Introduction: The break of the slave driver's whip recounted the entire story. Individuals of Israel were slaves in Egypt. They had been slaves for a very long time and it looked like they planned to remain as such for eternity. A huge number of their
progenitors had been conceived, lived and had passed on slaves in Egypt. Then, at that point, at some point, a man named Moses appears; a man who had been naturally introduced to one of the helpless slave groups of Egypt. A slave that had even been taken on into Pharaoh's home, however one who was as yet the posterity of slaves. One of their own! He came to them revealing to them accounts of meeting the God of their Fathers. Moses professed to have met God on one of the mountains of Sinai. His accounts were of God's affection for them and of God's extraordinary designs to convey them from their current servitude. At the primary, it had been invigorating for individuals of Israel to feel that they would be liberated, yet Pharaoh had not been delighted. He had expanded their work and had requested the slave drivers to be more remorseless than expected. The majority of Israel had come to accept that Moses was only an old blockhead who was attempting to get individuals killed. They even imparted their inclination to Moses, Ex. 5:20-21. Moses, thusly, takes their protest before the Lord. Accordingly, God gives individuals of Israel a magnificent guarantee. As you read the Lord's reaction to His kin, you will discover there are seven "I will" explanations made by the Lord. These are things He plans to do for their sake. As these guarantees are thought of, obviously they should have gendered trust in the hearts of individuals of God. They were being educated all regarding The Blessings Of A Redeemed People. I might want for us to take a gander at those guarantees ourselves today. While we are not Israel, the guarantees made to them have application to the individuals who are saved by beauty earlier today. Along these lines, while God gives me freedom I might want to lecture for some time on the idea, The Blessings Of A Redeemed People. The gifts that the individuals who are saved appreciate can be found in the "I wills" of God. In case you are reclaimed toward the beginning of today, these endowments should serve to energize your heart and should move you to a nearer stroll with the Lord. In case you are not saved, I ask they will help you see what you are absent by not coming to Jesus for salvation. Notice with me The Blessings Of A Redeemed People. I. v. 6 THE "I WILL" OF UNCONDITIONAL SALVATION A. Saved From The Burden Of Slavery – Ill. Israel's pitiless bondage in the place that is known for Egypt, Ex. 5:6-19. God thoroughly understood it and guaranteed liberation from their weights.) (Ill. Sin carries with it a lot of stuff. Sin carries with it blame, conviction of heart, division from God, it brings ensnarement and subjugation, eventually sin carries with it an unending length of time in Hell. Jesus vowed to intercede in the existences of every one of the individuals who came to Him by confidence. He guaranteed that He would liberate them from the snares of transgression – Ill. Another animal – 2 Cor. 5:17! All that was against us is presently perpetually removed and we are liberated from it – Col. 2:13-14! There is no Hell, there is no judgment, and there is no judgment for the individuals who have come to Jesus by confidence! There is just opportunity and wonder and fellowship with the Lord God! (Sick. Sin gone – Psalm 103:12; Isa. 38:17; 43:25; Jer. 50:20; Micah 7:19; 1 John 1:7!) Everything changes when you come to Him! (This would relate to the Penalty of Sin being broken!) B. Saved From The Bondage Of Slavery – Their salvation delivered more than simple independence from their significant weights. Their weights might have been removed and they might have stayed there as slaves in Egypt. God not just changed their circumstance, He additionally changed their distinguishing proof! He broke the bonds that held them and let them go! This is how He likewise helps each miscreant who confides in Him by confidence for the spirit's salvation. He doesn't simply remove the past and the blame, yet He breaks the chains of wrongdoing in half and reproduces the heathen in His picture a holy person of God! Salvation liberates the saved one, John 8:36; Rom. 6:6-18! This is the thing that Jesus said that He came to do in any case, Luke 4:18! (Sick. Set free on the grounds that the King's Son had my spot!) (This would help us that the Power to remember Sin has been broken too!) C. Saved From The Barrier Of Slavery – God's guarantee to them is that they will be recovered (repurchased) out of their subjection by the strong force of God. For Israel, this reclamation would appear as the Passover Lamb, Ex. 12. That blood checked them as a reclaimed group and saved them from the force of the plague that broke the foundation of Egypt and Pharaoh: the demise of the principal conceived. Emblematically, they were bought back to God by the blood of the sheep and by the force of God. So it is for each individual who will be saved in our day. There is nevertheless one technique accessible for the saving of your spirit! The cure that delinquents need is still be blood of the Lamb, 1 Pet. 1:18-19! Obviously, this Lamb was in all honesty Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who kicked the bucket on the cross that we may have life! In case you are saved, or then again on the off chance that you at any point will be, it will happen through the blood of Jesus and the force of God, Eph. 1:9. Incidentally, no place is God's force more plainly noticeable than in the changing of the delinquent into a holy person! Have you encountered the magnificence of salvation through the blood of Jesus? II. v. 7 THE "I WILL" OF UNEQUALED SATISFACTION A. The Satisfaction Of His Adoption – God guarantees Israel that He will take those old slaves and change them into His kin. They will be His "unconventional fortune", Ex. 19:5; Duet. 14:2; 26:18; Psalm 135:4. That is, of the relative multitude of individuals who lived upon the earth in that day, they alone would be His kin. He would have an exceptional relationship with them. There would be a closeness and a condition of blessedness that no others would know. Why this uncommon standing? Why this decision of this individuals? Since, they had followed His arrangement of reclamation precisely. They had confided in their future to the blood of a little sheep. They had trusted God, by confidence, and He had acknowledged them on those grounds alone! That is the reason they were extraordinary! That is the reason He took on them as His kin. Coincidentally, that is still how it works today! Assuming an individual needs to be involved with God, it won't happen through joining a congregation or doing some strict workout. The arrangement of salvation has never showed signs of change. Heb. 9:22 says, "… without shedding of blood is no reduction." Old delinquents are made into holy people of God by only putting confidence in the gore by Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. At the point when an individual trusts the blood, and that's it, that individual goes into an exceptional relationship with God. Similarly as Israel is known as a "particular" individuals in the Old Testament, the reclaimed are known as a "exceptional" individuals in the New – Titus 2:14; 1 Pet. 2:9. Is it accurate to say that you are important for the picked individuals? Is it accurate to say that you are associated with an extraordinary relationship with the God the Father through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ? B. The Satisfaction Of His Approval – Not just did He guarantee to acknowledge these individuals in Himself, He likewise vowed to demonstrate His acknowledgment of them by showing His force for their benefit. As they traveled toward the Promised Land, they got favors that might have just come to them from the hand of God, mainstay of cloud and fire, Red Sea, Manna, water from the Rock, triumph over the entirety of their adversaries, and so forth His endorsement of Israel as a group was exhibited to them consistently! Such is the experience of the individuals who have confided in Jesus too. Each and every day of our lives, we partake in the appearance of His endorsement in the favors we appreciate as His kids, this is His guarantee, 2 Cor. 6:16 and this is the thing that He does, Psa. 68:19. That is the reason the individuals who know Him and stroll in close fellowship with Him are a glad, fulfilled individuals. God is so acceptable to us the entire lives! (Sick. The necessities He meets, the supplications He answers, the weights He lifts, the greatness He presents, the gifts He expands, the effortlessness He drops, and so forth) III. v. 8 THE "I WILL" OF UNENDING SECURITY A. Guaranteed A Habitation – Here were individuals that God had vowed to convey. He vowed to liberate them from their weights and to convey them from their subjugation. In any case, His guarantee broadened far past the basic thought of bringing them out. His guarantee to them was to acquire them too. He didn't convey them to leave them meandering in a wild until the end of time. He conveyed them from servitude that He may carry them into the spot of gift. He set them free to set them up! His guarantee conveyed keeping them securely as they traveled and of conveying them securely to the place where there is guarantee. What's more, that which He guaranteed He conveyed! Companion, we partake in a similar valuable security toward the beginning of today! God didn't save a solitary one of us to lose us en route! He saved us from this world to convey us to that world and He will make sure that it is finished. He won't lose a solitary one of His sheep en route home, John 6:37-40; John 10:28; 1 Pet. 1:5. In case you are saved, you are returning home! Assuming you are not, you need to give genuine thought to getting directly with the Lord. On the off chance that you began this excursion through confidence in the shed blood of Jesus, then, at that point companion, you are returning home! B. Guaranteed A Heritage – God's guarantee to Israel was of a land where they would partake in the best of God's favors. They knew the Promised Land as a land that was "streaming with milk and nectar", Ex. 3:8. His motivation in reclaiming them was not gotten done with them being conveyed from subjugation. It was not completed when they left Egypt for the wild. It was not completed until they remained on the ground that He had promis

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