Introduction: During the horrendous, grisly long periods of World War I, there was a British officer who turned out to be so distressed with the conflict, the torment and the demise that he abandoned. He attempted to discover his direction to the coast so he could get a boat and advance back subtly to his country in England.
In the obscurity of the night he got lost. Sooner or later, he coincidentally found a street sign. It was totally dark and he was frightfully lost. He had no clue about where he was for sure the sign said. He chose to climb the shaft to check whether he could peruse the sign and sort out what direction he expected to head. At the point when he got to the crossbeam, he clutched read the sign. Taking out a match, he lit it, and gazed straight despite Jesus Christ. He had climbed an outside cross! Shocked by what he saw, he understood the disgrace of his life. He was investigating the substance of the One who had suffered everything and had never turned around. The following morning the officer was back down and dirty. God has an astounding was of standing out enough to be noticed! He will call us to an errand in His realm work and we will move back from Him and try to head out in a different direction. At the point when that occurs, the Lord will come after us and seek after us until He takes us back to Him and to His arrangement for our lives. At the point when the Lord has a task for you, not set in stone that you do it. He won't simply permit you to leave while He sits idle. He will tirelessly and calmly work in your life until He carries you to where He can utilize you for the errand He has as a primary concern. He will do whatever He needs to do to borrow your time and carry you to where you will do what He advises you. This is one of the exercises educated here in the book of Jonah. God called the prophet to an undertaking he would not like to do and he ran from the Lord. Yet, God drove forward and sent Jonah into a jail insight to stand out enough to be noticed and acquire his participation. This jail wasn't built of block, mortar and metal bars. It was a jail worked of glimmer and blood, with bars of ivory. However, it was in this unusual jail that Jonah was persuaded that god's arrangement was the right arrangement. I need to join Jonah in his jail and manage the realities that we find there. I need to show you that you can run from God and from His will for your life, yet you can never cover up. In the event that vital, He will send you into a jail insight to borrow your time and gain your collaboration. How about we take a gander at The Prison Of His Perseverance. I. THE ROAD TO THIS PRISON A. 1:1-3 It Is A Road Of Disobedience – God had called Jonah to a particular undertaking. He was advised to proceed to caution the city of Nineveh that judgment was going to their town. God needed to stretch out His effortlessness to a lost and poor individuals, and Jonah needed no piece of it! God needed to save the rapscallion individuals of Nineveh, 4:1. Jonah, then again, detested them and might have minded less in the event that they had kicked the bucket and went to Hell! For what reason did Jonah have a profound scorn for individuals of Nineveh? There are a few reasons, let me propose a couple. · Nineveh was the capital city of the Assyrian Empire. The Assyrians were a furious, warlike individuals. · The Ninevites were icon admirers. · The Ninevites were not Jewish. Jonah was most likely a bigot. · The Ninevites were known for their cold-bloodedness to individuals they assaulted and crushed. For example, they were know to destroy their casualties and afterward skewer their bodies on honed stakes and leave them there to pass on. They frequently constrained guardians to watch their kids being singed alive, not long before the actual guardians were killed. The Ninevites were additionally known to cover their casualties overwhelmed with the sand and pass on them to kick the bucket of yearning, thirst or wild creature assault. Entire urban communities had been known to end it all as opposed to fall under the control of the Ninevites. · The Ninevites had concentrated on Israel. It was normal information that the Assyrians were coming and that they expected to annihilate individuals of God. In this way, when Jonah hears the call to proceed to proselytize the city of Nineveh, he settles on a choice to go to Tarshish. Tarshish was situated on the western bank of Spain, around 2,000 miles the other way. It was far as Jonah could go in his work to move away from God. Jonah assumed that he could escape from God's arrangements and God's look by fleeing. He would not like to do what the Lord was advising him to do, so he escaped from God. Obviously, Jonah held to too little a perspective on God. He assumes that God is a nearby God. He appears to accept that in the event that he can flee, God can not discover him. Jonah holds to a broken philosophy. Song 139:7-10 tells us what God can see and where He works! While he has a little perspective on God, Jonah appears to have an enormous perspective on self. Jonah thinks he is more intelligent than God. He wants to flee and stow away from God. Evidently, Jonah figures he can serve God when it is advantageous to Jonah; however when difficult situations comes and an upsetting task comes, he believes that he is allowed to leave God and to leave God's approach his life. (Note: Let's not be too hard on Jonah. Do we not think the same way every once in a while? We wouldn't fret serving the Lord when it is helpful. In any case, when He advises us to accomplish something we would prefer not to do, we dissident and we defy Him. We may not go to Tarshish, however we do disappear from the Lord! We think we realize more than He does. We think we are in charge. We want to make major decisions and do however we see fit. Allow me just to advise you that when the Lord saved you, He took complete ownership of your life. He possesses you, body and soul, 1 Cor 6:19-20. He alone has the privilege to listen for a minute to do; where to go; and how to carry on with your life. What's more, when He shows up with a task for you to satisfy, all He needs to hear from your mouth is the thing that He heard from Isaiah, Isa. 6:8. Anything less is insubordination and disobedience and that disposition won't go unchallenged by the Lord, Rev. 3:19. Sick. Evangelists who run from the Lord. It's anything but a symbol of honor to say that you wouldn't do what the Lord advised you to do! Has God been addressing your heart about something He needs you to do? Is it accurate to say that you are complying with His voice? Or then again, would you say you are doing however you see fit, coming and conflicting with God's will for your life?) B. 1:3-12 It Is A Road Of Disappointments – When Jonah takes off, things work out in a good way from the beginning. He discovers a boat going to the opportune spot. Such a boat presumably didn't show up yet when like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity. He had the option to pay the charge, board the boat and set down for a little reprieve. He believes that he will have a calming voyage and afterward start another life in another area. Jonah has everything arranged out! The mistake start immediately. · Did you notice that Jonah is on a descending way, v. 4-5? On the off chance that Jonah had followed God's arrangement for his life, he would have been utilized of God is an incredible way. His street would have driven him vertical and not descending. · Did you notice that Jonah needed to pay his own costs, v. 3? On the off chance that Jonah had remained with the Lord, God would have taken care of his bills for him. · Did you notice that the chief and the team before long discovered what his identity was and are flabbergasted at the state of Jonah's heart and life, v. 6-10? In case Jonah's heart had been directly with the Lord, he would not have lost his observer and harmed his declaration before these agnostic mariners. · Did you notice that Jonah wound up in a spot he never envisioned himself being, v. 15-17? On the off chance that he had remained with God's arrangement, Jonah would have been in Nineveh lecturing and partaking in an extraordinary restoration, rather than battling for his life in a tempest and going to through a whale of a jail insight. · Nothing worked out like Jonah arranged it! (Note: a similar situation will run its course in the existences of every one of the individuals who pick their own way over God's arrangement. They will encounter preliminaries, adversities, frustrations and difficulties that might have been kept away from. The Bible reminds us in Pro. 13:15b, "… the method of violators is hard." The Bible additionally gives us this word, "7.) Be not misdirected; God isn't taunted: for at all a man soweth, that will he likewise procure. 8.) For he that soweth to his tissue will of the tissue harvest debasement; however he that soweth to the Spirit will of the Spirit procure life never-ending. 9.) And let us not be exhausted in well doing: for in due season we will procure, in the event that we faint not," Galatians 6:7-9. On the off chance that the Lord has been calling you to follow a specific pathway, and decide to change course, don't be astonished when inconveniences and frustrations come your direction! C. 1:4-17 It Is A Road Of Disasters – Jonah settled on his choice and put his idea into high gear. He boarded his boat and set out for Tarshish. His objective was to "escape from the presence of the Lord", v. 3. Did you see the primary expression of section 5 – "Yet"? Jonah had his arrangement, yet God had the last say! God previously sent a tempest to stand out enough to be noticed. This more likely than not been an exceptionally serious tempest in light of the fact that the mariners were panicked. They had endured different tempests on the Mediterranean Sea; however they had never considered a to be just about as savage as this. Jonah dozed directly through the tempest, v. 5-6. Evidently, the mariners have presumed that God is behind the tempest and they cast parts to find who the terrible delinquent is and Jonah is chosen. He is compelled to admit his defiance to a lot of men who don't have the foggiest idea about the Lord. Jonah recommends that they toss him over the edge, since he is the reason for the tempest. Those agnostic mariners have more empathy that he does, on the grounds that they attempt

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