Introduction: Job is amidst his extraordinary season of burden. He is broken and struck and in stanza 13, Job aches for the day when God will call his number and he will be permitted to kick the bucket. Presently, don't feel that this is the call of a miserable man. Occupation is everything except miserable. In truth, he is cheerful! He realizes that he has a God upon whom he can depend. He realizes that when his opportunity arrives to leave this world, he will be far superior off then than he is presently. As Job follows this line of reasoning, he addresses around five everyday issues that are vital when one thinks about the hour of one's demise. Occupation is anticipating that day of his change, and coincidentally, I am as well! As he discusses that time, he gives us a little knowledge into what that time will bring to elapse for the devotee. We should look with Job at these incredible realities and ponder when our change will come. I will lecture for some time this evening on the idea, When My Change Comes.
I. V. 14a A VALID CONCERNJob poses an inquiry that has tormented humankind since the earliest reference point. What, regardless, lies past the cover of death? In occupation's day, man was restricted in the extent of his vision. He didn't have as much light of the disclosure of God as we appreciate. Along these lines, men were frequently in obscurity about extraordinary profound issue. Say thanks to God that we have the New Testament. In it, we can become familiar with all that we require to think about existence and about death. Here are a couple of the things that we learn. A. Passing Is A Certainty - According to Hebrews 9:27, man will pass on! On the off chance that the Lord delays, each individual in this room will confront demise and will be overwhelmed by it sometime in the not so distant future. B. Demise Is A Shared Experience - Obviously, nobody in this room has ever passed on. In the event that you have, you need to leave at this moment. While none of us have encountered demise firsthand, we have all lost those we have known and wanted to death. Passing is something we live with regularly of our lives. It is surrounding us and figures enormously in our lives. It is a common encounter! C. Demise Is An Absolute Unknown - Even however we are set out toward it and we have seen others go through it, it is as yet something of an obscure. No one here truly realizes what lies past death. In any case, I am happy that we have the Word of God in the matter. While we can't have information dependent on experience, we can have information dependent on confidence in what God has said. At the point when we read the Bible, we learn: 1. At the point when demise comes, we won't confront it single-handedly - Psa. 23:4 2. At the point when demise comes, it will be trailed by life - (Ill. The holy people have never-ending life in Jesus and can never pass on in any case. I'm saying that ever soul will either live in Heaven or in Hell.) 3. At the point when demise comes for the holy person, it is essentially his/her home going day! 4. While there are numerous questions encompassing demise, there is one supreme: the spirit will go always shrink in Heaven or Hell. Subsequently, men would do well to recollect that their lives are close to seasons of groundwork forever. How have you dealt with guarantee that you will be prepared when your opportunity arrives? I. A Valid Concern II. V. 14c A Vivid Change (In this word, Job is alluding to the revival of the dead. He had no information on the bliss. In any case, as a result of the New Testament, we realize that there will come a period known as "the euphoria of the congregation." I accept that there will be a day when the Lord Jesus Himself will plunge from Heaven and will call His kin home to be with Him in Glory. I accept that the Bible instructs that this occasion will be abrupt, genuine, particular, dismal, and soon. 1 Thes. 4:16-18; 1 Cor. 15:51-52. At the point when the day of our change comes, regardless of whether it be via the funeral director or of the uppertaker, we can have confidence that there will be some critical changes in our lives. What I am going to address just applies to the saved! In case you are lost, you will have nothing to anticipate except forever in Hell, perpetually isolated from God and Jesus.) A. There Will Be Physical Changes 1. Address - No longer on the earth, however home with Jesus in Heaven. I don't have the foggiest idea what my precise location will be around there, however I realize that I will be in Heaven with my Lord when my change comes, John 14:1-3! (Expound on the wonders of my new home!) 2. Appearance - Not just will I be evolving areas, yet I will likewise be changing the manner in which I look. At the point when my change comes, I will get another body. One molded like our Lord's celebrated body, 1 John 3:1-2. (Sick. 1 Cor. 15:42-56) (Ill. What daily that is destined to be!) B. There Will Be Spiritual Changes 1. Mentalities - No longer will there be disdain, bias, unforgiveness, and downright old unpleasantness. However, express gratitude toward God, when He changes these old bodies, he will change this old brain lastly and completely style it to think like His! There are times, more often than not indeed, when my brain doesn't work like the Lord's. I long for the day when I will think like my Lord. 2. Activities - No longer will these bodies flourish in wrongdoing and long for the things that satisfy the tissue and not the Lord! At the point when our change comes, express gratitude toward God, we will at long last be liberated from the wicked desires of the tissue and the brain. We will be free and will live in unadulterated sacredness for eternity! (Sick. At the point when we see Jesus, we'll need nothing else! 3. There Will Be Eternal Changes - When the day of our change comes, we will always be conveyed from death, illness, neglect, rot, annihilation, debacle and frustration. At the point when we are transformed, it will be an eternity change! We won't ever again resemble we are currently, however perpetually we will resemble Jesus! I. A Valid Concern II. A Vivid Change III. V. 14b A VITAL CONSISTENCY A. Occupation announces that he will calmly anticipate this season of recharging from the Lord. This infers a consistency of life and movement. B. As Christians, we are to be sold out and completely devoted to the Lord Jesus and His will for our lives! There should be a flat out obligation to Jesus and to following Him. C. Absolutely, there will be times when serving the Lord isn't however much it is at different occasions. There will be times of testing, preliminaries and enticements and each of these have the ability to wreck our Christian walk. Notwithstanding, there should be a longing in the core of the offspring of God to stroll with the Lord paying little mind to what comes our direction. We should spurn all and follow Him, Luke 14:26-33. (Sick. Luke 9:59-62) D. Society, Jesus is coming and He will convey the entirety of His kids from this universe of distress and tears, yet until He does, we are to endeavor to live heavenly, isolated and clean before the Lord and before the world! With the goal that when He comes, we won't be embarrassed! I. A Valid Concern II. A Vivid Change III. A Vital Consistency IV. V. 15a A VICTORIOUS CALL (As I have effectively said, the call of God to leave this world will come in one of two different ways. He will either call us home by means of the road of death, or He will call us home through the satisfaction.) A. The Call Of Death - If the Lord wills and He delays, each individual in this room will confront the call of death. Notwithstanding, for the offspring of God, passing is just a shadow. Truth be told, the offspring of God never truly kicks the bucket, he simply withdraws for wonder! As indicated by the expressions of Jesus, we have passed from death unto life, John 5:24. All that happens when we pass on is that we abandon these early bodies and return home to be with Jesus - 2 Cor. 5:1-8; Phil. 1:21-23. B. The Call To Depart - This is the call that I am expecting! I'm searching for the day when Jesus will call His youngsters home to be with Him in Heaven. There are numerous who won't put stock in the "euphoria" of the congregation. Be that as it may, this is the honored any expectation of the adherent, Titus 2:13. Envision that you were simply going about existence as regular one day and the Lord came and called you home to Heaven. Wouldn't that be an extraordinary gift? Positively it would! The truth of the matter is, millions will encounter that reality some wonderful day. My supplication is that I will be found among them! C. Anyway when the call comes for me, I realize I am prepared, you should? I. A Vital Concern II. A Vivid Change III. A Vital Consistency IV. A Victorious Call V. V. 15b A VALUABLE COMFORT A. Occupation pronounces that the Lord will have a "want to crafted by His hands." This essentially implies that when the occasions comes, God will not fail to remember the individuals who have a place with Him. B. May I advise you that the Lord knows them that are His and He won't permit a solitary one to drop off the radar! God didn't save you to lose you en route, or to abandon you eventually. He saved you to take you to Heaven to be with Him. C. He means to keep all that come to Jesus. 1. John 6:35-44 2. Jude 24 3. 2 Tim. 1:12 4. John 10:28-30 5. Phil. 3:21 6. Heb. 7:25 7. John 17:20-24 8. 1 Peter 1:5 Conc: I resemble old Job, I long for the day when this life will be finished and we will all be with the Lord in Heaven. Presently, the inquiry that comes into view is this, would you say you are prepared for the hour of your change? The best way to get ready is to get Jesus into your heart and life. Assuming you have done that, your future is settled and secure. On the off chance that you haven't, that should be settled today.

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