Introduction: The last time we saw John, he had been carried amazing, through an entryway that had been opened in the sky. He was informed that he was going to get a disclosure of "things which should be from this point forward". As we concentrated on Revelation 4:1, we came to comprehend that John was a delegate man. He addresses generally obvious adherents to Jesus Christ who will be removed from this world toward the finish of the congregation age in the occasion called "The Rapture". I acclaim the Lord for that favored expectation! He is coming, and we are going! Thank heaven!
As we move further into this part, we are given a brief look inside the very royal chamber of God Himself. We are permitted to see a portion of the exercises that occur in Heaven before God's judgment is visited upon the world. The scene that is portrayed in these stanzas is nearly unbelievable. Be that as it may, in these stanzas, John provides us with a little look at what we will do sooner or later. We should join John in God's essence and attempt to get a handle on the thing is occurring in these sections. I need to take us up to Heaven and look Inside The Throne Room Of God. We want a sublime point of view on this world. Taken without help from anyone else, the occasions, the preliminaries and the issues of this world regularly have neither rhyme nor reason. According to a natural viewpoint, this world seems, by all accounts, to be wild today: war, illness, wrongdoing, mischievousness, corruption, and so on Yet, when you comprehend that God is on His high position; and when you comprehend that He is in charge; and when you believe that He is working out an ideal, everlasting, great arrangement, then, at that point, everything becomes all-good. (Sick. A lovely Persian floor covering appears as though a wreck of tangled strings and fiber when it is seen from the rear; yet when it is seen from a higher place, the example turns out to be extremely clear.) Thus, today, how about we climb to Heaven and get a brief look at what is occurring around God's lofty position. I need to share the scenes John saw when he went up to Heaven, as I attempt to lecture on the idea Inside The Throne Room Of God. I. v. 2-3 THE PERSON ON THE THRONE (Sick. The absolute first thing John sees is God Himself sitting on a high position in Heaven. What a rush that more likely than not been! To go to the White House and meet the President would be an honor. To go to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen of England would be an honor. Yet, to stroll into the very royal chamber of God and see Him sitting on His lofty position would be wonderful indeed! However, that is the honor John was offered and it is an honor we will appreciate one day soon! How about we tune in as John depicts his experience with Sovereign God.) A. v. 2 He Is The Ruling One – The primary thing John sees is a "lofty position set in Heaven". A "high position" talks about "sway and authority". We are seeing One Who involves the spot of outright authority over every one of the undertakings of Heaven and earth, Psa. 47:8; 103:19. "Set" discusses "steadiness, immovability, toughness". God's privileged position is a timeless lofty position! No adversary can at any point constrain Him down from where He rules and rules, Psa. 45:6. This world may not perceive God's power and rule today, yet He rules in any case! Men don't really think about the presence of God; however He sees all; controls all and He will eventually pass judgment on all. Men may not care much about Him now, yet we will all face Him sometime in the not so distant future. Man may not bow today, yet they will one day, Phil. 2:9-11; Rom. 14:12. B. v. 3a He Is The Resplendent One – John endeavors to do the unimaginable: he endeavors to portray God. The One on this lofty position is God the Father. How would we know? God the Son removes the seven fixed book from His hand in Rev. 5:5-7. John portrays God as resembling a "jasper and a sardine stone". "Like" tells us that we have experienced representative language. God is certainly not a mineral or a stone, yet His appearance helped John to remember these two valuable stones. 1. The "jasper" is clear and splendid. It is conceivable that it is equivalent to a jewel. A jewel is an exceptionally hard stone and it discusses "solidness". This correlation advises us that our God is "firm and perpetual". Since we are with regards to a royal chamber, where sovereign authority is going to be worked out, this lets us know that God's laws, similar to God Himself, are firm and constant. There are sure laws in nature that a firm and perpetual. Story gravity for example, what goes up will descend! God has set up the Law of Gravity, it is firm and perpetual. Assuming that you place a pot of water on an oven eye and switch on the hotness, you really want not anticipate observing ice in the pot when you return. God has set up the Law of Thermodynamics, it is perpetual. The equivalent is valid concerning God's ethical law. He is constant and resolute there as well. Men kick against the ethical laws of God. They call the Bible obsolete and older style. They do whatever they might feel like doing imagining that God will allow them to go unnoticed. The truth of the matter is, they are erring against a God Who is firm and constant in His ethical law. 2. The "sardine" stone is a crimson stone. It advises us that while God is a God of sovereign rule and outright power, Who holds men to an exclusive expectation of heavenliness, is additionally the God of recovery! He is a God Who saved every one of the people who will go to Him leaning on an unshakable conviction. Say thanks to God He is a saving Lord just as a Sovereign Lord. Assuming that He wasn't, then, at that point, we wouldn't get an opportunity! In any case, it was this blessed, honest, God of judgment and rage Who was moved by leniency, love and beauty to give a method of salvation to all who will come to Him! (Note: Before we abandon these two stones, it is qualified to take note of that the "Sardius" and the "Jasper" were the first and last stones in the breastplate of the High Priest, Ex. 28:17-21. The "sardius" addressed the clan of Reuben, and the "jasper" addressed the clan of Benjamin. These two stones were illustrative of each of the twelve stones and were an update that God generally kept His kin and His contracts with His kin near His heart. At the end of the day, these stones were a steady update that God would keep His Word and do all that He had vowed to do. Judgment will come, yet it will be done by One Who has strolled among us. There is a human side to His judgment. He will pass judgment, yet it will be tempered by His sympathy and benevolence.) C. v. 3b He Is The Restraining One – God's high position is enveloped by an emerald rainbow. This rainbow isn't similar to those we see here on the planet. We just see a large portion of the bow; in Heaven it will be generally noticeable. We additionally realize that the rainbow flags the way that the tempest has finished. We likewise realize that the principal rainbow was offered to Noah as an apparent hint that God could never again annihilate the earth by a flood, Gen. 9:11-17. This rainbow in Heaven is an update that when we show up there, the tempests will be over for the offspring of God. It is an update that while we may not comprehend all that occurs here, we will when we arrive. It is additionally an update that God will pass judgment on the earth, yet that He will do in accordance with His guarantees and His religious communities. The rainbow talks about God's leniency. Indeed, even as the rage of God is going to fall on this destined world, God is as yet moving in limitation and kindness. (Sick. Habakkuk 3:2) (Sick. Each individual in this room is set out toward an experience with God! You may have left your vehicle and strolled into Wal-Mart today, however you were really made a beeline for God. You may have left your vehicle in this parking area and headed into this structure, yet you were really going directly toward God. At some point, we will be generally up close and personal with Him. We will meet Him is scenes of brilliance or in the corridors of judgment, however we will meet Him regardless. Be prepared for that second!) (Note: Has it occurred to you yet that you will see Him one day? Has obviously you will remain in His royal chamber and see His face? At some point, the long street of life will end and we will be home. Our excursion will be finished; our weights lifted; our tears dried away; our inquiries addressed; our wrecked hearts mended perpetually; and we will be home! Acclaim God, there is a superior day coming!) I. The Person On The Throne II. v. 4 THE PEOPLE AROUND THE THRONE A. Their Association – Who are these people? Certain individuals think they are heavenly messengers, or cherubim. "Older folks" is never used to allude to heavenly messengers in the Bible. Others think they address another gathering. Actually, I think they address every one of the recovered offspring of God. How about we analyze the proof. · They are perched on "seats". This is a similar word interpreted "high position" in refrain 2. In this manner, they are believed to be ruling with God. The holy people will rule with Him sometime in the not so distant future, 2 Tim. 2:12; Rev. 1:6; Rev. 2:26-27. · They appear to be an agent individuals. In Rev. 21:12-14, the New Jerusalem is portrayed as having twelve entryways names after the 12 clans of Israel. It is based on twelve establishments which contain the names of the 12 Apostles. Twelve in addition to twelve equivalents 24! I accept that these 24 seniors address the recovered individuals of God of both the Old Testament and New Testament. In the Old Testament, David selected 24 Levites to address the whole brotherhood, 1 Chron. 23, 28. At the point when a gathering was fundamental, it would have been difficult to accumulate all of the a huge number of Levites together; yet when the 24 met up, they addressed the entire body. The equivalent is valid for these Elders. They address the sum of the reclaimed holy people of God! · These elderly folks address us! B. Their Activity – They are "sitting". This implies rest. Their works are

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