Introduction: Although nobody was close to the point of hearing it, it at last reverberated all over the planet. None of the travelers in the DC-4 at any point realized what occurred; they passed on quickly. That was February 15, 1947. The Avianca Airline flight destined for Quito, Equador, collided awkwardly with the 14,000 foot-high transcending pinnacle of El Tablazo not a long way from Bogota. Then, at that point, it dropped, a flaring mass of metal, into a gorge far underneath. A youthful New Yorker, Glenn Chambers, was one of its casualties. He intended to start a service with the Voice of the Andes, a long lasting dream that unexpectedly cut short into a bad dream. Prior to leaving the Miami Airport prior that day, Chambers hastily ran off a note to his mother on a piece of paper he found on the floor of the terminal. That piece of paper was once a printed piece of ad with the single word WHY spread across the middle. Yet, between the mailing and the conveyance of that note, Chambers was killed. When the letter did show up, there gazing up at his mother was the frightful inquiry - WHY? Of the relative multitude of inquiries it is the most looking, the most torturing. No single truth eliminates the need to inquire as to Why? like this one. Here it is:
GOD IS TOO KIND TO DO ANYTHING CRUEL … TOO WISE TO Even consider committing An Error … TOO DEEP TO Even consider accounting for HIMSELF. Mrs. Chambers quit inquiring as to Why? at the point when she saw the Who behind the scene. Any remaining sounds are stifled when we guarantee His outright sway. Indeed, even the stunning sound of a crashing DC-4. Have you at any point encountered that stomach second when your fantasy become a bad dream and you end up in the featuring job? We as a whole have! Have you at any point inquired "Why?" as you took a gander at the broke remaining parts of your arrangements and dreams? We as a whole have! Today I need to show you a preferred option over inquiring "Why?" I need to bring up the observer of a man by the name of Joseph. He saw everything he could ever hope for fall into 1,000,000 pieces at his feet. What occurred in his life is deserving of note today. It might help you and me when our fantasies are broken. I need to lecture for some time on this idea: When Your Dream Becomes A Nightmare. I. V. 18 A SHATTERING DISCOVERY A. It Was A Time Of Excitement - Mary and Joseph were pledged to each other. This was the old Hebrew commitment time frame. It was pretty much as restricting as a marriage. Certainly they were amped up for their future together as a couple. B. It Was A Time Of Expectation - The Bible lets us know that these occurred "before they met up". Certainly they were both counting during the time until they could be together and live respectively as a couple. C. It Was A Time Of Embarrassment - During this pledge period both the lady and the man of the hour were to keep themselves genuinely unadulterated for the other mate. Not at all like our day, this was when all kinds of people were relied upon to go into the marriage as unadulterated virgins. In any case, it was during this time that Joseph found that his lady of the hour was pregnant. This would have been a wellspring of incredible shame both to Mary and Joseph, just as to their individual families. It appeared to be that every one of the fantasies Joseph had for the future had been broken by this staggering news. (Note: Isn't this exactly how life is on occasion? We make every one of our arrangements for the future and set things up the manner in which we need they to be, then, at that point, some occasion or different happens and we see our expectations, our arrangements and our fantasies tumble down surrounding us! At the point when these things occur, it breaks our hearts since it is surprising and surprisingly undesirable. Nonetheless, similar to Joseph, we are frequently incognizant in regards to the way that God is working in the background. It reality, it was God Who broke our fantasies! That might be difficult to see, yet it is still how things work. The Bible is sure about this! Our God works His will in our lives in manners that we can't start to grasp, Isa. 55:8-9. His arrangements for us are seldom what we would get ready for ourselves, Job 1-2. In any case, His arrangements are consistently awesome, in any event, when they hurt us profoundly, Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:15-17. We dislike it when the Lord breaks our fantasies and our expectations, yet when all that has been said and done, we will see that His arrangement was the ideal arrangement from the start! (Sick. Joseph - His way lead him from the spot of conspicuousness in his dad's home, through a pit, into Potipher's home and however a jail. Eventually, he would up in the spot of force. It couldn't have ever happened had God not first broken his fantasies!)

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