Introduction: Ill. A little young lady had been guaranteed the advantage of moving to a close by ridge where her sibling appreciated playing. However, when she came surprisingly close to the lofty, unpleasant way, she moved back with apprehension. "Why, there is anything but a smooth spot anyplace. It's all rough and stony!" she shouted. "Indeed," said her more experienced more seasoned sibling, "however by what other means would we at any point move to the top in case it wasn't? The stones and knocks are what we step on to arrive." So as well, God in His steadfastness permits difficulty, and He even places in our way what some should seriously mull over to stagger blocks. For the adherent, in any case, obstructions can become steppingstones to the higher ground of Christian triumph and gift.
Regularly our lives resemble this slope moved by this young lady. We wonder about the knocks and stones we are compelled to defeat in our excursion. However, we neglect to understand that in all that we face, God has an arrangement and even as we battle, we are simply heading up. Sick. These Hebrews were making some intense memories, v. 14. They were going through extreme oppression where many were tormented and some killed for their confidence. In any event, they were alienated locally and couldn't accepting and sell like others in the towns. Their confidence was an every day battle and many wanted to surrender. Some were exceptionally enticed to surrender the public calling of their confidence. (Sick. They wouldn't quit being saved on the grounds that they had everlasting life. Notwithstanding, they were able to quit broadcasting Jesus freely so they could partake in a simpler life.) While we aren't being aggrieved to any incredible degree this evening, we are as yet enticed to live external supreme confidence in the Lord Jesus. We are enticed to look to each and every wellspring of help, as opposed to going to the Lord. May I advise you that Jesus Christ is still immeasurably better than some other type of help? God's arrangement is as yet that His kin live by confidence, Rom. 14:23; Heb. 11:6; Hab. 2:4. It is not difficult to lose confidence, yet we should keep away from the allurement of falling into question. This evening, I need to take these couple of sections and show you why Jesus is deserving of our confidence. I need you to see that He can be trusted with anything you will at any point have need of in this life. All things considered, in the event that we can trust Jesus to wash our wrongdoings away and give us everlasting life by confidence, then, at that point unquestionably we can trust Him with life's more modest issues. How about we investigate these stanzas around evening time and see exactly why Jesus Is Worthy Of Your Faith. I. v. 13 HE HAS THE ABILITY TO SEE YOUR PATHWAY (Sick. This section manages the possibility of judgment. It reminds men that God keeps an ideal record and will, at some point, execute quick, precise judgment, Rev. 20:11-15. Nonetheless, the very trait that permits God to see every one of the malevolent deeds of the underhanded, likewise allows him to notice the means of His kids.) A. God Is Constantly Watching Your Path – The eyes of the Lord miss nothing – Pro. 15:3 – Ill. Matt. 10:29-30 (Ill. The Disciples in thestorm. They were battling, however Jesus saw everything – Mark 6:48.) 1. He sees your Trials. 2. He sees your Temptations. 3. He sees your Tears, Psa. 56:8 B. God Is Continually Working Out Your Path – (Ill. Psa. 37:23; **Pro. 16:9**) Ill. Despite where life leads, be certain that God is as yet in charge of all that occurs – Rom. 8:28) (Ill. Joseph – Gen. 50:20) (Ill. Ruth – Ruth 2:3) There is nothing of the sort as incident in the existence of the offspring of God. There is just provision! (Sick. Not all that God does is lovely, but rather all that God does is correct! A little kid was playing with his boat at the edge of a lake. At the point when the breeze pulled the boat away from the shoreline and out of his range, he started to cry as he saw it moving farther and farther away from him. A more seasoned kid went to the scene and started tossing stones at the boat. The more modest kid cried, 'For what reason are you tossing stones at my boat?' The more seasoned kid said, 'You don't have a clue what I'm doing. I'm tossing stones on the furthest side of the boat to make a few waves to take the boat back to you. Trust me; I realize what I'm doing.' God knows what He is doing when He tosses the stones in our lives. They are intended to attract us nearer to Him, not to drive us from Him. He isn't coldblooded. Sick. Nearly everybody would prefer to have daylight than showers. In any case, simply envision what our reality would resemble in the event that it never down-poured again. An illustration of such a spot is in Northern Chile, a district between the incomparable Andes mountain range and the Pacific Ocean where downpour won't ever fall. Many mornings the sun rises splendidly over the tall mountains toward the east; every early afternoon it sparkles brilliantly down from overhead; evening brings a beautiful nightfall. Despite the fact that tempests are regularly seen seething high in the mountains, and substantial haze banks are seen out of sight the ocean, the sun keeps on gleaming on this supported and ensured portion of land. One would envision this region to be a natural heaven; yet it isn't. All things being equal, it is a sterile and forlorn desert! There are no surges of water, and nothing develops there. Time and again we long for all out daylight and euphoria throughout everyday life. We have wished to be freed of troublesome obligations. Be that as it may, similar to this radiant, unfertile piece of Chile, existence without its weights and preliminaries would not be inventive, useful, or testing. We need daylight and showers. Sick. During the Second World War metallurgists tried the steel being utilized to assemble tanks for American troopers in the cutting edges. They must be certain that the metal was not very hard or excessively delicate as it went through the treating heaters. Strain was applied to find out its limit. Checks were likewise taken to verify that the protection would be impenetrable. In the event that any defects displayed in the steel, it would go through seriously treating. At the point when it left the production line, it was completely ready to withstand the pressure requested of it. So it is with God's kids. To make us fit for His work and the instruments of His commendation, He puts us through the furnace of preliminary and spots us in the testing room of life. Pressing factors are continually applied to purify us and to uncover the shortcomings which just His effortlessness can cure. Sick. A Christian man lost his home and factory when a flood washed them away. He was despondent and debilitate as he stood looking over his misfortune. All at once he saw a sparkling item that had been revealed by the waters. It was gold! The calamity he thought had made him a poor person had really made him affluent. Sick. Several was crushed when the two of them lost their positions and they were left with an amazing pile of obligation. Simply a they were grappling with this, their septic tank fell and the whole back yard collapsed. Not having the cash expected to employ the fixes done, the spouse bounced into the errand and chose to do everything by have. As he was burrowing on day, he saw something shimmering in the soil. He got the article and observed in to be a gold coin. Invigorated, he proceeded to burrow and uncovered a few a greater amount of the important coins. He found their worth to be around 1.5 million. What he and his better half viewed as a misfortune, God used to get magnificence.) C. God Is Confidently Waiting At The End Of Your Path – Everything God does in your day to day existence, or permits to happen your life, is essentially His method of developing you into the picture of His Son Jesus – Eph. 4:13. God's craving is that we decline that He may increment! II. v. 15 HE HAS THE ABILITY TO SENSE YOUR PAIN (Sick. The utilization of a "twofold bad" makes this a positive shout of the Lord's force.) A. He Feels Our Pain – (Ill. Stephen – Acts 7:55-56) (Ill. Saul – He had mistreated numerous Christians, yet Jesus sympathized with their aggravation – Acts 9:4) Just as He felt the agony of those individuals, He sympathizes with your aggravation this evening. At the point when you have a need in your life, Heaven is moved to deal with it. Jesus knows what you feel and He adores you. At the point when you hurt, He harms! B. He Is Familiar With Our Problems – Ill. Some might inquire, "How could Jesus know what I am going through? He is awesome and way off up in Heaven. How might He conceivable feel what I feel?" He can know what people feel since He has carried on with life as a human and has encountered the very difficulties that you face around evening time. 1. He Understands Temptation – Matt. 4:4-11 (Ill. The idea of His enticements – 1 John 2:16. Jesus was enticed in generally similar regions where we are enticed today.) (Ill. His enticements might have been more serious in light of the way that He was pure. Jesus was immaculate, yet He was, and is, unequipped for erring! He has a scorn and repulsiveness for transgression that couple of us can envision. Consequently, encountering sin was an awful occasion for Jesus.) He can help you when you are enticed. 2. He Understands Rejection – (Ill. John 6:66; Matt. 27:69-74) He knows what it resembles to have the world walk out on you. Truth be told, He knows what it resembles to confront something that nobody in this room will at any point insight, in case you are saved. He knows what it resembles to have God turn His back to you – Matt. 27:46. He persevered through these things with the goal that He may help you when you face a period of scarcity in your own life. 3. He Understands Poverty And Need – (Ill. Matt. 8:20; Ill. Duty cash – Matt. 17:24-27.) Jesus knows what it resembles when the closures will not meet regardless of how far you stretch them. He gets need and can offer assistance during those difficult stretches. 4. He Understands Grief – (Ill. John 11:35; Luke 19:41) Jesus knows precisely what it resembles to lose somebody you love. Subsequently, He can help you when you face those seasons of misfortune. Jesus comprehends human disaster. 5. He Understands Loneliness – (Ill. Matt. 26:39; Matt. 27:46) He knows what it resembles to have nobody around Him who gets what He is going through. He knows hurting alone and He realizes how to help you through those disturbed occasions of dejection moreover. III. v. 16 HE HAS THE ABILITY TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS

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