of the genuinely saved individual. B. I can't see you regardless of whether you are saved. Just you know what you are trusting to get you to paradise. Anyway we in all actuality do have the guarantees of God in this: 1 John 5:12; John 5:24; John 3:16; Acts 16:31; Rom. 10:9-13; Rom. 8:1; Rev. 22:17; Acts 2:21, and hundreds all the more other than! We likewise have this rule from Scripture: God is blessed and can't lie, Heb. 6:18. What He vows to do, He will do! Thusly, in the event that you have confided in Jesus Christ as your Savior, as per the arrangement spread out in the Bible, then you are saved! You have His statement on it! C. In this way, that carries us to the spot where a few inquiries should be posed and replied. 1. Has there been a positive, clear second in your life when you confided in Jesus Christ, and nothing else to save your spirit? 2. When you had your "experience" was it as per the arrangement spread out in the Word of God? In particular: A. Did you come to where you perceived and recognized your wrongdoings to God? (Rom. 3:23; 3:10) That is, have you at any point been lost? Until you can see your transgressions and yourself as a miscreant, you can't be saved. This cycle is called conviction! It is the Holy Spirit drawing delinquent no matter what anyone else might think, John 6:44; John 16:7-11. B. Did you perceive the awful outcomes of your wrongdoings? In particular, did you had at least some idea that due to your transgressions, you were isolated from God, Isa. 59:2; dead in those transgressions, Eph. 2:1, and due to your wrongdoings made a beeline forever in Hell, Rom. 6:23? This returns to the information on being lost before God. C. Did you come to where you saw totally how Jesus helped you when He passed on the cross and when He miraculously came back to life? Did you comprehend that when He passed on, He was biting the dust in your place, shedding His blood for your wrongdoings, 2 Cor. 5:21; Rev. 1:5? Did you comprehend that when He emerged from the dead, He did as such to furnish you with another life? Did you go past knowing these things in your mind to trusting them with all your being? D. Did you shout out to God admitting yourself a miscreant, recognizing Jesus Christ and His shed blood as your main any desire for pardoning and salvation? Did you ask Him into your heart and life to be your own Savior? Did you trust Him and only Him to save your spirit, Rom. 10:13? 3. When this experience occurred, was it completely clear? Well, when you think back presently, is there a plainly characterized second in time when everything changed? Or on the other hand, is the entire thing sort of fluffy and hazy? The truth is this: when Jesus saves a spirit, it's anything but a thing done in a corner. It is clear and emotional. The conditions encompassing the transformation might contrast, yet one thing continues as before, there will be a particular moment that the recovered individual can highlight and say. "In that general area is the point at which I believed Jesus Christ as my Savior and my life was everlastingly changed!" (Ill. The Gadarene Demoniac, Mark 5; Ill. Saul of Tarsus, Acts 9; Ill. Me - May 23, 1983!) D. Presently, thinking back, and actually, how might you depict the occasion you are trusting to take you to Heaven? Was it clear and sensational? Might you at any point sincerely say that you confided in Jesus and Him alone to save your spirit? Assuming this is the case, then that is the Bible way. Or on the other hand, could you need to concede that you truly can't recall truly being lost? You can't recall admitting your wrongdoings and getting Christ into your life. The entire occasion is indistinct, truth be told. Perhaps you want to come today and get that thing made sure about. There will be the pigmentation of a veritable otherworldly change. I. A Spiritual Conversion II. 1:6-7 A SPIRITUAL CHANGE (Sick. These sections let us know that the people who are saved want to "stroll in the light". Jesus is the Light, John 8:12. Hence, the individuals who are saved will need to look for partnership with Jesus. At the end of the day, when they are changed over, for what seems like forever will change. This is a topic that goes through the entire book of First John. He lets us know that the second pigmentation of the genuine devotee is a profound change in their lives. We should follow this string through First John and check whether we have this characteristic of the new birth.) A. 1:6-7 - There will be a craving for cooperation with the things of light. The individual who is really saved by effortlessness will incline toward those things that have to do with the Lord. Things like the Bible, petition, the congregation, the partnership of the holy people, and so on, will be in every way valuable and exceptional to the individual who has been saved. Assuming you observe that you are attracted toward things relating to dimness, you could have to determine the status of where you stand with Jesus. B. 2:3-6 - There will be a craving inside the genuine devotee to do the things God orders us to do, and to stay away from the things God orders us not to do. Certifiable salvation is demonstrated by a craving to comply with God! As per section 6, the really saved individual will need to walk very much like Jesus! C. 2:29 - There will be such an adjustment of the devotees life that they will normally start to do the things that mark them as honorable. They will carry on with out the new life that was set inside them when they were saved by the finesse of God. D. 3:6-10; 5:18 - The genuine devotee can't keep on carrying on with an existence of wrongdoing. As per these sections, the truly changed over individual will not be able to carry on with a way of life of unrepentant sin. At the point when John lets us know that the people who are saved don't sin, he isn't showing righteous flawlessness. As we probably are aware, all individuals, even Christians sin, 1 John 1:8-10. Nonetheless, when we come to confidence in Jesus, there is another unique that happens inside our lives. At the point when the truly changed over individual sins, there is a prompt feeling of wrong. The devotee will comprehend that they have harmed their association with God and won't experience harmony in that frame of mind until they make it right with God. The main way for a devotee to deal with transgression is for them to admit it and get it out into the light. Those devotees who in all actuality do sin are hopeless until they apologize, and they are brought under the rebuke of God, Heb. 12:6-11. The general purpose is this: on the off chance that you can sin and never be irritated by it, then, at that point, you most likely aren't saved. In the event that you can sin and not endure reprimand, then, at that point, you presumably aren't saved. In the event that you can sin and appreciate it, then, at that point, you most likely aren't saved. Assuming you can existence with transgression in your life ordinary, and not feel a hurt in that frame of mind for reestablished association with God ,the I would recommend to you that you ought to come to Jesus today and be brought back to life. Presently, don't misjudge me, saved individuals do sin! In any case, they won't appreciate it as they did before they were saved! Furthermore, when they sin, they won't ever pull off it! God will manage them in adoration, Rev. 3:19, however on the off chance that they won't atone, then He will manage them in judgment, 1 Cor. 5:5; 1 John 5:16. E. 4:6 - Another reasonable sign of authentic change is that the saved individual will get the Word of God when it is taught and when it is perused. It won't be something to uncertainty, banter or lash out finished. The saved individual will hear the voice of the Lord through His Word and will answer it as needs be. Jesus said that this would be a quality of His sheep, John 10:27. The longing to hear the Word of God; the capacity to figure out the Word of God; and the craving to do what God says in His Word are marks of profound life, 1 Cor. 2:14. F. At the point when Jesus saves a day to day existence, He in a real sense changes that individual from the back to front. They are a shiny new animal, 2 Cor. 5:17; Col. 3:1-17. They can never go back, neither will they need to be any longer. G. Has there been a positive change in your life? H. Presently, certain individuals who hear this were saved at a youthful

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