Introduction: We have been exploring the Word of God for the beyond about a month. We have experienced reality that the Word of God is a heavenly disclosure of God's Person and Character. We have been helped that the Word to remember God was supernaturally propelled initially and that it has been extraordinarily saved down right up 'til the present time. We have found the reason for which the Bible was given to man. It was given so that lost delinquents may come to know God in an individual relationship.
I trust that you have a more profound comprehension of how your Bible became and that you love for this book is more prominent than ever. As we finish our time in this series, I might want to inspect the advantages that come from a cozy relationship with the Word of God. We are told in 2 Timothy 3:16 that the reliable, inerrant and enlivened expressions of God are "productive". This word signifies "valuable, helpful, and loaded with benefit". I might want to focus in on that part of the Word of God today and lecture for a couple of moments on The Profit In The Holy Scriptures. I. v. 17 THEY PERFORM AN EQUIPPING MINISTRY (Sick. "Outfitted" signifies "to be finished and prepared.") A. They Equip Us For The Faith - In the pages of the Bible we get familiar with all we need to know to give us: 1. Saving Faith - 2 Tim. 3:15 - The Bible shows us our condition, our judgment and how to acquire our change. The Bible shows us an executed and risen Savior Who gave His all that any individual who trusts in Him may be saved. The Word of God is a book about recovery! Perhaps the most sensational instances of the Bible's heavenly capacity to change men and woman included the popular uprising on the "Abundance." Following their disobedience to the famous Captain Bligh, nine double-crossers, alongside the Tahitian people who went with them, discovered their direction to Pitcairn Island, a small dab in the South Pacific just two miles in length and a mile wide. After ten years, drink and battling had left just one man alive- - John Adams. Eleven ladies and 23 kids made up the remainder of the Island's populace. So far this is the recognizable story made renowned in the book and film. In any case, the remainder of the story is considerably more striking. With regards to this time, Adams ran over the "Abundance's" Bible in the lower part of an old chest. He started to understand it, and the heavenly force of God's Word ventured into the core of that solidified killer on a little volcanic spot in the tremendous Pacific Ocean- - and changed his life for eternity. The harmony and love that Adams found in the Bible altogether supplanted the previous lifestyle of quarreling, fighting, and alcohol. He started to show the kids from the Bible until each individual on the island had encountered the very astonishing change that he had found. Today, with a populace of somewhat under 100, virtually every individual on Pitcairn Island is a Christian.[1]) (Sick. Quite a long time back in a Moscow theater, early show icon Alexander Rostovzev was changed over while assuming the part of Jesus in a heretical play entitled Christ in a Tuxedo. He should peruse two refrains from the Sermon on the Mount, eliminate his outfit, and shout out, "Give me my tuxedo and formal hat!" But as he read the words, "Favored are the poor in soul, for theirs is the realm of paradise. Favored are they that grieve, for they will be helped," he started to shudder. Rather than following the content, he continued perusing from Matthew 5, disregarding the hacks, calls, and foot-stepping of his kindred entertainers. At last, reviewing a refrain he had learned in his adolescence in a Russian Orthodox church, he cried, "Ruler, recall me when Thou comest into Thy realm!" (Luke 23:42). Before the drape could be brought down, Rostovzev had confided in Jesus Christ as his own Savior.[2]) 2. Serving Faith - 2 Tim. 2:15 - Here, we are told to "study" the Bible. This word signifies "to be determined, to work." If we will invest the energy we need in the Word of God, we will actually want to "appropriately partition" that Word. This is a careful term that signifies "to make a straight cut". As such, we will acquire a right comprehension of the Word of God and this sets us up to be a "laborer", that is, a "worker" who won't be embarrassed even with the foe! As we concentrate on the Bible, we will find out with regards to the Wonder of God, the Work of God, the Will of God, and the Ways of God! We will get religious instruction that will empower us to serve the Lord without disgrace! The Bible shows us the Person, Promises, Prophecies, Plan and Proof of God. B. They Equip Us For The Fight - Eph. 6:18 - When Paul depicted the covering of the devotee, he just referenced one hostile weapon: The blade of the Spirit, or the Word of God. The word sword comes from the Greek word "rhema". It alludes to what in particular was known as the "Roman short sword". It was similar as a knife. This short blade was on the belt of each Roman Legionnaire. They conveyed any place they proceeded to utilize it in many undertakings from setting up their food to hand to hand battle. It is intriguing that Paul should utilize this word for the Bible. In some different spots, "logos" is utilized. "Logos" alludes to "the entire Word of God". It is a similar word utilized in John 1:1, where Jesus is known as the Word of God. "Rhema" alludes to a "particular word". Consider it like this, the "logos" or the entire Bible infers the possibility of a total ordnance. In that arsenal, there are weapons of each portrayal. At the point when a fight emerges, we ought to have the option to stroll into that arsenal and select the ideal "rhema" or explicit sword we need to take on that specific conflict. This is exactly what Jesus did on the Mount of Temptation, Matt. 4:1-11. Multiple times Jesus was enticed and multiple times Jesus strolled into the incredible ordnance of the Word of God, gone into the Deuteronomy room and left with the ideal sword with which He could stick Satan! (Sick. "It is composed", Matt. 4:4, 7, 10.) Obviously, before you can do this, you should be acquainted with where the right blades are situated inside the arsenal! This implies that you need to concentrate on the ordnance and look into situation of the relative multitude of swords. Then, at that point, when enticements and preliminaries come, you can stroll into the arsenal and track down the ideal weapon for the day of your fight! Coincidentally, when you attempt to face the conflicts of life and the foe of life in your own solidarity, you will fizzle, 1 Cor. 10:12. In any case, when you face the conflicts of existence with the Sword of the Spirit, you are guaranteed of triumph, Matt. 4:11! Get familiar with the format of the ordnance; it will empower you to battle undeniably more proficiently! (Note: Notice this: Christian is never truly instructed to battle, yet he is told to "stand", Eph. 6:11, 13, 14, 15. All things considered, "the fight is the Lord's", 1 Sam. 17:47. Sick. There is a bird considered the dark heron that has an exceptionally odd method of guard. When assaulted by the hawk or bird of prey it just stands calm and firm, utilizing its bill as a sword, permitting the foe to penetrate himself through by his own power. The Christian's strategy for protection is practically the same. We have the blade of the Spirit which is the Word of God. When assaulted by the foe, without or inside, stand firm and show the Word, hold it forward. The more furiously the adversary assaults the more clearly will they pierce themselves with it. God's Word is a consuming fire and all it will burn-through all that cross it.) II. v. 15, 17 THEY PERFORM AN ENABLING MINISTRY A. They Enable Us To Grow Spiritually - 2 Tim. 3:15 - We are told here that the Scriptures have the ability to make us "insightful". The word signifies "to instruct or to have understanding." I would submit to you that there are individuals in this room today who have not had the advantage of acquiring broad proper schooling, yet who know the methods of God better than numerous scholars since they know their Bibles. Specialists say that 30 minutes out of every day for quite a long time yields what could be compared to a Doctor of Philosophy degree, Ill. Psa. 19:7.) In the event that you will get the "seed" of the Word inside your heart, God will water it and it will prove to be fruitful! You will develop! (Sick. As you stay in Him, through supplication and through examining and pondering in the Word of God, you will see that "organic product" will be delivered in your life. You will not need to battle to fill in the Lord, you in all likelihood will! Sick. "Outfitted" in 2 Tim. 3:17 is in the latent voice! How long and exertion would you say you are placing into your investigation of the Word? – Ill. Psa. 1:2; 119:148.) (Sick. Paying attention to certain individuals, it is extremely simple to see that they don't know especially about the Bible. The accompanying story bears this out: A minister entered a class as the example was in progress and inquired, "Who separated the dividers of Jericho?" A chap replied, "Not me, sir." The minister went to the instructor and inquired, "Is this the typical conduct in this class?" The educator answered, "I accept this kid is a legit kid, and I truly don't figure he did it." Leaving the room, the minister searched out an elder and clarified what had occurred. The minister said, "I have known both the kid and the educator for quite a long time, and neither of them would do something like this." By this time the minister was heartsick and detailed the episode to the Christian Education Committee. They said, "We see no reason for making an issue out of this thing. How about we cover the bill for the harm to the dividers and charge it to upkeep. In any case, our protection might even cover it.") (Sick. A man in Kansas City was seriously harmed in a blast. Evangelist Robert L. Sumner tells about him in his book The Wonders of the Word of God. The casualty's face was severely distorted, and he lost his vision just as two hands.

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