Introduction: Life is loaded with cruel real factors! For example, there are times when choices should be made concerning the existence of a friend or family member. In some cases these bodies can turn out to be unhealthy thus gravely harmed that there is no expectation for the continuation of life. During those occasions, numerous families will settle on a choice to do without clinical treatment for their friends and family, along these lines managing the cost of them the option to bite the dust. Unquestionably, this isn't willful extermination, yet it is confronting the way that there are times when you should acknowledge the clear issues! There are times when there can be no recuperation and no personal satisfaction and the best gift you can give that cherished one in to reassess, as it were, and permit them to pass on with some similarity to poise. (Obviously, not every person feels as such. There are the individuals who need to keep their friends and family alive to the extent that this would be possible utilizing machines and medication. This isn't a judgment of that approach by the same token.)
While this is valid concerning the human body, it is likewise evident concerning places of worship! Holy places bite the dust! There are holy places that once strolled in the greatness and force of God, who are currently residing on their past progress. There are some houses of worship that are kept alive by just the hardware of their association. If somebody somehow happened to stroll by and reassess, that congregation would quietly disappear into obscurity. Such is the congregation in our text earlier today. They woke up, however the Great Physician felt their heartbeat and pronounced them to be dead! Jesus is let this congregation know that except if there seems the specific indications of something going on under the surface, then, at that point, He must choose the option to reassess and release them for eternity. As we tune in on Jesus' words to this congregation, I would like for us to lay our fingers on the beat of Gilead Baptist Church. How about we permit the Great Physician to surrender us a check earlier today and let Him let us know exactly how alive we truly are. We could conceivably like what we see about ourselves and our congregation, yet paying little mind to the analysis, there can be no treatment until we comprehend our condition. We might be tricked concerning how we think about our congregation! We might think we are something when we are not. We should permit Jesus to show us our actual condition and lets permit Him to recommend the legitimate treatment. I will lecture for a couple of moments today on this idea: Doctor, Is It Time To Pull The Plug? As I do, lets see whether we will make due, or then again on the off chance that it is to be sure an ideal opportunity for the Lord to reassess us. I. V. 1 THE COLD REALITY OF THE CHURCH'S CONDITION A. The Reviewer - To decide the personality of the One talking in these sections, we want just glance back at 1:16. There, we are informed that it is Jesus Who holds the seven stars. He is the One Who arrives at this congregation to tell them of their condition. This lets us know that Jesus is personally inspired by what occurs in His houses of worship. He is concerned and He is watching the things that occur. Furthermore, in His time, He will come to sort all records out! 1. He Holds God's Power - In His grasp is the plentitude of the Holy Spirit. This is a suggestion to the temples that we are to work, not under the force of human ability, initiative and association, yet under the marvelous force of the Holy Spirit. At the point when the congregation strolls in the force of the tissue, we will without a doubt fizzle, yet when we stroll in the force of the Spirit, there will be achievement. There will be wonder and there will be power and life rather than deadness and ineffectualness! (Sick. At the point when the human soul is in charge of the human body, astonishing things can be cultivated. For example, a musician can take a seat at a console, perform huge number of sensitive, exact developments that will deliver wonderful music. Notwithstanding, let that equivalent piano player experience some injury that leaves the arms deadened, and the psyche is presently not in charge of those arms, hands and fingers. Then, at that point, attempt as it may, the human soul can't will the hands to make music. So as well, when the Spirit of God is in charge of the individuals from the congregation, incredible things can be cultivated. Be that as it may, when He isn't, loss of motion is the outcome and nothing can be cultivated for God.) 2. He Holds God's Preachers - This is an update that even the righteous men are in the hand of the Lord. It is His craving that He be in charge of the Pastor, just as the enrollment. On the off chance that the evangelist won't respect God, then, at that point, the Lord can't favor the congregation as significantly as He wants to. Similarly as the congregation all in all should respect the Lord, so too should the righteous man! 3. He Holds God's Perception - "I know thy works!" The Lord lets this congregation know that He knows everything to be familiar with them. He knows their accomplishments and their disappointments. He knows their thought processes and their needs. He knows where He remains in relationship to their plan. He has a deep understanding of them. The Lord actually knows! He knows why are we here at Gilead. He knows what He is calling us to do. He knows where we are respectful and where we have neglected to comply. He knows why we do what we do. He has a deep understanding of us! He knows our works! (Sick. 2 Chron 16:9, "For the eyes of the LORD hurry forward and backward all through the entire earth.") (Sick. This information should make us stop briefly and contemplate that central goal we are accomplishing as a congregation. Are our works the sort that please the Lord? Might it be said that we are completing His will viably in this world? Does what He is familiar with us make Him happy or does it make him extremely upset?) B. The Reputation - Jesus lets this congregation know that they have a standing. Every individual who is familiar with this congregation sees them to be alive in the things of God. They have the name that they are a congregation that is ablaze for God! This was definitely not an apathetic church! They were occupied and they were dynamic. They had a decent name among the other places of worship! (Sick. Each congregation should be ablaze for God. Each congregation should have a seeing, soul winning enrollment. Each congregation should be a very busy place for the brilliance of the Lord. It is superb when a congregation has such a standing. It is much more great when that standing is valid!) C. The Reality - Regardless of what others might have thought about this congregation, Jesus knew reality. He lets them know that despite the fact that everybody thinks they are alive, they are, truth be told, dead! This word implies exactly what it says! Like a dead man, the congregation at Sardis was "desperate of power or power. They were inadequate and broken." They were dead! However there was movement, it was not profound in nature. However there was business, they were bringing nothing timeless to pass. They were lecturing, yet lives were not being changed and miscreants were not being saved. They were occupied, yet they were working in the energy of the tissue and not the energy of the Spirit of God. Everybody checked out them and talked about their life. Jesus, the One Who knew then better compared to anybody, checked out them and articulated them dead! (Sick. I can't help thinking about what He could say about the standing and truth of Gilead Baptist Church? Would He say, "You are satisfying your standing! Everybody thinks you are alive and doing extraordinary things for me, thus you are!" Or, would He say, "Gracious, you have a decent name locally and with other church, yet I have felt your heartbeat and I feel no life in you by any means?" What might He say to us toward the beginning of today? What is He saying to you, as a singular today?) I. The Cold Reality Of The Church's Condition II. V. 2-3 THE CLEAR REMEDY FOR THE CHURCH'S CURE (Sick. This congregation has a genuine issue, yet there is potential for their recuperation! Jesus gives them the uplifting news that it isn't an ideal opportunity to reassess! They can live, yet there are a few things they should do. To decline to do them leaves Him with no decision except for to polish them off for great.) A. They Are Told To Watch - They are told to "be vigilant". In a real sense, this implies that they are to "pursue rest." This congregation is a congregation with a sublime past. Notwithstanding, they have permitted their previous victories to quiet them into a condition of smugness and otherworldly sleep. Jesus summons upon them to pursue rest. His order is for them to awaken and understand that the triumphs of yesterday are not adequate during the current day! (Sick. This happens so often in temples that it is actually a major buzz-kill entertaining. A congregation will battle in its start and the center gathering who established that congregation should work, supplicate, witness, give and respect God to see the congregation stay alive. In any case, over the long run, more individuals come. More cash comes. There are structures fabricated and great administrations are delighted in. However, amidst these beneficial things, something horrendous occurs. The congregation starts to lose the vision that made them so solid in their initial years. They become content to sit back a partake in the their rewards for all the hard work. Also, positively, we should be grateful for how the Lord has helped us, yet there is no an ideal opportunity for halting! There is no an ideal opportunity for glancing back at yesterday! Our vision should be for now and for later. Glance around! We are maturing! Who will have our spot? Glance around! We are full, yet our vision is no more! Glance around! We are happy with what we have and we have lost the fire that made us solid!) (Sick. Individuals in Sardis would have seen precisely the thing Jesus was discussing. Sardis was situated on the highest point of a mountain. It had one entry on the southern side which was the main way you could get into the city in the past times. In this way, all that Sardis needed to do was to put a detail at that one spot to watch the city. Yet, on two events in their set of experiences they had been attacked by their adversaries since they had a good sense of safety, accepting that the slope was invulnerable, and the watchman rested at work. In 549 B.C. the Median warriors of Cyrus scaled the railing, and afterward again in 218 B.C. Antiochus the Great caught Sardis on the grounds that a Cretan slipped over the dividers while the guards were imprudent. At the point when we permit ourselves to rest as a result of what we have appreciated previously, we will wind up vanquished by the adversary, 1 Pet. 5:8.) B. T

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