WHAT DOES GOD THINK OF YOU? Jeremiah 29:10-13

Introduction: Population researchers disclose to us that there are more than 6 billion individuals upon the substance of the earth. This is a number that is nearly outside my ability to grasp. To attempt to find out about the number of individuals this is, simply envision that you took each individual on the planet and arranged them side by side in columns of 100. That is, 100 individuals arranged side by side one column after the other. The line of individuals that would be shaped would arrive at practically right all throughout the planet at the equator. That is a stunning mass of mankind.
Presently, you might feel that among some of that size, you are a lovely immaterial individual. You might feel that the Lord doesn't possess energy for somebody such as yourself. Maybe you accept that the Lord is excessively bustling taking care of the universe and keeping up with this thing to have the opportunity to be worried about you. However, the Bible instructs us that God has a universal knowledge of every one of the 6 billion people upon the substance of the earth today. Truly, this stanza that we have perused today instructs us that He ponders you. Obviously, this is a word, which was addressed individuals of Israel concerning their Babylonian imprisonment and the guarantee of their protected re-visitation of their country. In any case, there is application here for the congregation and each individual under the sound of my voice. I need to stop on refrain 11 for our time together today. God says something in that refrain that energizes my spirit. Indeed, this is one of my #1 stanzas in the whole Bible. I might want for us to ponder this inquiry, "What Does The Lord Think Of You?" You might feel that God doesn't ponder you by any stretch of the imagination, yet I might want to disclose to you that He does! Permit me to show you from the Word of God precisely what the Lord thinks regarding when He considers you. As I do, my petition is that you will be urged to realize that God has His eye on your life and that He is worried about you. To move toward this subject, it will be vital for me to ask and answer three significant inquiries about the Lord's information on your life. I. HOW WELL DOES GOD REALLY KNOW YOU? God says, "I know the contemplations that I think toward you." obviously, God was keeping in touch with the country of Israel. They were in bondage in Babylon. God is advising them, that disregarding their aggravation and enduring, they are to Him. He is working out His ideal will in their lives. At the point when He is done, He will transform them. At the point when Israel went in to Babylon as detainees, the country was at legitimate fault for worshipful admiration. At the point when they came out, they never turned to that transgression again. God utilized when they thought they were neglected and spurned to make them more grounded and better for His greatness. A. God's Knowledge Of Us Is Individual – This is an update that of the multitude of individuals on the planet, God has His psyche on you. He sees you not as simply one more individual from the immense human race; He considers you to be a person. He has explicit considerations about you. He thinks often about you. You, as an individual, are at the forefront of His thoughts. Individuals regularly wonder exactly what God thinks about them. The truth of the matter is, God have a universal knowledge of you and me! The Bible is clear when it discusses the extent of God's information on our lives. On the off chance that you let the accompanying facts hit home to your spirit, you might think that they are a bit overpowering, however in truth, the information on God is an extremely encouraging thing! B. God's Knowledge Of Us Is Intimate – Matt. 10:29-31, "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? Furthermore, one of them will not fall on the ground without your Father. Yet, the actual hairs of your head are completely numbered. Dread ye not hence, ye are of more worth than numerous sparrows." These sections advise us of the worth that God places upon His creation. Indeed, even the little sparrow that tumbles to the ground doesn't get away from the consideration of the Almighty. The truth for us is that the Father is so worried about our lives that He knows the actual number of hairs, which are our responsibility. Assuming He is worried about something so particularly irrelevant as that, we can have confidence that He will take care to look after the more profound issues of life. Since His insight into our lives is so nitty gritty, then, at that point we can be certain that He knows each conceivable thing there is to think about us. The Lord knows our most profound and haziest mysteries; He knows our musings, our thought processes, our arrangements, and our fantasies! C. God's Knowledge Of Us Is Infinite – Psalm 139:1-19 – In this Psalm, David discloses to us that the Lord is all over the place, seeing everything. Indeed, even before we came into this world, God was viewing us and not really set in stone precisely how we would end up, v. 16. While it is plain to see that God knows the most private subtleties of our lives, we should always remember that He knows everything about our lives. God misses nothing that we do. He sees everything and paying little mind to where we go, God is as yet watching our lives. Sick. Jonah - He attempted to escape from the presence of God, yet he ran solidly into the Lord. He is all over the place and He sees and knows everything! D. God's Knowledge Of Us Is Instant – Job 42:2; Psa. 139:4 – That is, the information on the Lord concerning our lives is consistently before the Lord, Pro. 21:2, "Each method of a man is solidly in his own eyes: however the LORD pondereth the hearts." If He knows when the sparrow tumbles to the ground, Matt. 10:29, then, at that point you can be certain He knows about all that occurs in your life on a second by second premise. At the end of the day, God's eye is continually upon the issues of your life, Pro. 15:3. This is a consolation to me since I realize that nothing that occurs in my life surprises the Lord. He thinks about it before it occurs, Isa. 46:10, "Proclaiming the end all along, and from antiquated occasions the things that are not yet done, saying, My direction will stand, and I will do all my pleasure." It needed to go through the channel of elegance before it could even come to me, Rom. 8:28. I think David summarized what I feel when I attempt to get a handle on something this huge, Psa. 139:6. On the off chance that you are attempting to conceal something from the Lord, His all-knowingness is something horrendous, on the grounds that you will pull off nothing. In any case, when you are endeavoring to serve the Lord, His all-knowingness is a gift, on the grounds that the Lord knew all that happened in your life before He at any point permitted it to come your direction. I. How Well Does God Really Know You? II. WHAT IS REVEALED BY GOD'S KNOWLEDGE OF YOU? Since we can doubtlessly see from the Scriptures that the Lord sees each and every detail of our lives, what does this information about us uncover to the Lord? There are three everyday issues that are continually before the Lord. Permit me to impart them to you at this moment. A. God Knows About Your Sins – Ill. God thoroughly understood Israel's transgressions! There was nothing in their souls or their lives that He didn't have the foggiest idea. Individuals are truly senseless with regards to their wrongdoings. They frequently go about as though God can't see, or doesn't know about the thing they are doing. In any case, since the main sin was submitted in the Garden of Eden, God has seen each and every one, Gen. 3:8-11. God is no less mindful today than He was then, at that point, Heb. 4:13. Occupation 14:16, "For the present thou numberest my means: dost thou not look after my wrongdoing?" Psa. 90:8, "Thou hast set our injustices before you, our mysterious sins in the light of thy face." Considering this fact, it is not difficult to see the worthlessness of attempting to conceal one's transgressions from the Lord. That is the reason the advice of Pro. 28:13, which says, "He that covereth his wrongdoings will not thrive: yet whoso confesseth and forsaketh them will show kindness," is so significant. Each individual in this room ought to likewise manage the advice of 1 John 1:8-10. B. God Knows About Your Situations – Ill. God knew it all there was to think about the sufferings of Israel. He thought about the insidiousness of the Babylonians. He thought about beneficiary cold-bloodedness. Nothing was stowed away from Him! Sick. Occupation 23:10 – This refrain discloses to us that the Lord knew all that was occurring in the existence of the worker Job. He realizes all that is occurring in your life also! Nothing that has at any point come your direction has at any point shocked the Lord. Indeed, He has permitted it to occur for His own motivations and for your great, Rom. 8:28. Frequently the sufferings and weights of life are more prominent than we feel that we can bear, however amidst them, we have some lovely tremendous guarantees. A not many that strike a chord are: 1. He thoroughly understands it – If God thoroughly understands it then it should be important for His arrangement for my life. Assuming that is valid, I can acknowledge it and trust Him to bring me securely through. 2. He is there amidst it – Heb. 13:5; Matt. 28:20 - There are times when the presence of God can nor be seen nor felt, yet He is there regardless, ensuring, giving and looking out after His own. 3. He thinks often about the thing we are confronting – 1 Pet. 5:7, Heb. 4:15 – It might feel like God couldn't care less, yet in truth, He minds undeniably beyond what we might at any point know. 4. He has guaranteed effortlessness to bring us through – 2 Cor. 12:9 – It might appear to be that the heap is heavier than you can at any point endure under. In any case, the Lord has vowed to address the issue and to give us effortlessness adequate for the current fundamental. 5. He has guaranteed rest amidst work – Matt. 11:28 – Even in the center of the tired day of preliminary, the Lord has guaranteed rest to his kids in the event that they will come to Him and lay their weights down. Now and again there are storms that obscure the way. Now and again there are loads that are difficult to convey. Different occasions, there are distresses and inconveniences that appear to conceal the essence of the Lord from us, yet don't be tricked into imagining that the Lord doesn't have the foggiest idea or that He couldn't care less. God knows all that you are into today and He will get you thr

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