Introduction: When God gave His arrangements for the development of the Tabernacle, He filled the spot with different articles that were totally rich with profound imagery. Jesus can be found in the Tabernacle in each piece of it. The Brazen Altar discusses the penance of Jesus on the cross for delinquents. The shroud advises us that there was an inlet among God and man that was broken down at the cross by Jesus. The Golden Candlestick advises us that Jesus Christ is the Light of the world and that He came to lead men out of haziness. Indeed, even the covers of the Tabernacle highlight the Lord Jesus Christ. The equivalent is valid with the Golden Altar Of Incense that we have found out about this evening. In this household item, the Lord is found in His service as our Great High Priest. The One who makes mediation for His kin before the seat of His Father in Heaven, Heb. 7:25; Rom. 8:34.
While this Altar is loaded up with extraordinary imagery concerning the Lord, there are additionally a few exercises for God's kin. In these refrains, we are shown a few realities about our supplication lives and about asking overall. Since it is my conviction, and ideally yours at this point, that the Lord needs us to be more predictable in our supplicating, I feel that we would do well to take a gander at the Golden Altar Of Incense and what it shows us asking. How about we do that this evening and gain from this old piece of Tabernacle furniture. I. V. 1, 3 THE MATERIALS OF THE ALTAR A. There were just 2 materials utilized in the assembling of the Altar of Incense: Wood and Gold. Wood, in the Bible, talks about mankind and Gold, discusses Deity. Accordingly, it is not difficult to see that this discusses the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the solitary Person who has at any point impeccably consolidated humankind and divinity in one body - John 1:1; 14. He is the God-Man! In any case, while He was on the earth, His wonderful nature was covered up under His mankind. Just when He was on the Mount of Transfiguration did His brilliance burst forward - Matt. 17:1-2. While He was here, men saw the wood, in a manner of speaking, Isa. 53:2. Yet, notice that this Altar has the gold outwardly. This focuses to Jesus as He is presently! He is enthroned in Heaven at the Father's right hand. In the event that you could see Him this evening, He would in any case have His human body, yet it would be covered by His greatness. Accordingly, this special raised area, in it's materials, talks about the Person of Jesus, our radiant Intercessor. B. While these materials talk about the celebrated Lord, they additionally have application to you and me this evening. At our best, we are never more than delinquents saved by beauty. Be that as it may, when we come to know the Lord Jesus by confidence, we are made partakers of the "heavenly nature", 2 Pet. 1:4. That is, God Himself stays in the core of each adherent and awards us admittance to the Father through petition. Supplication is the area of the recovered - Psa. 66:18. C. At the point when our humankind is covered by the heavenly blood of Jesus, we are given the option to approach the Lord's Name. A right which we didn't have preceding that occasion! Does God hear the supplications of the lost? Not in the feeling of hearing to reply. In this manner, no lost individual can access the seat of elegance. It is just for the recovered through our Intercessor, the Lord Jesus! Just when our humankind become gobbled up in His divinity do we approach Him in supplication. I. The Materials Of The Altar II. V. 2-5 THE MANUFACTURE OF THE ALTAR A. The Size And Shape 1. 1 Cubit On A Side - One discusses solidarity. At the point when we precede the Lord in petition, we are united. We are made one when our will lines up with His will. Supplication brings us into His essence and joins us as nothing else can. 2. Square - This talks about balance. No one has more admittance to God that you do. In case you are saved and your wrongdoings are admitted, you have as much right to move toward the Lord as any individual who has at any point lived, Heb. 4:16. 3. 2 Cubits High - At 2 cubits high, the Altar of Incense was taller than some other household item in the Tabernacle. This talks about Jesus being commended over all the world. Nonetheless, it additionally advises us that nobody stands taller than when they are occupied with petition. In the congregation, ministers, instructors, artists and pioneers frequently the most acknowledgment for what goes on at the House of God. Notwithstanding, in case there is to be credit delivered, it should go to the individuals who are effectively occupied with petition for crafted by God. At the point when the prizes are given out at the Judgment Seat Of Christ, numerous with huge names and prominent places should move to one side for the individuals who wrestled in supplication for the spirits of men and for the Kingdom of God. 4. As far as size, the Altar of Incense was the littlest of the multitude of different household items in the Tabernacle. Be that as it may, while it was little in size, it was extraordinary in its significance. The work did here was an indispensable piece of their support of the Lord. So it is with supplication. In supplicating, it isn't the expressiveness of petition, nor the length of petition that has an effect, it the heart behind the imploring! At the point when we approach the Lord out of a heart of confidence, we in a real sense have the ability to move heaven and earth - Matt. 17:20. It isn't the means by which long you ask, or how noisy, everything boils down to the substance and the heart behind the imploring. (Sick. At the point when Simon Peter got out of the boat to stroll to Jesus on the water, he needed confidence and started to sink. His petition to the Lord wasn't long, just 3 words, however it was compelling and it achieved what he wanted for it to - Matt. 14:30. A man named Jabez supplicated a short petition that God additionally regarded - 1 Chron. 4:10.) B. The Symbolism In The Altar 1. Horns - There was one brilliant horn on every one of the four corners of the Altar. Horns in the Bible are frequently representative of force and strength. These talk about the force of supplication to go into the four corners of the world. From here where we are this evening, we can in a real sense contact a world for the brilliance of God. There is no restriction to what we can achieve through supplication, aside from those cutoff points we put on petition through our own fickleness and prayerlessness - Matt. 18:19. (Sick. In ourselves, we might be frail and apparently inadequate. In any case, when we cower before a powerful God, we become a forward to be dealt with. At the point when the holy people are on imploring ground, the fallen angels of Hell shudder before us. There is power in a holy person who is in touch with the God of Heaven.) 2. Crown - This household item had a crown that circumvented the top. It was there to keep the incense from tumbling to the floor. This discusses the way that none of our asking is to no end. God may not reply in your time or in your way, however He will hear you and He will answer you in a manner that celebrates Him and is the best for you. None of you petitions, whenever implored from a noble heart of confidence, will at any point tumble to the ground - Jer. 33:3; Isa. 65:24. 3. Rings And Staves - These were attached to the Altar so when Israel broke camp and moved, the Altar could be conveyed to the new area and there continue its capacity before the Lord. The thought here is that the Altar of supplication was ever close. This talks about supplication to us. Supplication is as close to us as the breath in our lungs or the considerations of our heads. We can supplicate anyplace, whenever and about anything. Implore is consistently satisfactory to the Lord. (Sick. Many are worried about act in supplication. I accept that God is more worried about the stance of the heart than He is with the stance of the body. I accept that He yearns for the individuals who approach Him to have hearts liberated from transgression and hearts that are unassuming in His essence. Goodness, we ought to never be too lethargic to even think about bowing Him on our knees when we can, however there are times when that is unreasonable. Like when driving, or when disabled or when incapable to bow. The entire issue is that men need to supplicate a lot reliably and persistently before his essence - Luke 18:1; 1 Thes. 5:17; Rom. 12:12.) I. The Materials Of The Altar II. The Manufacture Of The Altar III. V. 6-10 THE MINISTRY OF THE ALTAR A. The Placement Of The Altar - It was to be set against the cover of the Tabernacle. Behind the cloak, concealed by natural eyes, was the Mercy Seat, where the blood contributions were put on the Day of Atonement. There was something different In this little room behind the cloak, called the Holy of Holies. The Shekinah Glory of the presence of God abided there. The lone admittance to the greatness of God was through the cover. One might say, Jesus is the cover. It is through Him alone that we admittance to the wealth of God through supplication - John 14:13-14; John 15:16; John 16:23-24; 26. The Lord Jesus is the solitary access that have into the secret wealth and wonders of the Lord - 1 Tim. 2:5. (Sick. Consider petition like you would of a divider outlet. At the point when we assume an attachment and position it into the divider outlet, we can take advantage of the secret assets inside the divider. At the point when we take the attachment of supplication in the hand of confidence and use it appropriately, we find that petition changes things and that there is incredible potential in asking o the Lord. It isn't mishap that the Altar of Incense was put right external the Veil.) B. The Prayers Upon The Altar - Prayer is addressed by the incense that Aaron was to assume and position there. Notice how this service was to be done. 1. Persistent - Every morning and each evening, Aaron was to put new incense upon the Altar with the goal that a consistent smoke ascended before the Lord in Heaven. Our imploring is to follow a similar style. We are to be in a mentality of petition before the Lord continually. (Sick. Col. 4:2; Psa. 55:16-17; Eph. 6:18) 2. Sanctified - The ministers were taboo from offering everything except incense upon this special stepped area. It was sanctified for one meager and one thing as it were: to celebrate the Lord God. So it is with supplication. We reserve no privilege to ask without regard for anyone else. Our rationale should be to offer supplications that are satisfying, respecting and as per the uncovered will of God. These are the lone supplications that He will at any point answer! 3. Clean - O

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