Introduction: As every one of us knows, man is a three sided being. That is, each man is comprised of life elements. The body permits us to communicate with the actual world. The spirit permits us to react to the scholarly and passionate world. The soul permits us to connect with the profound world. Each piece of this framework is critical! Without the body, we would have no contact with the world. Without the spirit, we would have no capacity to think or feel. Without the soul, we would not can collective with God.
Obviously, when we leave this world, the body stops to be a piece of what our identity is. In any event, when the body is raised, it will be an alternate way of body than the one we wear today, 1 Cor. 15:42-44. On the off chance that you are saved, your soul has as of now been made alive in Jesus and is fixed by Him until the "day of reclamation", Eph. 4:30. At the end of the day, the body will drop away and be changed. The Spirit has as of now been changed. What we are left with is the spirit. The spirit can likewise be known as the brain. It is the seat of the mind, the will and the feelings. It is the place where we think, feel and choose. It is additionally where every one of the contentions we face in this life start! The psyche is a definitive war zone of life. The Lord, the tissue and Satan are on the whole fighting for control of our brains. For what reason does the fight seethe there? Since the Bible says, "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he...", Pro. 23:7. We want to comprehend that this fight that is seething in the brain is a profound fight. Eventually, it is a fight among great and evil for the control of our lives. Since this is a profound fight, we should battle it with otherworldly assets, 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Eph. 6:10-18. Today, I need to tell you that you don't need to lose the fight for your psyche! You don't need to be crushed in your stroll with the Lord. You don't need to be a captive to stress and dread. You don't need to carry on with a daily existence constrained by the desires and wants fo the tissue! You can carry on with your life heavily influenced by the Spirit of God. You can win the fight. How, you may inquire? To begin with, it doesn't occur consequently! You need to make specific strides that will permit it to happen, Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:23; 1 Pet. 1:13. (As we make the stride in 1 Peter to "figure out the brain", we set ourselves in a situation to get the service of the Lord as He reestablishes the psyche. "Change" in Rom. 12:2 and "recharged" in Eph. 4:23 are both detached voice. They are something to and in the offspring of God.) Second, we really want to realize that we don't need to do this by itself. We have the Lord's guarantee regarding that situation, 2 Tim. 1:7. Hence, today, I need to take these sections we have perused and show you Paul's arrangement for triumph in the front line of the brain. I need to impart to you four straightforward advances that encourage us all How To Fortify The Mind. Whenever followed, these means will assist us with building a mass of assurance around our psyches. They will assist us with accomplishing triumph in the day by day battle we as a whole face. I. V. 4 BUILD THE WALL OF PRAISE A. Paul orders the adherent to "cheer". This word signifies "to be happy" (Note: It is in the current state, dynamic voice and basic mind-set. This implies that the adherent is instructed to "continue being happy in the Lord.") B. Presently, let's be honest, quite a bit of life doesn't fit our bliss! Truth be told, when Paul wrote these words, he was bound between two fighters in a Roman jail. All things considered, Paul realized that paying little mind to the conditions of life, God won't ever change. To that end we are told to "celebrate in the Lord." You see, individuals will change, conditions will change and life continually changes, however the Lord won't ever change! C. Since this is valid, we can figure out how to celebrate in Who He is, how He has helped us, and how He is treating our lives. Regardless of whether the street is hard, recollect that He has arranged your way, Psa. 37:23. He has vowed to make everything work for great, Rom. 8:28. He has vowed to go with you through everything throughout everyday life, Heb. 13:5. He has guaranteed you standing triumph, 1 Cor. 15:57; Rom. 8:37. He has guaranteed us that the objective will merit each mile of the excursion, Rom. 8:18; 2 Cor. 4:17. Hence, in any event, when you can't be cheerful with regards to your life, figure out how to be content in the Lord! Fabricated the mass of applause! II. V. 5a BUILD THE WALL OF PATIENCE A. "Control" in a real sense signifies "delicate or charitable soul". It has showing restraint toward others. Of giving way to the privileges and wishes of others in this life. It doesn't mean a trade off in teaching. It implies that you have a readiness to take the rearward sitting arrangement for others. This is the possibility of Phil. 2:4. B. Paul is saying that the truth of our confidence ought to be shown by they way we manage others. On the off chance that the focal point of our lives is on ourselves, when individuals hurt us, slight us, cross us, and so forth, there will be a craving to fight back and get retaliation. Paul needs us to get the concentration off of ourselves, and get it on others. At the point when we are centered around everyone around us, we will be less inclined to hurt by what others do. What they say won't sting us so awful. How they act can be ignored all the more without any problem. C. At the point when we take on the attitude of self esteem that is surrounding us, we will forever take a gander at the things individuals do and say as an individual assault. It will make us wear our sentiments on our sleeves and to be all the more effortlessly wounded by the words and activities of others. This will cause us issues in the brain as we harp on how was treated information exchanged. On the off chance that we can figure out how to acknowledge others similarly as they are and ignore the way in which they act and how they treat, will shield the psyche from staying in regrettable regions. It will fabricate a mass of security around the brain that others can't infiltrate! The main concern is this, assuming we can figure out how to live in authentic happiness, Phil. 4:11, then, at that point, it won't make any difference what anybody says or does. The psyche will be shielded from the detestable it jumps at the chance to find in others. (Note: Satan cherishes nothing better compared to get your eyes off Jesus and on the shortcomings of others! The tissue cherishes nothing better compared to oblige Satan in this. At the point when this occurs, the psyche is in harm's way!) III. V. 5b-7 BUILD THE WALL OF PRAYER A. Section 6 cautions us against the risks of stress. "Cautious" has the possibility of "tension". It alludes to a perspective that is unsettled over the occasions and conditions of life. Presently, nothing bad can be said about with having concern. We as a whole have our interests about specific things. It is the point at which your interests have you that the issues start to emerge! Stress is so perilous on the grounds that it permits the brain to consider bogus thoughts about God. Stress says "God is dead!". Or then again, "Assuming there is a God, He clearly couldn't care less with regards to me and my circumstance." Both of those assertions are bogus! God is alive, Heb. 7:25, and God cares, Heb. 4:15; 1 Pet. 5:7. B. At the point when the issues of life come our direction, we are given a few valuable assistance in the refrains. 1. V. 5b - The Lord is close - Not simply His subsequent coming, yet He is close to all of the time to His youngsters - Heb. 13:5-6. 2. V. 6 - Exercise the apparatus of petition - Paul talks about supplication, petition and demands. These may be thought about a general supplicating, explicit imploring and itemized asking. The central purpose of this refrain is that as opposed to stressing, the adherent is to show his confidence in the power and will of God by looking for the Lord in petition! 3. V. 6 - Develop an appreciative heart - Regardless of the circumstances you face throughout everyday life, figure out how to commend the Lord through them all. Nothing brings Him closer or drives Satan away any quicker than a really grateful heart! C. The Lord's guarantee to us is that He will supplant our concerns with His tranquility when we precede Him in trusting, humble petition. "Keep" in section 7 signifies "to post, or fabricate a fortress around, to post a gatekeeper". The Lord vows to post a gatekeeper around the heart and psyche of the individual who entrusts Him with the necessities of life. Rather than stressing yourself debilitated over things you can't change, figure out how to incline toward the Lord in supplication! Construct the mass of supplication! IV. V. 8 BUILD THE WALL OF PURITY A. These words Paul utilizes in this refrain are an image of the Word of God. It is valid - John 17:17. Since the Bible is valid, all that it says fits inside the classes referenced by Paul. It is straightforward (respectable), it is perfect), (it is unadulterated (blessed, clean), it is wonderful (excellent), it is of a decent report (great standing), it is brimming with ethicalness (greatness) and acclaim (what inclines toward love). B. What we have here is a call to fix our brains upon the things of God. The hotspot for tracking down our regarding those things in the Word of God. At the end of the day, assuming we will fill our brains with the Words of God, there will be no space for abhorrent, no space for stress, no space for dread, no space for retribution, no space for disarray and inconvenience. A brain loaded up with and drove by the Word of God is a steady psyche! C. On the off chance that you need a steady, fixed brain, the main spot to get it is in the Word of God. We are to step up to the plate and power the psyche to harp on the Bible and what it says, rather than permitting the brain to hurry to wickedness, or tattle, or others and how they are treating, our concerns, and so forth A brain immersed with and fixed upon the Word of God is a steady psyche. (Note: This is something that you should accomplish for yourself! We can't help thinking about why we don't get much out of lecturing and church now and again. The response lies in the way that regular, we permit our psyches to benefit from the rottenness of the world and to harp on the issues and issue individuals of life. Assuming we would give as much energy to harping on the Word of God step by step, it would change our time in the Lord's home!) Conc: Your psyche is a valuable gift from God. It very well may be utilized for great or for detestable and every one of the powers of good and evil are doing combating for your brain constantly. Who wins the fight is resolved 100% of the time by you! Nobody can handle your mi

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