Introduction: I used to work with a woman who when I would agree, "I'm happy I am saved!,"
would answer, "Nobody can realize without a doubt that he is truly saved." My answer was continuously, "The Bible says I can and I am certain that I am saved. I am as certain for, as a matter of fact Paradise as though I were at that point remaining there now!" Christians can realize without a doubt that they are saved and Heaven bound! You do indeed not need to make due with a "trust so" salvation, or a "perhaps so" Christianity. You can have genuine affirmation of substance. John composed these words so we could be aware without a doubt that we are saved and that we could live in victorious confirmation. Having question doesn't imply that you are not saved! All Christians uncertainty at some time or the other. Questions, in any case, can be crushing and wrecking to your Christian walk. Say thanks to God, we can be aware! John wrote a few bits of insight that can take away our questions and supplant them with confirmation. Confirmation is crucial for a solid Christian life! At the point when you need affirmation, you need trust in your self and in God. Confirmation is significant on the grounds that you have a timeless soul. It will spend forever in one of two spots. You will be in either Heaven or in Hell. Which one relies upon how you manage the Lord Jesus Christ! Considering that, we should be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt where we will spend our time everlasting. Permit me to tell you today The best way To Be Saved And Sure. I. THE ACQUISITION OF SALVATION How does an individual "get saved?" A. 1 John 5:1 - Salvation is achieved through straightforward confidence in the individual of Jesus Christ. That He is as a matter of fact, the guaranteed Messiah - The Son Of God! John 1:11-12. B. Conviction isn't simply mental consent to current realities, (Ill. James 2:19), yet it is complete confidence also, an outright responsibility. (Sick. Eph. 2:8-9; Acts 16:31; John 6:47) C. Salvation comes, not based on your activities, but rather based on your confidence in Christ's activities, (Ill. Calvary), I can't rely upon the best 15 mins. Of my life to get me into Heaven! I'm not saved due to anything I have done, however, it is unadulterated confidence and unadulterated beauty! (Sick. Picture beauty as God arriving at down saying, "I love you and need to save you." Picture confidence as you coming to up to God saying, "I need to be saved and I accept the thing you have said about Jesus in your Word!") Salvation just arrives at the people who are will to put their open confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ! (Sick. No works, no decent, no maybes, no expectation outside Jesus!) D. Have you confided in Jesus, and Jesus alone, for your spirit's salvation? II. THE ASSURANCE OF SALVATION The book of 1 John was composed to give Christians confirmation of salvation. John utilizes "know" right multiple times in this short letter. He does this, since the Lord believes us should realize that we have been saved! Throughout this book, he gives us 3 essential tests that we can take to decide if we have been brought back to life. Consider what the Lord needs to show you concerning this incredible matter of affirmation! A. The Lordship Test - Is Jesus the LORD of you life? Is He in charge of you?1 John 2:3-4 In the core of the Christian, there will be a longing to do the will of God. The individual who could think often less about God's thought process isn't saved. The genuinely brought back to life individual will have as his souls want to comply and satisfy the Lord. (Sick. "Keep" = Sailors keeping the stars. May turn into diverted and stray off kilter, yet will remember one's mistake and fix out.) Not blameless flawlessness, however an existence of taking a stab at the objective! Heathens are not saved by keeping His decrees, however holy people are set apart by a longing to do what satisfies the Lord! 1 John 3:24; John 14:15. B. The Fellowship Test - 1 John 3:14. There will be a veritable love for God and for His youngsters! (Sick. 1 John 4:20-21) (Ill. There will be a craving for solidarity, harmony, association, Heb. 10:25!) Ill. 1 John 4:7-8 - Love will describe the genuine Christian! (Sick. There will be seasons of battle between adherents, yet evident Christians can't permit those sentiments to wait!) C. The Relationship Test - 1 John 5:11-13. Salvation is a fundamental relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible never says to direct back toward some insight to decide the situation with your spirit, it says to check your ongoing relationship out - Sick. "hath" - current state. How is your relationship now? Is Christ your friend? You Friend? Or on the other hand, is He Someone you have found out about, however never tried to get to be aware? The inquiry isn't, "Did you trust in Jesus?" maybe it is, "Are you putting stock in Him?" Do you have a relationship with the Ruler at this moment? (Sick. He isn't similar to a light switch! You can't turn Him on and off freely. Assuming He is available in your life, He will spread the word about His presence in you!) Conc: It might be that you have always been unable to get a handle on that confirmation that God has said was yours for the having. At the point when I was a youthful Christian, my confidence was like a exciting ride. I was sure one second and questioning the following. It went along these lines until one day I was requesting that God save me for the millionth time and the Holy Ghost said, "I've previously saved you. I did it whenever you first asked me! Who are you questioning? Me or you?" It was then I understood that God was on the up and up. I am saved today, and I know it, since God said I am and I can. The equivalent is accessible for you toward the beginning of today assuming you will come to Him. God assist you with doing just that!

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