Introduction: We are in another of the incidental entries in Revelation. In the event that you will recollect that, we experienced one of these between the six and the seventh seals. Presently, we experience one between the 6th and the seventh trumpets. There are a few reasons why the Lord gives us these stops in the activity. One explanation is to offer the peruser a reprieve. We have been contemplating horrendous scenes of misfortune and demise. He gives us these stops to permit us to refocus and assemble our feelings. These stops permit the Lord to give us inspirational statements and solace.
Another explanation He does this is to show every individual Who is really in charge As you read about the revulsions of the Tribulation Period, you may infer that transgression and Satan are in charge. Yet, God steps in to advise us that He is as yet the Sovereign God of the universe! God needs us to realize that paying little mind to how dim the hour becomes and disregarding what Satan and his group may do, God is as yet on His seat and He is as yet in charge of all things! These stops additionally serve to concentrate on the favored Lamb of God. Amidst His fury, we frantically should be helped to remember His incredible force. There is one key issue with the present reality; the world avoid Jesus with regard to its estimations and plans. In old occasions, cosmologists like Aristotle and Ptolemy accepted that the earth was the focal point of the universe. It wasn't until Nicholas Copernicus and Johannes Kepler found that the sun was the focal point of the close planetary system and any remaining things spun around it, that everything became alright and started to bode well. This world has cut Jesus, the Son, good and gone and they have supplanted Him with the United Nations and other broken man made organizations. The outcome has been all out disarray. At the point when Jesus is reestablished as the point of convergence of humanity's consideration, then, at that point everything will bode well and become alright. That is the thing that God is up to here. (Sick. That will work in a person's life also!) This entry presents the center of the hardship time frame. It additionally serves to put Jesus back on focal point of the audience. We should see what is occurring upon the earth as we see The Lull Before The Final Storm. I. v. 1-3a THE VISION JOHN SAW (Sick. In this entry, John sees a "strong holy messenger" diving from Heaven. We are not given the personality of this holy messenger. A few group trust it very well may be Gabriel the chief heavenly messenger. Others vote in favor of Michael. We basically don't have the foggiest idea. In any case, in the event that you permit me, I will recommend that this heavenly messenger is in all honesty the Lord Jesus Christ. I will give you a few reasons on a second. As you might recall, Jesus displayed in the Old Testament constantly. These pre-Bethlehem appearances are designated "Theophanies or Christophanies". Jesus appeared to Abraham at his tent entryway. Jesus seemed the Samson's mom and father. Jesus appeared to Joshua outside Jericho. Jesus met with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the heater. Jesus helped Daniel in the Lion's cave. Assuming He could appear, there is zero excuse to accept that He was unable to do exactly the same thing in these stanzas. Indeed, as these sections are considered, all the proof focuses to the way that this is as a matter of fact Jesus Christ Himself. How about we inspect the proof together.) A. v. 1a We Are Told Of His Dwelling Place – This heavenly messenger descends from the very spot Jesus Christ abides. John 3:13, "And no man hath rose up to paradise, yet he that descended from paradise, even the Son of man which is in paradise." Jesus Christ is in Heaven today, situated at the Father's Right hand, making intervention for you and me, Heb. 1:3; 10:12. B. v. 1b – 2a We Are Told Of His Description – Several key distinct expressions are utilized to show this present heavenly messenger's appearance. 1. He Is Clothed With A Cloud – The cloud is piece of clothing of god, Psa. 104:3, "Who layeth the light emissions chambers in the waters: who maketh the mists his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the breeze"! In the Old Testament, during the wild wanderings, the Lord Himself drove His kin with a wonder cloud through the trackless desert, Ex. 16. He was with them to direct them and gatekeeper them then, at that point. Here in the haziest days the earth will at any point see, He is still with His kin to ensure them and lead them. Foreboding shadows covered Sinai when Moses got the Law, Ex. 19. God dressed Himself in a magnificence cloud when He met Moses on the mountain, Ex. 24, 34. At the point when Jesus climbed back to Heaven, a cloud got Him, Acts 1:9. At the point when He returns, He will do as such on the mists, 1 Thes. 4:16-17; Rev. 1:7. He is dressed with a cloud! 2. He Has A Rainbow Upon His Head – The rainbow is an image of the leniency and reliability of God. It initially showed up in Gen. 9 after the flood to ensure the Lord's guarantee that He could never obliterate the earth with water again. It is an image of His steadfastness. It likewise shows up in Rev. 4, where the seat of God is encircled with an emerald rainbow. Here, it is an image of His kindness. Along these lines, the Lord comes as the devoted One and as the benevolent One. What a gift it is to realize that even amidst fury, the Lord recollects leniency, Hab. 3:2. 3. His Face Shines Like The Sun – This a portrayal of His magnificence! At the point when Jesus strolled the dusty streets of this world, He gave off an impression of being a common man. So customary that He didn't stand apart as anybody exceptional by His appearance alone, Isa. 53:2-3. He hid His magnificent distinction inside His natural edge, Phil. 2:5-8. Be that as it may, there was one event when His brilliance came out, Matt. 17:1-8. One that the wonder that was within became apparent outwardly and Matthew discloses to us that Jesus dominated the sun! At the point when Saul of Tarsus met Him headed straight toward Damascus, Jesus was more splendid than the afternoon sun, Acts 9. Coincidentally, men love murkiness, however when the Light beams on their wrongdoings, they are pushed to the brink of collapse before the sublime Lamb of God. 4. His Feet Are Like Pillars Of Fire – This is an image of His judgment. At the point when Jesus comes, He isn't coming as the Savior. He is returning as the Sovereign Lord of the universe. He is coming to execute judgment on every one of the individuals who have dismissed Him! "Columns" additionally creatures to mind pictures of immovability, security and strength. We are taking a gander at a God Who is rock consistent and ready to help through with His central goal. He will pass judgment on this world, the heathens on the planet and Satan himself, and no being will actually want to keep Him from doing what He means to do! C. v. 2b-3a We Are Told Of His Dominion – Here is an awesome image of our Lord. He is remaining with one foot on the land, one foot on the ocean and He has a little book in His grasp. This is an image of His domain over the whole world. In antiquated time, when an individual planned to assume territory over a position or an individual, he put his foot on it. At the point when God offered Canaan to Israel, He said, "Each spot that the bottom of your foot will step upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses", Joshua 1:3. At the point when one lord would vanquish another ruler, he would put his foot on the crushed lord's neck as an image of complete mastery. We are additionally informed that He "cried with an uproarious voice, as when a lion roareth". It is said that the thundering of a lion can strike dread into the most daring heart. A grown-up male lion's thunder can be heard similarly as five miles away. Lion's generally thunder soon after nightfall. They do as such to declare a spot as their domain. That is the thing that we are finding in these stanzas. The Lord is having a special interest and He is saying, "I'm the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. This world is my reality. Keep your hands off what has a place with me!" That is the thing that we see here. We see the triumphant Jesus making a case for the planet earth. He grasps the book, which is the title deed to the planet. He remains with one foot on the dry land and another on the ocean. Jesus has come to assume responsibility for this world. He has come to dominate! Let the word and Satan do what the will, our Lord rules today and He will until the end of time. This reality will turn out to be progressively more clear as the end moves close. I. The Vision John Saw II. v. 3b-7 THE VOICES JOHN HEARD A. v. 3b-4 There Were Voices Of Mystery – John hears seven roars talking. Obviously they communicated in a language John could comprehend and h prepared to record what they were saying. Be that as it may, the Lord halted him and advised John to seal up those things which he heard the roars say. All in all, what did they say? I don't have the foggiest idea! Neither does any one else! Why expound on it in case we are not determined what they say? God has a few things that He needs to keep disguised until further notice. Paul composes of when he was up to speed into the third Heaven. He was taken into very presence of God and He was not permitted to expound on it, 2 Cor. 12:4. The explanation God puts this here is exceptionally basic I think. He needs to show us a truly significant exercise. He needs us to realize that there are only a few things in life that will stay a secret! Take a gander at Deut. 29:29. That section says, "The mysterious things have a place unto the LORD our God: however those things which are uncovered have a place unto us and to our kids for ever, that we might do every one of the expressions of this law." There are a large number of inquiries in life for which you and don't have answers. For what reason do great individuals endure? For what reason do infants become ill and pass on? For what reason is there such a lot of evil in our reality? Why is living sacred so hard? We won't ever have the responses to these and 10,000 different inquiries this side of Heaven. Everything thing we can manage is to leave the secrets with the Lord and trust Him to do right, Ill. Gen. 18:25; Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor 4:17. Right no, we are taking a gander at the rug of life fro

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