Introduction: We experience a daily reality such that is loaded up with uncertainty. Not many individuals appear to have any genuine sureness about anything. These questions emerge concerning the economy. How high will gas costs and milk costs go? These questions emerge concerning the conflict on fear. How long will it last? How enormous will it develop? What number of lives will be spent in quest for a triumph? These questions emerge concerning what's in store. What sort of life will I have from here on out? How long will I love? Will I get some fear sickness? These questions emerge in practically every part of our lives.
Obviously, the more awful spot for uncertainty to emerge is in the domain of the profound. We are by all accounts ready to deal with different types of uncertainty better than we handle those questions that are profound in nature. Yet, question truly does emerge there as well, right? Presently, there isn't a lot of you can do about what's to come. You are burning through your time agonizing over, in light of the fact that you can't know it or change it, Pro. 27:1. There is no utilization stressing over the conflict, since you have zero influence over it. Simply realize that it is essential for God's arrangement for the final days and leave it in His grasp! There is no utilization in you agonizing over the economy and how you will make it week to week. All things considered, God vowed to address your issues, Phil. 4:19. Your arrangement is His concern and there's no utilization in you both being stressed over it! Be that as it may, with regards to the otherworldly domain, you don't need to be tormented by questions and stresses. The Bible instructs us that we can realize without a doubt that we are saved and secure in God's salvation. As a matter of fact, in this little book, nearly multiple times, we are informed that salvation is one thing that we can be aware of without a doubt. Unfortunately, we are living in a day when many don't be aware without a doubt! They are continually in otherworldly unrest since they don't have the foggiest idea. There might be a portion of those individuals in our presence today. You are loaded up with disarray and uncertainty in regards to your salvation. You sway step by step between being certain and not knowing. You are burnt out on riding that profound yo and you need to be aware without a doubt. Assuming this is the case, then let me take the sections we have perused and show you how you can realize without a doubt that you have been saved. We should investigate what John needs to say regarding this fundamental matter as we naturally suspect on the idea: How Can I Know For Sure? These refrains talk around three everyday issues that give us what we want to realize without a doubt that we have been saved. I. v. 1-5 WE KNOW THROUGH A CHANGED WALK A. v. 1 There Is A Personal Relationship - John starts our excursion to confirmation with a basic assertion. He lets us know that "conviction" in the character of Jesus Christ is fundamental to being saved. This is the Bedrock of salvation! This is where you confidence stands or falls! Everything starts and finishes with whether your confidence is in Jesus and in Him alone for your spirit's salvation. Pay attention to what the Bible says: Acts 16:31; John 6:47; John 14:6; John 8:24. In light of that, the main inquiry to pose to yourself is this: "Has there been a second in my life when I connected with an otherworldly conviction and embraced Jesus as my main any desire for salvation?" Or, ask in another way, "What am I trusting to save my spirit?" The reality is this: you should be brought back to life, John 3:3, 7. Also, the new birth comes to fruition through confidence in the completed work of the Lord Jesus Christ, Rom. 10:9. (Sick. What number of you were conceived truly? Allow me to see your hands. How would you be aware without a doubt? You realize you were conceived genuinely in light of the fact that you are alive. You have a body; you can think and move; you can see, hear, taste, contact and smell; hence, you realize you are alive! On the off chance that somebody came dependent upon you and said, "When were you conceived?" You wouldn't agree, "Indeed, I assume I was conceived. Gracious, I genuinely want to believe that I was conceived. Perhaps I was conceived, yet I'm not entirely certain." No, you realize you were conceived and you know when it worked out. You presumably have a birth endorsement that demonstrates you were conceived. You presumably have some child pictures that were taken when you were little. You were most likely extremely youthful when it worked out, yet you have the proof that it worked out! So it is in the otherworldly domain too. John lets us know that we can realize that we have been brought back to life! Similarly as there is consistently proof of an actual birth, so too there is likewise proof of an otherworldly birth! The first and essential proof is that of an individual relationship with Jesus Christ.) B. v. 2-5 There Is A Profound Rearrangement - If an individual confidence relationship with Jesus is the Bedrock of salvation, then, at that point, what John provides for us next are the Birthmarks of salvation. How frequently have you heard somebody say regarding a child, "He very closely resembles his dad.", or "She sure has her mom's eyes!"? Indeed, similarly as human infants show the qualities of their folks, the people who are brought back to life offspring of God will have specific skin pigmentations which recognize them. (Note: Thank God this is valid! In an actual birth, you get a birth endorsement to demonstrate you were conceived. Be that as it may, in an otherworldly birth, you get no such unmistakable proof. Couldn't it be a gift on the off chance that you did? Assuming you did, notwithstanding, it would stop being about confidence in Jesus, and it would be about that piece of paper. There are times when you and I won't feel saved. For my purposes, it is promptly in the first part of the day! Nonetheless, I am not saved by the manner in which I feel. I'm saved by effortlessness through confidence! In this way, in any event, when I don't feel saved, there are a few verifications in our lives that we can see that show our salvation, in any event, when we can't feel it. These things are the pigmentations of the devotee!) 1. v. 1b-2a We Will Love The Saints - all in all, you will adore what God loves! He adores His kin and you will cherish His kin as well. There will be a powerful love set inside you that fills you with adoration, sympathy and worry for your family in Christ! Note these sections: 1 John 2:9-11; 1 John 3:14-22; 1 John 4:20-21. This affection among the brethren is the adherent's distinguishing mark, John 13:35. 2. v. 2b-3 We Will Live Out The Scriptures - We show our salvation when we stroll in humble dutifulness to the precepts of God. We do what He says for us to do. We love Him, so we don't sin against Him. We love our brethren, so we don't sin against the brethren. Acquiescence to the Word of God is verification positive of otherworldly birth, 1 John 2:3-5; 1 John 4:6; John 14:15. A heart that cravings to comply with the word and will of God is a changed over heart! (Note: None will follow His statement or will impeccably, Ill. Rom. 7:18-25. Nonetheless, there will be a longing to live for God that didn't exist before salvation!) 3. v. 5-4 We Will Leave The Sinful - As a devotee fills in the Lord, their life will be set apart by a consistent create some distance from the world and its allurements. The new devotee is "another creation", 2 Cor. 5:17. Accordingly, there are new longings, new objectives, new needs, and so forth. Our confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ empowers us to stroll in triumph over this world and the entirety of its shrewd! John is letting us know that the devotee will adore the holy people, experience the Scriptures and abandon this corrupt world, 1 John 3:4-10. (Note: The most effective way you can realize you are saved is by the way that you are not quite the same as you were previously! Nobody can meet Jesus and continue as before! A daily existence that bears the Birthmarks of salvation is a daily existence that stands on the supportive Bedrock of redeeming quality.) II. v. 6-10 WE KNOW THROUGH A CLEAR WITNESS A. v. 6-8 The Spirit Witnesses About The Savior - These sections enlighten us regarding the Holy Spirit's observer concerning Jesus Christ. The Spirit lets us know that Jesus stopped by "water and blood." What does this mean? All things considered, John here is battling a sin that was uncontrolled in that day called the Serinthian sin. This blasphemy expressed that Jesus was just a man and that at His immersion, the heavenly Christ happened upon the human Jesus and enabled Him for administration, then the heavenly Christ left the human Jesus before the cross and a simple man passed on Calvary. John believes us should realize that the Holy Spirit gives testimony regarding the approaching of Jesus. He dropped by water. At the point when Jesus was purified through water in Matt. 3:16-17, the Spirit of God plummeted upon Him and God the Father vouched for His character. No, the heavenly Christ didn't happen upon the human Jesus in that stream. Jesus was the Christ before He showed up there that day. He was God in human tissue when He was brought into the world in Bethlehem! This is significant on the grounds that when He went to the cross, Jesus was as yet the Christ. At the point when He kicked the bucket on that cross and shed His blood, He was covering your wrongdoing obligation! That was no simple man that passed on there that Day. That was God in the tissue biting the dust for your transgressions and mine on that cross! (Sick. Like the psalm essayist said: "My wrongdoing, O the euphoria of this radiant idea. My transgression, not to some degree but rather the entirety, Is nailed to His cross and I bear it no more, Acclaim the Lord! Acclaim the Lord O my spirit!" I can sin it is well tonight since Jesus in a real sense had my spot on the cross of Calvary. This is the observer of the Spirit to each offspring of God!) (Note: Now, don't miss this! At the point when Jesus shed His blood, He was paying the legal necessity for my wrongdoings. His blood makes me clean before God. At the point when He kicked the bucket on that cross both blood and water poured from His side, John 19:33-34. The blood fulfilled the legal prerequisites of God for wrongdoing for ever. On the off chance that you are believing Jesus as your Savior today, you have been purified by this blood. The water, notwithstanding, empowers me to stroll in triumph over wrongdoing. Think back to the Old Testament for one minute. In Leviticus 14:1-32, we have the prerequisites for the purging of the pariah. Part of that custom included the shedding of blood and use of a portion of that blood upon th

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