Introduction: In these sections here in Philippians part 3, we observe the Apostle Paul taking an otherworldly stock of his life. He recounts his family in refrains 4-6. In these refrains, Paul relates that if any man would guarantee functions as his
standard, then, at that point, Paul was that man. Nonetheless, in stanzas 7-12, Paul lets us know that that multitude of things he had previously depended on were simply such a lot of waste before God. He lets us know that the main thing in life is an individual relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. So when we show up before God in Heaven, we won't show up there in our own defective, wicked exemplary nature, (Isa. 64:6), however we will actually want to remain before God in the honorableness of Christ and be acknowledged into Heaven on that premise, (Eph. 1:6). What we view as here, is that Paul, with every one of his achievements and his incredible profound ancestry was as yet unsatisfied with where he was with the Lord, v. 12-13a. As Paul takes a gander at his life, he considers himself to be a man who has not yet shown up and one who genuinely needs improvement. Basically, he is portraying each individual here today. The majority of us have the declaration that we are saved by elegance and while heading to Heaven. Notwithstanding, I would dare to say that not even one of us is totally happy with where we are before the Lord. Anybody, who is, is in incredible peril at the actual heart of their profound life. At the point when we get fulfilled, we get smug and when we get careless, we stop to develop as an adherent. While this is valid for the individual, it is similarly valid for the congregation in general. I trust that we here at Gilead Baptist have a great deal to be appreciative for. God has favored us significantly and we have seen His do numerous brilliant and energizing things here as the years have passed. Indeed, even presently, we are seeing the congregation develop and we are encountering His favors both profoundly and physically. Notwithstanding, there is consistently the peril that we will become self-satisfied and become happy with things as they are. Subsequently, earlier today I need to give you three looks that Gilead Baptist Church needs to take to hold back from falling into the mess of carelessness that has caught so many other churches.If we will take these three looks, we won't ever be really fulfilled, yet we will forever be endeavoring to go farther in Jesus. My petition in lecturing this message is that Gilead Baptist Church won't ever be at real fault for becoming careless, yet that we will forever endeavor to draw nearer to Jesus and be a greater amount of what He needs us to be. I. v. 13a TAKE A LOOK AT THE PAST A. Look Review) What I am discussing is taking a profound stock. As people and as a congregation body, we should list our achievements, our disappointments, our expectations, our fantasies, and so forth We want to see again where we came from and how we arrived at this spot. 1. As An Individual, does your regressive look incorporate salvation? Assuming this is the case, then, at that point, acclaim the Lord that you are saved and celebrate in your new life in Christ. In the event that not, then, at that point, take care of business and come to Jesus the present moment and be saved! Does your past incorporate disappointments? Victories? Broken dreams? Undiscovered objectives? Frequently, it is agonizing to audit our past, however it is useful to hold us back from messing up the same way once more! It could be excruciating, however think back and take that stock of your life.2. As a congregation body, does our regressive look incorporate occasions when we, as a body, have committed errors? When we have fizzled? When we have made some degree of progress? Are there unreached objectives? Are there broken lives that lay following this congregation? Once more, these things might be agonizing to recall, yet torment the initial phase in mending the injuries of the past! B. Learn (Remember) The insightful man and the savvy assembly will think back on the past and will gain from it. We will give a valiant effort to see that we are never again at legitimate fault for rehashing similar slip-ups. Indeed, we as a whole do things wrong. In any case, we ought to be sufficiently astute enough to gain from those things so we won't ever be at legitimate fault for them again! C. Leave(Repent and released it) If, in your profound stock, you observed areas of disappointment and times when mix-ups were made, then, at that point, those things should be left where they are before! At the point when we are liable before God, the response lies in apology. In the event that we will abandon those wrongdoings, God will excuse us, (1 John 1:9). Then, at that point, assuming we have atoned of those transgressions, and given it our best shot to make them right, we are clear of them in the Lord's eyes, Rom. 8:33-34! All I am saying is this: Do not pound the life out of yourself over things that happened yesterday, assuming you have atoned of them and made them right. Leave them and abandon them! 1. As people, we are continually thumping ourselves over things that were done before we were even saved. All things considered, it doesn't need to be that way. All things considered, the individual who did that multitude of horrendous things is dead, and a renewed person has had his spot; Rom 6:8; 2 Cor. 5:17. (Sick. A few people just apparently can't move beyond their past.) 2. For the congregation, there is dependably a risk of thinking back. Too many chapels have permitted themselves to turn out to be simply shells of what they were previously. At the point when this occurs, and a regressive look is taken, time after time, places of worship and church individuals simply need to continue residing in the past as opposed to endeavoring in the present. (Sick. Too many live with, "I recall when… ")(Ill. John Claypool recounts the account of "two Buddhist priests strolling in a tempest. They came to an enlarged stream. A lovely youthful Japanese lady in a kimono remained there needing to cross to the opposite side, however scared of the flows. "One of the priests said, 'Would I be able to help you?' "'I really want to cross this stream,' answered the lady. "For priest got her, set her on his shoulder, brought her through the twirling waters, and set her down on the opposite side. He and his buddy then, at that point, continued to the cloister. That evening his friend told him, 'I have an unresolved issue with you. As Buddhist priests, we have taken promises not to look on a lady, significantly less touch her body. Back there by the stream you did both.' "'For sibling,' addressed the other priest, 'I set that lady down on the opposite side of the stream. You're actually conveying her in your brain.' "That it is so natural to be fixated on the past to the detriment of things to come.") 3. Figure out how to shake off the past and abandon it. In the event that you don't as an individual, or on the other hand in the event that we don't as a congregation, then, at that point, it will just fill in as a load to block us a to drag us down, Heb. 12:1. II. v. 13b-14 TAKE A LOOK AT THE PRESENT A. At How We Live ; (Ill. Paul was putting forth a valiant effort to live for Jesus. He was "squeezing" forward. Sick. "Press" = "to pursue a thing to lay hang on it." Paul's Christian life was certainly not an all in or all out thing. He was generally out for Jesus. Nothing else in daily routine had any significance as much as experiencing for the Lord.) There are to ways that we should be in every way living. 1. For Jesus ; 1 Cor. 13:31 ; Every action, each mentality, each activity, everything ought to be to His greatness and His honor! This applies to this congregation just as it does to each person here. We should be living for Jesus with all that we have inside us. Does this portray your life? 2. By Jesus - Gal. 2:20 - Here is the place where such countless Christians thus many houses of worship miss it. We will quite often attempt to do "Christian" things in our own power. Actually, we are frail all by ourselves, John 15:5. As we glance around at where we are today as a congregation body and as people, we really want to see that we should permit Christ to have absolute control of our lives. We really want Jesus and we really want Him to be in charge. I, for one, need more sense to know how to run this congregation, or even my own life. I really want His power. (Sick. Certain individuals will call that a brace. Yet, a prop is exactly what an injured man needs! I'm not afraid to say that I really want Jesus to have the option to endure life.) B. At How We Labor - (Ill. Paul was endeavoring and coming to.) He was putting forth a valiant effort for the brilliance of the Lord! As we investigate where we are today, how would we pile up as workers? As individual workers? As a congregation body? (Sick. The night is coming - John 9:4. Consequently, we really want to hurl ourselves entirely into the Lord's work without reservation. People, we want to check our loyalty, our sincerity, our longing and our thought processes. We want to see that we are laboring for the Lord. All things considered, our work announces the level of our confidence - James 2:18.) C. At How We Love - As we check out where we are independently and corporately, we really want to consider exactly the way in which well we are showing and apportioning the affection for God. We really want to create and consistently utilize the right sort of adoration. 1. For God - Matt. 22:36-37 2. For Our Fellowman - Matt. 22:38-39; John 13:35 (Ill. 1 Cor. 13:1-8) D. As you investigate where you are before the Lord this evening, how might you portray your Christian life? Is it satisfying to the Lord? Is there something lacking? Is there transgression, or different things that should be managed? How might you sincerely summarize your life? What might be said about this congregation? How would you feel that we are doing collectively of New Testament adherents? Is the Lord satisfied or lamented when He checks out Gilead Baptist Church? I don't have a clue about the solution to this multitude of inquiries, yet I really do realize that assuming there are issues at any level, God offers us a method for making them right today. Our obligation is to practice the entryway of beauty that He has given to us. III. v. 14 TAKE A LOOK AT THE PRIZE A. We Are Partakers Of A High Calling - We are called: 1. From Sin To Salvation - 1 Peter 2:9; Eph. 2:1-4! 2. From Death Unto Life - John 5:24! 3. From Strangers Into God's Family - 1 John 3:1-3! 4. From Wanderers To Witnesses - Mark 16:15; Matt. 28:19; John 20:21. B. We Are Partakers Of A Holy Calling - We are called to be discrete from the world - 2 Cor. 6:17; 2 Thes. 3:6; 1 Tim. 5:22. Sick. As brought back to life offspring of God, we ought to put forth a valiant effort to live for the Lord and carry distinction to his name

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