Introduction: I have in my grasp a duplicate of a sale set on E-inlet, the Internet sell off webpage on November 15, 2002. This sale promotes God available to be purchased. The duplicate peruses, "I'm selling God. God arrives in a case, you could possibly have the option to see Him in he box, yet He's there, trust me. Have confidence! God is best utilized inside six days, and He requires one day away from work each week. He is acceptable at performing wonders, making presence and other such tedious assignments. When you own God, you will address how you at any point lived without Him. Transportation for God is US $2.00 and He will arrive in a standard cardboard box with no air openings since He is unfading/all-powerful. Some settling might happen. Cheerful offering." Now, as though this weren't sufficiently weird, there were 44 individuals who bid on this sale. The originally bid was for $.01, the most noteworthy bid recorded is $99,999,999.00. On the off chance that you are keen on offering yourself, this closeout will not close until around 9 PM November 22, 2002.
Something to that effect is stupid, it might even be lewdness. Nonetheless, the individual who posted the bartering offers a clever expression. He said, "When you own God, you will address how you at any point lived without Him." While this individual posted this sale as a joke, the fact of the matter is a serious issue! At the point when you are in an individual relationship with God, everything in your life is adjusted to improve things. At the point when you come up short on this relationship with God, your life unquestionably endures as a result of it. Incidentally, this relationship doesn't come to fruition through outbidding somebody on a sale. It comes through accepting Jesus Christ by confidence. The individuals who hand believed Him are in that close to home relationship with God. In this Psalm, David relates the way that he realizes that he has the Lord as of now by confidence, v. 1. This information gave David mush consolation as he confronted the different skirmishes of life. He talks about past triumphs the Lord had given in v. 2. He talks about his confidence of future triumphs in v. 3. David realized that, in his life, the solitary safe spot on the planet was to be in a spot near God, v. 4. He needed to be in where he could see God, address God and to adore God. This was the all-devouring longing of his heart. At the point when an adherent stays in that valuable spot near the Lord, he/she stands has some honored affirmations that the remainder of the world thinks nothing about. In nowadays, that is the sort of confirmation we need as we take on the conflicts of existence with the world, the tissue and Satan. For, in any event, when life is grinding away best and chugging along as expected, we are still amidst hazardous occasions, 2 Tim. 3:1. On the off chance that you will withstand, and that is the watchword here, for the individuals who stand partake in God's ideal, are the individuals who stay in the mysterious spot with Him, John 15:5, there are sure affirmations that you can appreciate. Permit me to impart them to you this evening. I. THERE IS THE ASSURANCE OF PERSONAL GUIDANCE A. If it's not too much trouble, note the individual pronouns identified with the movement of God in the devotee's life. "He will shroud me in His structure"; "in the mysterious spot of His sanctuary will He conceal me"; "He will set me upon a stone". There are two things to see about the action going on in this section: 1. It is a Personal Activity - This is something God does of His own will in the interest of the adherent. 2. It is a Passive Activity - The devotee is needed to never really be in a cozy relationship to the Lord. These things are finished by the Lord for His kid. B. The message here is essentially this: the Lord is seriously intrigued by what's going on in your life and mine! We are reminded that He is contacted with the sensation of our ailments, Heb. 4:15. He realize that His eye in on everything about existence, Heb. 4:13. He realize that He is at any point present, Heb. 13:5. May we likewise make sure to think back over the scene of our pasts and see where the Lord has moved heaven and earth, filled in valleys, and made a straight way for our feet. Applause God for the way that He is personally associated with the subtleties of all of our lives! C. You and I may not comprehend the authority of the Lord in our lives, however I can guarantee you, that assuming you are His, He is working in your life step by step. He is directing your means, Psa. 37:23; Pro. 16:9. It might appear as though life is crazy, and it is out of your control, however it is rarely out of His! Eventually, you will wind up precisely where you should be! (Note: You are valuable to Him!) II. THERE IS THE ASSURANCE OF POWERFUL GUARDIANSHIP A. David reveals to us that the Lord will conceal him in His structure. A lord's structure was a tent that raised in the military's camp. The tent was consequently encircled by a multitude of valiant fighters. With all the host of the military set up camp about, this was the most secure spot on the front line. The individuals who were sufficiently lucky to be permitted to enter the lord's structure were secured by the troopers and engaged by the ruler during the fight! (Note: "cover up" signifies "to love away.") B. As the clashes of life rage about us, we are securely concealed in our King's structure. The Bible reveals to us that "your life is stow away with Christ in God", Col. 3:3! Could there be a more secure spot in all the universe? Obviously not! The individuals who have entered His structure are ensured by Him and, even while the fights rage around them, they are engaged with the harmony and delight of the King Himself. This is guarantee to the individuals who will stay in that nearby spot! No adversary could infiltrate the protections and enter this private spot. It is shielded from the adversary! 1. We have a spot to trade our difficulty for His tranquility, 1 Pet. 5:7; Phil. 4:6-7. 2. We have a spot to discover happiness, in any event, during the most inconvenient occasions, 1 Pet. 1:8. 3. Notice the incredible guarantee of John 15:11 for the individuals who will stand near Him! C. The affirmation of His amazing guardianship permits us to face the hardships of existence with certainty and triumph. This was what permitted David to confront Goliath. This was the certainty that kept Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. This was the confirmation that held the core of Daniel! This was the information that permitted Paul to proceed, in any event, when he endured extraordinarily, 2 Cor. 12:7-11. A similar confirmation these men had as they confronted life is a similar affirmation we have as we face every day. The Lord actually conceals us away in His structure to give wellbeing and satisfaction, in any event, during the fights! He places us in where the foe can't move toward us. The foes of life might growl and undermine, however they are feeble to contact us when we are protected by the Lord! III. THERE IS THE ASSURANCE OF PROFOUND GLORY A. "Sanctuary" infers the spot of love. The "secret spot" alludes to the "blessed of holies". That place which was beyond reach to everything except the High Priest, and he could just enter there one day out of each year, and the just with the blood of a blameless penance. It was a spot that different men entered under the punishment of death. However, it is that mysterious spot, to which God takes His valuable companions. The Holy of Holies was where the actual presence of God abided and the brilliance of God could be seen. It was there that God took David during the clashes of his life. It was there David wound up shut up with God and shut off from his general surroundings. In a lord's home, this spot alluded to the private condo of the ruler where nobody could enter except if they did as such at his offering. (Note: "stow away" signifies "to disguise".) B. Unfortunately there is a position of isolation in a world loaded up with individuals. There is a spot that you and I can escape to during the devastating fights that fury about us. A spot that manages the cost of us calm, harmony and the significant presence of God. The individuals who have figured out how to stay in Him have been to that spot and know its brilliance. It is where the adversary dares not follow. It is a spot held for the individuals who love the Lord their God. Have you at any point been to that place? Where God meets with you and you alone. Where all else falls away and you are let with Him and Him be? That is the spot He welcomes the individuals who withstand to enter! C. Stephen was in that spot right now of his passing, Acts 7:55-56! Paul was in that spot during his life, 2 Cor. 12:1-4; Acts 27:23. It is workable for us to enter that sacrosanct, secret spot where the world darkens away and God expands than all the other things! IV. THERE IS THE ASSURANCE OF PRECIOUS GRACE A. David has the affirmation that in any event, when life takes steps to flood him, the Lord will set him on a stone, a spot that is unchangeable, amazing and steady. Obviously, this Rock he alludes to is in all honesty the Lord Himself, Psa. 40:1-2. The stone alluded to in these sections is a "extraordinary rugged stone". It is a stone that extends far over the fights going on at its feet. It permits the individuals who ride its statures to transcend the tumult underneath! B. This is the part of every one of the individuals who know Him! We are guaranteed that we have a safe space that will lift us far over the blustery oceans that would take steps to suffocate us. Like the falcon, who takes shelter over the tempest until it has passed. The individuals who stay in Him are given beauty that bears them higher than the tempests and guards them until risk has passed, Isa. 40:31. The individuals who wish to transcend there conditions are offered wings to do as such! C. Express gratitude toward God for His incomparable, great, magnificent effortlessness that permits to face the hardships! His beauty is adequate to convey us far over the assaults of the relative multitude of foes we face throughout everyday life and His elegance permits some to take off while others are crushed by similar conditions! What has the effect? His beauty! 2 Cor. 12:9 holds the response to you beating what takes steps to obliterate you this evening! The appropriate response is His elegance! Conc: I need to stay in that mysterious spot this evening! Why? Since I need assistance this evening! I need a defender. I need a supplier! I need somebody to place me in a position of security, where I can see Him a

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