Introduction: The notice of Hell evokes various responses. Certain individuals respond with concern and are moved to impart Jesus to the lost. Others respond with dread and come to Jesus looking for salvation for their own spirits. Still others respond with disdain and repugnance and say that it's anything but a legitimate theme for discussion. Some would even look to keep the presence from getting Hell. However God and Jesus pronounce Hell to be an undeniable spot, (Psa. 9:17; of 162 references to Hell in the New Testament, 70 come from Jesus Himself). At the point when individuals endeavor to prevent the convention from getting Hell, there are three essential methodologies. They are:
1. Realism: "There is no God, thusly there can be no Hell."; Charles Darwin said, "This is an abominable teaching." But, I say Let God be valid and each man a liar, Rom. 3:4! 2. Scorn: "There might be a God, however it is senseless to guess around a large number of bodiless spirits fricasseeing in a pool of fire some place." Or, "This is the twenty first century, awaken!". Robert Ingersoll said, "The possibility of Hell was brought into the world of vengeance and mercilessness on the one side, and weakness on the other. I have no regard for any man who lectures it! I disdain the teaching, I disdain it, I detest it, I oppose this regulation." Let God be valid! 3. RELIGION: "There is a God, however He is a God of affection and thusly He would not and couldn't send anybody to Hell." This is the place of the cliques and of progressivism. Christian Science: "Hellfire is a blunder of the human brain." Jehovah's Witnesses: "The insidious will be obliterated." Mormonism: "All will ultimately be saved, and not experience everlasting discipline." Seventh-day Adventists: "God will some time or another annihilate all wrongdoing and heathens, and set up a perfect universe by and by." Man might attempt to utilize religion as a platform to lecture that Hell is a fantasy, however I say, Let God be valid and each man a liar! We dislike to consider it, however Hell is a reality. In case the lessons in the Bible concerning Hell are a legend, then, at that point, we have no genuine requirement for this congregation, this Bible, this evangelist, or any of the things we do. Assuming that there is no Hell, then, at that point, there is no Heaven, and there is no Savior, since, in such a case that there is no Hell, He deceived us and He has precluded Himself. Allow me to add that this story is certainly not an illustration! The rich man who is spoken about in this section is as yet in Hell and untold millions more have gone along with him there. Today, I would to hit the rich man up from Hell to visit with us. I need Him to let us about know Hell truly like. Assuming it were feasible for Him to remain here today, what sort of a man could he be? There are a few qualities that would recognize the rich man and these characteristics would assist us with getting what's really going on with Hell. I. HE IS A CONSCIOUS MAN (Sick. At the point when we meet the rich man, he is alive in this world. After he encounters passing and is covered in section 22, we see him in Hell. Yet, he isn't dead, he is particularly alive. He is a cognizant man and he is exceptionally mindful of his environmental elements. Notice with me what the rich man is alive to in Hell.) A. v.23 Conscious In Seeing – The rich man checks out his environmental elements through burning tears. This entry is exceptionally clear; this is a genuine man in a genuine spot, encountering genuine torture. This is an exacting man in a strict body in a strict spot called Hell! B. v.27 Conscious In Hearing - Hears the shouts of millions of dried throats. Sick. Mt. 13:42 – He hears his kindred victims groan, cry, revile and shout. C. Cognizant In Feeling – This section, similar to no other in the Bible outlines for us the aggravation and experiencing that exists in Hell. Damnation isn't a perspective! It is a genuine spot, where genuine spirits spend a genuine time everlasting in genuine torture. Notice a couple of the realities the Bible uncovers about Hell. 1. Damnation Is A Place Of Punishment - Matt. 25:41 2. Damnation Is A Place Of Unquenchable Fire - Mark 9:43; Luke 16:24 3. Damnation Is A Place Of Unquenched Thirst - v.24-25 4. Damnation Is A Place Of Misery And Pain - Luke 16:24,25,28; Rev.14:10-11 5. Damnation Is A Place Of Undiluted Wrath - (Ill. In the Old Testament, we hear the prophet Habakkuk shouted out for the memorable Lord leniency during when His fury was being spilled out, Hab. 3:2. This has consistently been God's direction! At the point when He obliterated the earth in Genesis 6-8, He stretched out effortlessness to Noah and Noah's family. He recollected kindness and surprisingly positioned His rainbow in the mists to announce His benevolence. After the world has dismissed Him, He sent His Son Jesus to bite the dust for the transgressions of the individuals who despised Him. My companions that is leniency! The Lamb of God passed on in your place and mine on the cross, as He did, He exhibited in flawlessness the adoration for God for delinquents, Rom. 5:6-8.) 6. Hellfire Is A Place Of Terrible Frustration And Anger - Mt.13:42; 24:51 7. Hellfire Is A Place Of Eternal Separation From God - 2 Thes. 1:8-9 8. Hellfire Is A Place Of Eternal Separation Form All That Is Good And Right - Rev. 21:8 9. Some say this world is Hell - It may get awful here, however it is far more terrible there! Some pronounce that what the Bible says about Hell is absolutely representative. My lost companion, you would be wise to strongly expect not! At the point when the Bible uses representative language, it does as such to portray things that are indefinable to our human personalities. As such, the fact of the matter is undeniably more extreme than the representative. Assuming what the Bible says about Hell is emblematic, then, at that point, Hell is far more terrible than even the Bible says it is. Nonetheless, the Bible uses exceptionally clear and plain language where Hell is concerned. D. v.25 Conscious In Memory – This helpless rich man recalls each witness who at any point went to his entryway. He recollects Lazarus lying there. He chose to disregard the aggravation and requirements of Lazarus. He recollects every one of the chances he squandered during life. He recalls that he might have been saved. He recalls that he might have lived for the Lord. He recalls in glaring subtlety reality that things didn't need to turn out along these lines. He recollects every one of his possibilities and he understands that they are gone perpetually now. (Sick. Damnation is a position of Memory And Remorse - Luke 16:25 He needed his siblings saved as well - Luke 16:27-31. He encountered lament as well! Sick. Recollections, culpability and regret If you think those things are awful here, simply envision what they should resemble in Hell! You actually have time here to settle things with your kindred man and with the Lord. You actually have openings today, however when you show up in Hell, it will be perpetually past the point of no return.) E. v.24 Conscious In Taste – The rich man wants water. Clearly, those lost to Hell will in any case have a considerable lot of similar needs and wants they had in this world, v.24. (Sick. You may think about what this demonstrates. Indeed, it demonstrates that this man isn't dead, yet that he is alive even in Hell. Companion's Hell isn't the end. It is only the start of an interminable time everlasting where the lost experience a residing passing until the end of time. Try not to let the world, liberal religion or Satan let you know that Hell is an illusion of some evangelist's creative mind. It is a genuine spot where genuine individuals go!) II. HE IS A CONCERNED MAN (Sick. This man is unexpectedly worried about certain things that most likely never entered his thoughts while he was alive. Gracious, these things may have momentarily crossed his radar now and again, however he was not worried enough with regards to any of them to do anything about them.) A. Worried about Life After Death – He might not have at any point given endlessness a solitary idea while he was alive, living in his house and partaking in his abundance. Presently, he is extremely cognizant and worried about the unavoidable truth in the afterlife. My companion, you really want to comprehend this a certain something: you are alive today, you will bite the dust sometime in the future, and after you kick the bucket, your spirit will keep on living everlastingly in one or the other Heaven or Hell! Sick. Heb. 9:27; Rom. 6:23; Rev. 20:11-15. For that reason you really want to go to the Lord while He is as yet allowing you an opportunity to do as such, Isa.55:6; 2Cor.6:2) B. v. 24 Concerned About Repentance – This man likely never gave his wicked condition any idea whatsoever. He lived like he needed to live and had a good time without limit. Presently he is dead and in Hell and there is an observable change in his demeanor. He shouts out to Abraham and refers to him as "Father." It appears to be that he is keen on rolling out certain improvements in his day to day existence, yet it is past the point of no return. My companion, musings of contrition and of managing your wrongdoings probably won't enter your brain regularly. In any case, I simply need to advise you that there will come a day when it will be past the point of no return for you to get right with the Lord. There will come a day when you will leave this world and how you remain on that day is the manner by which you will enter endlessness, Eccl. 11:3. Jesus made the issue of atonement exceptionally understood, Luke 13:3. C. v.27-28 Concerned That Others Miss Hell – While he was alive, we don't have a clue what sort of relationship this man had with his five siblings. He may have adored them and he may have imparted his abundance to them. However, I am practically sure that he never gave a second's idea to where they would spend endlessness. Presently, he is in Hell and he realizes they are very much like him. He realizes that where he is, his siblings will before long be. Presently, he is worried for his siblings, yet it is past the point of no return. My companions, we should contact them while there is time! Allow us to open our mouths and offer Jesus with this lost and kicking the bucket age. Allow us to do what we are called to do in the Gospels and go inform this world regarding a Savior Who loves them, passed on for themselves and will save them; assuming that they will confide in Him with an otherworldly conviction, Mark 16:15. (Sick. Quite a long time back I met an individual who professed to be a skeptic. We were there in his home attempting to get him to Jesus. As we talked, his little kid, who was around 4 or 5, was playing there on the floor. Over the span of our conv

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