THE LAMB IS PROMISED to us Genesis 3:1-21

Introduction: This might appear to be a bizarre spot from which to lecture a Christmas lesson. However, here amidst man's most noteworthy misfortune, is the disclosure of man's most noteworthy expectation. For it is in this story of transgression, judgment and passing that we meet the message of the saving Gospel and the Person of the Lamb of God interestingly.
Sick. The Context. God has made man in His picture. He made man in amazing honesty and set him in an ideal climate. Adam has been given territory over the Lord's whole creation and he has been given an ideal partner, a lady called Eve. They live an untainted presence, liberated from torment, infection, demise and distress. Each need they have is met and they appreciate whole, unhindered partnership with God Himself, Gen. 2:8-9. The lone limitation they have respects one tree which is situated in the Garden of Eden. This tree is classified "the tree of the information on great and malevolence." Adam is cautioned to avoid this tree, for to eat its organic product will carry passing into the world, Gen. 2:15-17. Indeed, for an indistinct timeframe things work out in a good way in the Garden, until one day when Eve ends up defied by a snake constrained by Satan. This snake discloses to her that God is holding out on her and Adam. He reveals to Eve that God doesn't need them eating of the organic product since God realizes that when they eat the product of the tree of the information on great and wickedness, they will resemble him. Eve surrenders to the allurement of Satan and eats of the organic product. Adam additionally succumbs to the falsehood and eats too. In a moment, everything changes! They are as of now not guiltless and unadulterated, yet they have become delinquents; they have become fallen creatures. Quickly, they know that everything has changed. They become embarrassed on account of their bare condition and look to cover themselves with fig leaves, v. 7. Amidst this misfortune, God comes into the Garden to partnership with Adam and Eve. He shouts to them since they have concealed themselves from them, v. 8. God knows what they have done and separates an admission from Adam, v. 10-12. Then, at that point attempt at finger pointing starts. Adam faults Eve and God, while Eve faults the snake, v. 12-13. God promptly articulates judgment upon Adam, Eve and the snake, and God projects them out of the Garden of Eden. However, directly in the center of this misfortune is a gleam of expectation. Stanza 15 sparkles out of this obscurity like an extraordinary reference point, enlightening the stunning effortlessness of God. This stanza has been known as the "Protevangelium." That is a Latin word that signifies "First Gospel." Here, in seed structure, is the Gospel of salvation through the beauty of God. Here, interestingly, we see a brief look at the Lamb of God Who will later give Himself on Calvary's cross to recover a lost and passing on world. Here we can see the principal join in the red string of reclamation that courses its direction through the whole Word of God. This valuable stanza gives us the absolute first guarantee in the Word of God in regards to the coming Lamb. I might want to require a couple of moments to investigate this entry as I attempt to lecture on Behold The Lamb Promised. This entry uncovers some valuable certainties in regards to the guaranteed Lamb. Kindly permit me to impart these fact to you today as we think about the idea: The Lamb Is Promised. I. THE PERSONALITY OF THE PROMISED LAMB A. This Lamb Is Unique In His Origin – We are informed that this One Who is coming will "the seed of the lady." This is a bizarre assertion in light of the fact that by God's very plan the "seed" is given by the male individuals from each specie. Here, we are informed that the lady will create a posterity without the guide of a man. This stanza gives us the principal portion of an incredible truth that will be all the more completely uncovered not too far off. This stanza is the principal prediction of the Virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan didn't get it, Adam and Eve didn't get it; however God shows that He will send His Lamb into the world through a lady without the inclusion of a man! Obviously, we realize this is the manner by which the introduction of Jesus happened. Isaiah forecasted it, Isa. 7:14; and the heavenly messenger Gabriel declared it to Mary, Luke 1:26-35, and to Joseph, Matt. 1:18-25. For what reason is this significant? The Bible unmistakably instructs that wrongdoing and the transgression nature are given over through the man, Rom. 5:12. Each individual who has entered this world through the older style strategy for a sexual relationship between a man and a lady has acquired a transgression nature, and is truth be told a heathen upon entering the world, Rom. 3:10-23; Gal. 3:22. The introduction of Jesus was, notwithstanding, altogether different. Since He came into this world without a human dad, He was brought into the world without the impurity of wrongdoing! He was conceived unadulterated and righteous, in this way He was able incredible the transgressions of mankind, 2 Cor. 5:21. Obviously, what makes the introduction of Jesus especially interesting is the way that He was no conventional child, however He was, and is, God in the tissue, John 1:1; 14; Phil. 2:8-11. B. This Lamb Is Unique In His Occupation – This Lamb was appearing on the scene to do fight with the powers of fiendishness. We are informed that He was coming to "wound" the snake's head. This alludes to a deadly physical issue. This Lamb was resulting in these present circumstances world not to show men a superior lifestyle choice. He was not coming to work on their current circumstance. He was not coming to work on their social standing. He was coming to overcome evil. That was His sole mission, John 18:37; Heb. 2:14. This guaranteed One was coming to convey humankind from the transgression into which it had recently fallen. Numerous people would fight evil throughout the long term; this One would give it a final knockout. He was coming to accomplish for men that which they would never accomplish for themselves. He was coming to get their freedom and salvation from transgression. More will be said about this in a second. II. THE PURPOSE OF THE PROMISED LAMB A. He Would Come As A Warrior – "hostility" signifies "contempt or foe." obviously, it infers the normal scorn people have for snakes, yet there is substantially more in see here. The ill will or disdain alluded to here runs far more profound than that of a man detesting a snake. It alludes to the disdain Satan has toward the Lord and all that the Lord addresses. It alludes to the disdain that dwelled inside the core of Satan that made him assault Adam and Eve in the Garden and entice them to sin. It is a contempt that wants nothing not exactly the defeat of the Lord and His realm. It is a contempt that requests the demise of God and the establishment of Satan as god, Isa. 14:12-16; Eze. 28:11-19. This is the fight that was seething in Eden! It had less to do with humanity than it did with Satan's longing to take up arms against God Almighty. We are informed that the One Who is coming was resulting in these present circumstances world as a Warrior. He was coming as One Who might participate in fighting not really set in stone adversary. He would take up the battle that Adam had lost in the Garden of Eden. He would come to do fight with Satan! Obviously, Jesus did precisely that! From the moment this prescience was given in Genesis 3:15 until the second Jesus Christ passed on the cross and rose again from the dead; Satan gave it his best shot to stop "the seed of the lady" from being conceived. He worked through Cain to kill Abel, Gen. 4. He tried to ruin the human blood line through fiendish relationships, Gen. 6. He attempted to kill individuals of Israel in Egypt, Ex. 1-2. He attempted to achieve their obliteration by driving them into net excessive admiration during the realm long stretches of Israel. Then, at that point when Jesus was conceived, Satan attempted to annihilate Him as a newborn child, Matt. 2. He attempted to lead Him to sin on the Mount of Temptation, Matt. 4. He attempted to get Jesus to guarantee the crown without going to the cross, John 6. He attempted to kill the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane, Luke 22. Furthermore, without a doubt he thought he had won the triumph when Jesus passed on the cross. What Satan didn't understand was that the best salvo terminated by Heaven was the moment God became sin and passed on in the miscreant's place. Jesus, the favored Lamb of God, came into this world as a strong hero! B. He Would Come As A Winner – The snake is informed that he will "wound the heel" of the seed of the lady, however the seed of the lady will "wound" the top of the snake. Swelling the heel alludes to a physical issue that isn't lethal; while swelling the head alludes to a deadly twisted. "Injury" has "squashing or striking." The snake may strike the impact point of the coming Lamb, yet the Lamb would pound the top of the snake. Obviously, this was satisfied at the cross. The Lamb of God suffered demise for God's choose, yet passing couldn't hold Him! On the third morning, He emerged from the dead as the Victor in the best fight at any point pursued. However, in His withering and rising once more, He delivered a human would upon the top of the snake that will at last end with him condemned to an unending length of time in the Lake of Fire, Rev. 20:10. The Prince of Life entered the field of fight with the Prince of Death. At the point when the fight had finished, the Prince of Life arose as the solitary Victor. Presently, every one of the individuals who realize Him partake in His triumph and offer in the crown jewels of His victory. At the point when He emerged, He turned into the "Firstfruits from the dead", 1 Cor. 15:20; and as such He guarantees unceasing life to all who get Him by confidence, John 5:24; John 11:25-26. (Sick. We are not simply "on the triumphant side", we are as an afterthought that has effectively won!) III. v. 21 THE PORTRAIT OF THE PROMISED LAMB (Sick. After God articulates judgment on the liable gatherings, He accomplishes something entirely momentous. God Himself kills a monster of some kind and utilizations its skin to make pieces of clothing for Adam and Eve. In this realistic scene of death, there is a great po

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