Introduction: The city of Smyrna was found nearly 35 miles north of Ephesus. It was a prosperous city with a populace of more than 100,000 in John's day. That area has been possessed for more than 3,000 years and nobody knows without a doubt who established Smyrna or when it was established. The city was annihilated by a huge quake a couple of years before the introduction of Jesus, however the city was revamped and flourished. It had a protected harbor, where ships from everywhere the world came to purchase and sell products. It was designated "The Crown City" since it was encircled by slopes that looked like a crown. It was likewise called "The Flower Of Asia." When the city picked a witticism to be engraved on their money, they picked the expression "First in Asia in Size and Beauty."
A few qualities made the city of unique in its day. To start with, it was popular for the creation of myrrh. This substance came from a bush like tree that delivered a severe gum. At the point when the leaves of this tree were squashed, they radiated an extremely fragrant scent. Myrrh was utilized as a scent by the living and a treating specialist for the dead. Myrrh was referenced in relationship with the life and service of the Lord Jesus Christ, Matt. 2:11; Mark 15:23; John 19:39. The word myrrh signifies "unpleasant" and it came to be related with misery and demise. Among different elements that caused the city of Smyrna unique to incorporate the way that it was an arranged city. Most urban communities of that day just jumped up without plan. Smyrna and its roads were arranged down to the last detail. It was an exceptionally strict city with numerous sanctuaries committed to the pantheon of divine beings and goddesses they venerated. There were sanctuaries committed to Zeus, Cybele, Asklepios, Apollo, and Aphrodite, among others. Truth be told, there was a road that was cleared with gold that ran from the sanctuary of Zeus to the sanctuary of Cybele. While agnostic religions ruled the existence of Smyrna, there was additionally a flourishing Jewish people group there. Smyrna was a free city. They represented themselves, yet were seriously faithful to Rome. On one event, the residents of Smyrna peeled the very dress away from them and sent it, alongside all the food they could discover, to Roman fighters who were cold and hungry on the front line. In this lovely, well off agnostic city, there existed a striving Christian people group. The congregation in Smyrna was going through extreme and shrinking oppression. The Lord Jesus comes to them with an expression of solace for their dim days. He reveals to them that despite the fact that they give off an impression of being so week thus poor, they are, truth be told, rich past creative mind. Prophetically, this congregation pictures the horrible abuse delivered upon adherents by the Roman heads between the long periods of 100 AD and 312 AD. Basically and actually, there is a word here for each and every individual who has ever or will at any point languish over Jesus' purpose. We should take a gander at our Lord's words to this striving little gathering to view the support we should have the option to stand when every other person is against us. I need to take these stanzas and lecture on the idea, The Rich Little Poor Church. I. v. 9b-10a SMYRNA WAS A CRUSHED CHURCH (Sick. It is not difficult to see that this congregation was going through serious issues as a result of their declaration for the Lord Jesus. They were giving their light sparkle access a dull world and they were being abused for it. Notice how they were squashed.) A. They Faced Persecution – Tribulation – The word signifies "pressure". It was utilized in that day to allude to pounding an item under the heaviness of exceptionally weighty stones. "Adversity" comes from the Latin word "tribulum". It alludes to the stone wheels that were utilized to smash wheat to isolate the bit from the shell. This congregation was taking care of their loyalty to Jesus. The pressing factor was on and they were languishing. This mistreatment didn't come from the agnostics in Smyrna alone. Refrain 9 discloses to us that they were additionally enduring because of the Jews. The Jews in Smyrna held hands with the heathens around there to overcome and obliterate the Christians by whatever implies important. Jesus calls them "the place of worship of Satan" and blames them for swear (defame) against these devotees. For what reason did individuals of Smyrna disdain the devotees so? There are a few reasons. 1. The Jews and the agnostics blamed the Christians for barbarianism. Christians kept fellowship and some portion of that recognition was eating the bread and drinking from the cup. These addressed the messed up body and the shed blood of the Lord Jesus, 1 Cor. 11:24-26. 2. At the point when the Christians assembled, they would frequently hold what they called "Agape Feasts". These "adoration feasts" were only occasions of association, where adherents appreciated each other's conversation. The agnostics, be that as it may, blamed the Christians for taking part in bashes. 3. The Christians were despised on the grounds that their convictions and practices regularly split families. This was what Jesus said would occur, Matt. 10:34-36. Along these lines, Christians were blamed for being against family. 4. Christians were blamed for being agnostics since they didn't adore the numerous divine forces of the agnostics and in light of the fact that they utilized no sculptures and symbols in their own love. Along these lines, any catastrophic events different cataclysms were faulted on the Christians for bringing about the fury of the divine beings. 5. Christians were blamed for being political foes of Rome since they would not say, "Caesar is Lord!" Every Roman resident was needed to do this consistently. To neglect to do as such brought extreme discipline and even demise. B. They Faced Poverty – neediness – This word talks about being "totally down and out". These destitute individuals had nothing of this current world's products due to their relationship with the Lord Jesus. They were denied occupations and advancements in light of their declaration. These individuals had nothing in a city that had everything. Envision how Satan probably derided these individuals. As they passed the lavish sanctuaries and strolled down that brilliant road, unquestionably he said, "Serving Jesus has cost you everything!" Can you here him murmur to them, "Take a gander at you! You aren't anything and you don't have anything. Abandon Jesus. You are starving! Deny Him and thrive!" C. They Faced Prison – In stanza 10, Jesus reveals to them that there is more difficulty ahead! They will confront more oppression. The "ten days" referenced here may allude to the ten oppressions the Christians experienced under the Romans. Or then again, it may basically imply that they their oppression will be cut off, yet concise. In any case, they are educated that more torment and enduring is coming their direction. Presently, jail in that day was nothing similar to it is today. At the point when individuals went to jail under the Roman framework, they didn't get an advanced degree, gain proficiency with an ability and go through their days composing books and staring at the TV. At the point when an individual went to jail back then, it was to anticipate execution. The solitary way you got out was to kick the bucket. Furthermore, passing was generally a horrendous issue. You may be killed by a sword, consumed alive, tossed to wild creatures, or any of the many other unfeeling techniques for torment a lot they had conceived. This was an enduring assembly! (Sick. One illustration of their experiencing comes to us history, only a couple of years after they got this letter. In 155 AD, the Bishop of the congregation of Smyrna, a man named Polycarp, who was a follower of John the Beloved, was martyred for Jesus. This man was captured in line with a furious horde that cried, "Away with the Atheists; let Polycarp be searched out!" The old minister, he was 86 at that point, was offered the chance to revoke Jesus. The judge, who would not like to see the elderly person kick the bucket, said, "What mischief is there in saying, Lord Caesar?" But, Polycarp denied! When they entered the arena, where the executions occurred, they attempted again saying, "Declare by the fortune of Caesar; apologize, and say, Away with the Atheists." Polycarp fixed his look on the group, waved his arms at them and said, "Away with the nonbelievers!" The judge again endeavored to get Polycarp to deny his confidence and said, "Swear, and I will set you at freedom, censure Christ." To that, the elderly person cried, "Eighty and six years have I served Him, and He never did me any injury: how then, at that point would i be able to revile my King and my Savior?" After a couple of more endeavors to get the old minister to repudiate Jesus, they drove him away to the stake to consume him alive. They were going to nail him to the post and Polycarp said, "Depart me as I am; for He that giveth me solidarity to bear the fire, will likewise empower me, without your getting me by nails, to stay without moving in the heap." So, they left him inexactly bound and they got the fire going. As the blazes rose around him, he was heard to supplicate and celebrate in Jesus. He passed on for his confidence and in doing as such he left a permanent engraving on the texture of time.) (Note: Let me simply say something here. Every individual who will live a sacred, isolated, devoted for Jesus Christ, in any age, will confront mistreatment, 2 Tim. 3:12. This ought not stun us, nor should it shock us. Jesus said that it would be like this, John 15:18-25; Mark 13:13; John 16:33. The explanation the world abhors the devotee today is a similar explanation the world detested the adherents then, at that point. They utilized every one of the reasons that I referenced before, however individuals of Smyrna detested the devotees for only one explanation: they cherished Jesus! People that is the reason the world abhors us around evening time! That is the reason the nonconformists disdain us. That is the reason the gay people, the lesbian, the fetus removal hall and the remainder of the degenerates, heathens and in-for-hells disdain us. That is the reason the alcohol and medication swarm abhors us. That is the reason the Muslim, the Jew and religionist disdain bygone era principal adherents. They disdain us since we reveal to them th

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