Introduction: I would simply remind us today that the Bible is a book loaded up with solicitations. The first is found in Gen. 7:1. In that section God welcomes Noah and his family to come into the Ark for salvation from the flood. The last greeting is found in Rev. 22:20. In that stanza John gives a greeting for the Lord to return rapidly. I like both of those solicitations. Truth be told, as I study the solicitations I find all through the Bible, I am finding that I like them all.
In this entry, the prophet Hosea shouts to individuals of Israel. They have meandered far away from the Lord and he gives a get back to for them to come to God. It is a call for both individual and public recovery. Israel had neglected the method of the Lord and they had gotten some distance from Him to love the symbols and bogus divine forces of the Canaanites. This greeting is a call for them to atone of their transgressions and to turn their hearts back to the one genuine God. Stanza two of this entry is a prediction of a future day when Israel will get back to the Lord and He will mend them and reestablish them to a position of gift. There is coming a day when the Jewish public will by and by get back to the Lord. While these sections were composed to individuals who lived 2,500 years prior, they actually have a message that addresses our need today. Very much like old Israel, America needs a recovery! Our country has floated far away from its strict roots. This nation has given itself over to sin and evil of each portrayal. The awfulness of early termination; the detestation of homosexual marriage; the wild ascent in transgression and corruption of each flavor, proclaim that our country is miles from God and necessities to discover a position of atonement and reclamation. America needs a restoration! She should be pulled back from the verge of catastrophe. Be that as it may, before there will at any point be a public recovery in America, there must initially be a restoration inside the places of worship of America. Furthermore, before there will be a restoration in our temples, there should be recovery in the hearts of individual devotees. This section is require individuals of God to lower themselves before God to look for His face for pardoning and reclamation. It is, generally, an Invitation To Contrition. Remorse is a word you don't hear frequently. It depicts something you don't see frequently all things considered. "Remorse" signifies "true distress over transgression, with a craving to atone of that wrongdoing." It portrays individuals who are despondent that they have violated God. They are upset for what they have done and they need to make things directly with Him. It is a condition of heart that God will respect, Psalm 34:18, "The LORD is near unto them that are of a messed up heart; and saveth, for example, be of a penitent soul." And, Psalm 51:17, "The penances of God are a wrecked soul: a wrecked and a remorseful heart, O God, thou wither not disdain." It is individuals possessing a humble heart who will encounter recovery. Isaiah 57:15, "For accordingly saith the high and grandiose One that inhabiteth time everlasting, whose name is Holy; I stay in the high and sacred spot, with him likewise that is of a penitent and humble soul, to restore the soul of the humble, and to resuscitate the core of the remorseful ones." I think this message is one that we need to hear today. We are living in when there is next to no humility and distress over wrongdoing. Individuals, even church individuals, can live any old way and never feel any regret over their unruliness. These refrains have a comment about that. I need to show you ways God contacts the individuals who are far away from Him. I need to lecture on The Invitation To Contrition. I. v. 1a GOD'S PLEA TO A WANTON PEOPLE (Sick. "Wanton" signifies "conscious and without incitement or reason; physically uncivilized; luxurious living". "Wanton" comes from an Old English word that signifies "to be wayward". Individuals of Israel had a long list of motivations to serve and respect the Lord by their lives. However, for reasons unknown, they had deserted Him and go to follow different divine beings. They were a wanton group! They had no discipline in their profound lives) A. The expression "let us return" infers that a nearer relationship than the current relationship once existed. There had been a period in Israel's past when they were nearer to the Lord than they were presently. There had been the point at which they had adhered to His Law, looked for His face and regarded Him over all others. Presently, they are far away from Him. They have permitted their relationship to develop cold. Their adoration for Him isn't pretty much as solid as it used to be. They had become an unpredictable, fiendish individuals. Their condition is unmistakably spread out in Hosea 6-7. 1. Hos. 6:4-11 – They resembled "the morning cloud" and "the early dew". Their commitment to God resembled the early morning dew that shines like huge number of gems under the sparkle of the sun, yet before long consumes with smoldering heat. Their commitment to God was shallow and transitory. They talk about getting directly with God, yet their apology and commitment was brief, best case scenario! 2. Hos. 7:1-7 – They are classified "a warmed stove". Like a stove warmed to its most extreme temperature during the night so it would be prepared for the cook in the first part of the day, Israel got overwhelmed with emotion for wrongdoing. The utilization of the words "miscreants", "evil" and "wine" bear this out. They ought to have had an enthusiasm for the things of God, yet they adored their wrongdoing undeniably more than they cherished Him. 3. Hos. 7:8 – Israel is classified "a crazy cake". Individuals of this time cooked their bread on warmed rocks. A cake not turned would consume on one side and be crude on the other. Israel was consumed sin and compromise with the foes of God. However, around the Lord, they were cold and uncooked. They were blameworthy of give and take, since God needs our entire life elements to be devoted to Him. 4. Hos. 7:9-10 – Israel is depicts as a man whose strength has ebbed away, and he is ignorant that time and age have incurred significant damage. Israel has lost their force with the Lord and they aren't even mindful of it. Like Samson, they "wist not that the LORD was left from" them. 5. Hos. 7:11-12 – Israel resembles a "senseless pigeon". Rather than looking to the Lord and confiding in Him, they traveled to Egypt for their assistance, and afterward they traveled to Assyria. However, had they paid attention to the Lord's prophets, they would have realized that these countries would have bombed them. They ignored God by making agreements with rapscallion countries. 6. Hos. 7:13-16 – Israel resembles a "misleading bow". They can't be trusted to serve the Lord and stay devoted to Him. They had been given His Law and they had accepted His preparation. They ought to have had the option to hit a pinpoint center, and stroll with the Lord in blessedness. However, they were a flighty group. B. This was the state of Israel. There had been the point at which they had strolled near the Lord, yet presently they had floated far away from Him. As we see them, let us not neglect to take a gander at ourselves! What number of in this very room can recollect a day when you were nearer to the Lord than you are today? Would you be able to recollect a day when the things of God were more valuable to your than they are currently? Would you be able to recollect when His home, His Word, His business, and time went through with Him excited your spirit undeniably more than they do now? As I referenced those six spellbinding expressions God used to depict Israel, would you be able to see matches inside your own life? · Is your dedication to God shallow? · Do you have a more noteworthy energy for transgression than you do the things of God? · Have you compromised with the world? · Have you lost your force with the Lord? · Are you like a senseless bird fluttering to a great extent searching for help in each source however the Lord? · Are you like a misleading bow that can't be trusted to hit the objective of equitable, dedicated living? C. On the off chance that you end up in that condition today, you realize you are not where you should be with the Lord. Like individuals in the congregation in Ephesus, you have "left your first love", Rev. 2:1-7. You might be making an insincere effort, however your heart isn't burning with an energetic love for the Lord Jesus Christ and the things of God. You have permitted your spirit to float away from God and this is His get back to you to come to Him! In case I were you, I would react to Him by returning home today! II. v. 1b GOD'S PLAN FOR A WAYWARD PEOPLE A. The explanation Israel is keen on getting back to the Lord is found in two words utilized in section 1. "Torn" signifies "to rip, to tear, to be torn in pieces." "stricken" signifies "to strike, to beat, to hit, to kill or kill; to assault and obliterate." These words portray what Israel had been going through because of God. Hosea 4:1-2 show that transgression had become a lifestyle for individuals of Israel. Hosea 4:3-10 discloses to us that God will pass judgment on Israel for their wrongdoings against Him. He will bring cruel reprimand upon them since they have would not stroll in His manners. Hosea 5:12-15 depict the Lord as a lion that happens upon this delinquent individuals to tear them and rebuff them for what they have done. Then, at that point, in the wake of dispensing judgment, the Lord will pull out His quality from them to hang tight for them to look for His face. It is obvious from these sections that Israel will follow through on an awful cost for their corrupt ways. B. Similarly as certainly as the Lord brought unforgiving judgment upon the country of Israel for their noncompliance; He will do likewise to the individuals who are saved yet who won't stroll in His will. The Bible is clear, the Lord will carry rebuke into the existences of every one of the individuals who attempt to leave Him, Rev. 3:19; Heb. 12:5-12; Pro. 3:11-12; 15:10; 15:32; Job 15:17. You are deluding nobody yet yourself when you think you c

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