SEEING HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE Heb. 11:32-40; 23-29

Introduction: This section has been known as the "Lobby of Faith". Many incredible people of the Word are recorded here, and their endeavors related. These individuals persevered through untold misfortune, but then they strolled with God. They encountered such misfortune so incredible that nothing we will at any point go through will contrast at all and any of it, yet they had the triumph. The explanation they suffered with such greatness is that they "saw Him who is imperceptible." I've tracked down that an individual can go through pretty much anything on the off chance that they have the Lord with them. The genuine pith of confidence is uncovered in section 1. Confidence will in a real sense permit you to grasp things that have never been seen. It will likewise permit you to consider Him to be you excursion to meet Him!
Presently, I don't have a clue what you are going through this moment, however I know God. Furthermore, I realize that in the event that you at any point get a brief look at the Invisible One, you won't ever go back. This evening from these refrains, I need to take a gander at the existence of Moses and find how we may get a brief look at Jesus. I. THE TRAITS ENJOYED BY THOSE WHO SEE HIM A. V.23 A Special Birth - John 3:3, 7 - The new birth carries us into the spot of gift. (Eph. 2:13) Lost and God are foes - Rom. 8:7. B. v.24-25 A Separated Life - Clean living carries us nearer to the Lord. (John 14:15, 21; 2 Cor. 6:17; Rom. 8:1) Can't see Him through a haze of wrongdoing! Isa. 59:2 C. v.28-29a; 26b A Supernatural Faith - See past the present to the coming triumph - (Ill. At death's door; Battle exhausted, and so on) (Ill. The incredible saints of confidence - They endured in light of the fact that they had the option to see the truth past the noticeable!) Heb. 11:1. Our eyes should be on Jesus and He will own us, Heb. 12:1-2! D. v.29b A Surpassing Victory - Whether we win or lose the genuine skirmishes of life is insignificant, we are triumphant - 2 Cor. 2:14. In any case, each time we see the imperceptible one, it gives us fortitude to battle on! Sick. Isaiah; Stephen, Paul x 2, 3 Hebrews, Daniel, John. II. THE TROUBLES ENCOUNTERED BY THOSE WHO SEE HIM A. v.25 They Endure Suffering - (Ill. Moses and His anguish) Either otherworldly or physical - Jesus strolls in the valley of affliction - Psa. 23:1-6; He has a method of transforming rout into triumph - 1Cor. 15:57. In some cases just in the valley of enduring will you see Him who is undetectable. It will make it worth the agony! (Occupation 23:10) B. v.27a They Endure Solitude - (Ill. Moses' 40 years in the desert and 40 seriously driving the Israelites) There are times when you will walk alone all things considered, however in case you are saved you won't ever be separated from everyone else profoundly, Matt. 28:20; Heb 13:5. Jesus is consistently there and He generally gets it. Being forlorn damages, however Jesus can make is beneficial! (Sick. Daniel, Jesus, Paul, and so forth) C. v.26a They Endure Shame - (Ill. Moses' disgrace, Ill. most likely called a nitwit) There will be times when it isn't famous to be saved, 2 Tim.3:12. Yet, the end merits the center! Jesus will get you through the difficult stretches, and on the off chance that you draw nearer to Him, everything will work out for the best all! III. V. 24-28 THE TACTICS EMPLOYED BY THOSE WHO SEE HIM A. V. 24, 27, 28 They Make The Right Commitments - Faith empowered Moses to make the appropriate responsibilities in his day to day existence. He submitted his direction, his walk and his will to the Lord and God coordinated His ways, Psa. 37:23; Pro. 3:5-6. B. V. 25 The Make The Right Choices - Faith will empower you to pick God's direction over what might be a simpler way! The individuals who see Him decide to stroll in His ways! (Sick. Paul and the decisions he made.) C. V. 26 That Make The Right Calculations - Those who see Him realize that the finish of their confidence legitimizes the excursion! Along these lines, they can include everything in their lives as waste, yet those things that laud Him, Phil. 3:7-9. Conc: Have you seen Him recently? Is your life in where that is conceivable? All you need do is get where you can see and afterward look!

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