Introduction: Today, we are in a period saved to respect the introduction of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tragically, a great many people in our reality are uninformed about Him and of the genuine justification for this season. Yet, those of us who really do know likewise realize that there is no one like Jesus!
Since the beginning of time, a huge number of individuals have lived and passed on. Many have transformed the embroidery of time, however nobody has established as permanent a connection as a humble Jewish man named Jesus. Had He been a common man, the world would have failed to remember Him when He had passed on. However, He was no standard man! What His identity was and what He did always modified the progression of mankind's set of experiences and changed forever for innumerable millions. Here, just before the day when we will celebrate His introduction to the world into this world, I need to require a couple of moments to advise you that There's Nobody Like Jesus. These trivial few, valuable sections explain to us why He was and is so unique. These refrains let us know that There's Nobody Like Jesus! Notice three extraordinary illustrations from His life that put Him aside. I. V. 5-8a THERE'S NOBODY LIKE HIM IN HIS ADVENT A. His Advent Was Humble - The language Paul utilizes is extremely expressive. We are told clearly that Jesus was a genuine man. 1. Made Himself of no standing - No standing signifies "to discharge". Jesus willfully dropped a portion of His heavenly rights when He came into this world. (Ubiquity; Omnipotence; Omniscience; and so forth) (Ill. The Creator was dependant upon the animal for food.) 2. Took upon Him the type of a worker - Form - "That which strikes the eye". For all appearances, Jesus would have passed for a slave. Isa. 53:3. (Sick. God in the tissue was dismissed by the very individuals who professed to love, serve and love Him, John 1:11.) 3. Was made in the resemblance of man - Likeness - "In the actual picture of something." In the start of creation, God made man in His picture, Gen. 1:26. At the point when Jesus was brought into the world in Bethlehem, God made Himself in man's picture! 4. Being found in design as a man - Fashion - "the habitus, as containing everything in an individual which strikes the faculties, the figure, bearing, talk, activities, way of life and so on" Jesus was brought into the world as a man, He lived as a man, He endured as a man and He passed on as a man. He was truly a genuine, certified, human man! He knew torment, destitution, distress, dejection and dismissal. He knew giggling, trust and kinship. He knew each part of human life, at this point He knew no transgression. He deliberately came into this world and exposed Himself to human life so He may distinguish Himself with you and me. (Sick. V. 6, "believed it not theft to be equivalent with God" - Jesus didn't see being of a similar embodiment as God something to be gotten a handle on onto and held to. He eagerly turned it free for us!) He did it to save us, to get us and to help us, Heb. 4:15-16! B. His Advent Was Holy - While God might have turned into a man, He was constantly God! While Jesus Christ was 100 percent man, He was additionally 100 percent God! He only hid His superb distinction inside a natural edge! (Sick. Sometimes the god dominated the humankind, Matt. 17:1-5.) His approach was sacred in light of the fact that when Jesus was brought into the world in Bethlehem, God in a real sense came into this world and strolled among men, John 1:1; 14! No one at any point had an approach like His! II. V. 8b THERE'S NOBODY LIKE HIM IN HIS ACCOMPLISHMENT A. The Pain Of His Accomplishment - We are informed that Jesus, the God-man, eagerly permitted Himself to be surpassed by death! The One called the "Sovereign of Life", Acts 3:15, entered the jaws of death eagerly for yourself and me! The One Who is "the restoration and the life", John 11:25, lowered Himself and permitted the brutal fingers of death to fold themselves over Him, with the goal that we may encounter His life. (Note: The demise He kicked the bucket was no normal passing. The Bible says it thusly: "even the demise of the cross". Not any more merciless type of execution has at any point existed n this set of experiences of the world! Jesus passed on in horrendous misery with the goal that you and I may live in limitless brilliance!) B. The Power Of His Accomplishment - In His demise, Jesus gave reclamation to every one of the individuals who will accept on Him with a supernatural conviction, 1 Pet. 1:18-19. He likewise showed the unfathomable love of God for miscreants when He passed on that cross, Rom. 5:8. At the point when Jesus kicked the bucket on that cross, He opened the way to God for all who need to be saved, Eph. 2:11-22! C. The Price Of His Accomplishment - Jesus didn't simply turn into an individual for His natural life down here. Indeed, even after He passed on and rose once more, He actually bears the type of humankind. At the point when Jesus turned into a man, He forever restricted Himself to a human structure! Indeed, in Heaven today, Jesus actually bears the imprints and the injuries of His sufferings at Calvary, Rev. 5:6; John 20:24-28. At the point when we see Him around there, we will consider Him to be God, yet in addition as the Man Who passed on for our transgressions on the cross Who actually bears the "magnificence marks" of that involvement with His body. All through forever, the flawless lady of the hour of Christ will be helped to remember the value that was paid for her recovery. I accept that forever will ring noisily with the commendations of Him Who turned into a man so men may get to God! No one has at any point achieved what He did! III. V. 9-11 THERE'S NOBODY LIKE HIM IN HIS ADVANCEMENT (Sick. Due to the affection He showed and the cost paid, both on the planet and in time everlasting, we are informed that God has "exceptionally lifted up" Jesus. This expression means to "raise to the most extreme of grandness". There are three regions referenced here in which God has "exceptionally commended" Jesus.) A. He Is Exalted In His Name - We are informed that He has been given "a name that is over each name". What name is it? JESUS! At the notice of that straightforward name: Live's have been changed; Fevered foreheads have cooled; Dazed eyes have opened; Hard of hearing ears have unstopped; Sin's shackles have fallen away; Night has gone to day; Rout has been gobbled up in the jaws of triumph; Trust had supplanted rout; Dead men have become animated; Lost men have been found; Fallen angels have shuddered; Miscreants have broken; Holy people have yelled; Heavenly messengers have bowed; More has been done through the office and force of that Name than of the relative multitude of names of any remaining individuals consolidated. There truly is only something regarding that Name! The Name Jesus is the best Name ever to fall upon human ears! That Name is a reason for festivity in Heaven. That Name strikes dread into the hearts of the occupants of Hell. That Name transformed me, woke up and saved my spirit! There's Just Something About That Name! B. He Is Exalted In His Fame - We are informed that there is a day coming when each individual will bow before Him and admit Him as Lord to the magnificence of God the Father. Consider it! At some point, each lost miscreant will bow before Him and give Him brilliance! At some point, Satan himself will bow before Jesus and honor Him. At some point, each devil of Hell will call Jesus Lord! From the beginning of time men have criticized Him, taunted Him and overlooked Him. Today, His name is a precept He actually taunted, scorned and disregarded by a lost world. In any case, the day is coming when that Name, and t he Person it addresses, will get the brilliance and honor He genuinely deserve today! I say, "Glory be!" C. He Is Exalted In His Claim - God announces Jesus to be "Master"! In the event that He is Lord, He is qualified to be cherished, served, revered and complied. In the event that He is Lord, He genuinely deserve all our time, our gifts and our fortune. On the off chance that He is Lord, He merits in front of the pack in our souls and in our lives. Assuming He is Lord than He ought to be commended, adulated and adored. In the event that He is Lord, let Him be Lord of all, Acts 10:36, for is He isn't Lord of all, then, at that point, He isn't Lord in any way! (Note: Every once in a while somebody will say, "All things considered, Jesus is my Savior, yet I haven't made Him Lord of my life." Friend, you can't make Him Lord! He is now Lord. Furthermore, you can't have Him as Savior without likewise having Him as Lord. The Bible says, "Accept on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and thy house.", Acts 16:31. He is Lord whether or not you recognize it! In any case, how much better life is the point at which we give Him the affection, honor and worship He merits! Have you done that this Christmas season?)

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