Introduction: The musician William Cowper wrote the accompanying words:
God moves strangely, His miracles to perform; He plants his strides in the ocean, What's more, rides upon the tempest. Somewhere down in unbelievable mines Of never bombing ability, He loves up his brilliant plans, What's more, works his sovereign will. The prophet Isaiah had this to say about the strange methods of the Lord, "For my musings are not your considerations, nor are your ways my methodologies, saith the LORD. For as the sky are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your methodologies, and my contemplations than your considerations.", Isa. 55:8-9. The sooner the offspring of God understands this, the good the individual in question will be! Obviously, despite the fact that we can peruse this reality and we realize that it is correct, once in a while, the methods of God are still difficult to stomach. Such was the situation for Jonah in the entry we have understood today. Jonah watched the Lord work His sovereign will in the city of Nineveh and Jonah didn't care for God's way the slightest bit! I should concede that there are times in my day to day existence when I see what God is doing and I have issues with it. In case you were straightforward, you would need to say something similar! In any case, we as a whole need to understand reality that God is in outright control of life and that everything we can manage is give up to His arrangement and go along with Him in the thing He is doing. As we take a gander at this content around evening time, I need to point the exercises that are educated here. Ideally, this section will serve to instruct us that God is in control and our obligation is to work with Him in all that He does. As the Lord drives, I need to lecture for some time on Plants, People and Priorities. I. V. 3:10 THE REVIVAL IN NINEVEH (Sick. The book of Jonah records what might be the best recovery throughout the entire existence of the world. A whole town apologized of wrongdoing and got directly with the Lord! Notice that this recovery didn't occur without anyone else! A couple of things were associated with bringing this allotment t individuals of Nineveh!) A. V. 1:1-3:3 Involved A Man - We are given the subtleties of Jonah's call, his rebellion and his reclamation. We are told how the Lord utilized this prophet to carry the expression of God to a lost group. (Note: There is uplifting news in this for you and me! It is a gift to realize that God can utilize even the individuals who have missed the mark for His brilliance! The consequence of this is that if God can utilize Jonah, God can utilize you as well!) B. V. 3:4 Involved A Message - Jonah strolled into Nineveh with a basic eight Word message from the Lord. At the point when this message was lectured, God utilized the Word to prick the hearts of the Ninevites and recovery followed. (Note: There is a gift in this as well! The gift lies in the way that you and I can take certainty when we share the expression of the Lord, realizing that He will favor His Word and that it will achieve to reason to which He sent it, Isa. 55:11!) C. V. 3:5-9 Involved A Miracle - The supernatural occurrence lies in the way that an entire town went to God! There have been extraordinary recoveries since the beginning, yet this is the lone example of a town of this size, loaded up with such fiendish individuals, being changed over and conveyed from wrongdoing. (Note: It is an extraordinary marvel when restoration comes and lives are changed. However, it is consistently a marvel when even a solitary soul hears the uplifting news of salvation and comes to confidence in Jesus! That is the wonder of the Gospel, Rom. 1:16; John 1:12.) D. V. 3:10 Involved God's Mercy - When individuals of Nineveh atoned of their wrongdoings and went to the Lord, God responded to their confidence in beauty. At the point when they went to Him, He saved their spirits by elegance! Obviously, God realized what might occur before Jonah at any point showed up! Their transformation was important for His ideal arrangement! (Note: Salvation consistently works along these lines! God adores the miscreant, has an arrangement to save his spirit and He sends the Word so the heathen may be sentenced and see his condition. At the point when that miscreant atones of his wrongdoings, God saves him by effortlessness through confidence, Eph. 2:8-9. Obviously, it's all important for His arrangement!) II. 4:1-5 THE REACTION IN JONAH (Sick. At the point when the Lord takes the message of Jonah and recoveries a city, Jonah responds in an extremely awful way.) A. V. 1 The Prophet's Rage - The expression "extremely irate" implies that Jonah "got extremely frustrated". He was jumping distraught at God since God didn't kill individuals of Nineveh! For what reason would he say he was so distraught? There are a few reasons. Here are a couple: 1. One of the characteristics of a genuine prophet was that his predictions consistently materialized, Deut. 18:20-22. Jonah had said that the Ninevites would be ousted, Jonah 3:4. On the off chance that this didn't occur, Jonah would be viewed as a bogus prophet. 2. His kindred Jews would be furious with him for lecturing a message that carried salvation to their adversaries. They may consider him to be a swindler. 3. Jonah loathed individuals of Nineveh! Nothing would have satisfied him more than seeing them all obliterated by God! (Note: Before we get too hard on old Jonah, possibly we need to take a gander at our own lives and analyze how we have reacted to the Lord working out His will in your life and mine! How often have we responded with outrage when God accomplished something that conflicted with our arrangements? Maybe we need to recall the insight of the Bible, Pro. 16:9; Psa. 37:23.) B. V. 2 The Prophet's Resentment - Jonah tells the Lord that this is the thing that he knew would occur. This is the reason he fled in any case. What you see here is a man arranging a top notch feel sorry for party! Jonah didn't get everything he might want and he needs God to realize that he is vexed. His hurt and outrage is profound to the point that he even endeavors to take it out on the Lord! (Note: Just in the event that you didn't have any acquaintance with it, your arms are too short to even think about boxing with God! Since He doesn't structure life like we figure it ought to be requested, we would do well to be cautious when we choose to arrange against God! Companion, no one loves life and what it brings constantly, yet the individuals who love the Lord the most profound are the individuals who recall that God consistently knows best and He generally does what is best for His youngsters, Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17. The most secure and sanest strategy is one of humble compliance and accommodation to what life brings our direction. Sick. Work - Job 1:20-22.) C. V. 3 The Prophet's Request - To put it obtusely, Jonah needed God to kill him! He wasn't the first. Moses and Elijah both appealed to God for exactly the same thing, Num. 11:15; 1 Kings 19:4. Since he didn't get everything he might want and in light of the fact that he needed to suffer shame, he needed to abandon life itself. What a tragic discourse! (Note: But pause, what number of individuals have killed their declaration and abandoned serving God since He didn't give them what they needed? I will simply remind you again that compliance to what the Lord brings our direction is superior to whatever else you can give Him, 1 Sam. 15:22; Rom 12:1-2!) D. V. 4-5 The Prophet's Resolve - After Jonah is gone up against about his displeasure, he doesn't alter his perspective. All things considered, he climbs a slope outside the city, creases his arms and plunks down to pause. He is presumably trusting the Lord will adjust His perspective! Jonah doesn't get everything he might want about Nineveh and he doesn't get everything he might want about biting the dust so he simply begins to mope! (Note: There are heaps of individuals very much like Jonah in the congregation! For reasons unknown life has not gone as they had it arranged. Their reaction isn't modest accommodation to the desire of the Lord. No! They just quit on Him! It doesn't say much for your adoration for Him or for your commitment to His will when your failure convert into defiance and abandonment on your part. I guarantee you that in the event that you choose to do battle with God over His will, He will win that fight without fail!) III. V. 4:6-11 THE RESPONSE FROM GOD A. V. 6 God Responds In Tenderness Toward The Prophet - The Lord stretched out effortlessness to Jonah, in any event, when his heart was clearly not directly with God. The Lord generous permitted a plant to develop over the prophet's cottage to give him safe house and solace. (Note: Isn't it a gift to realize that in any event, when we stroll outside the desire of the Lord, the Lord will in any case take care of us and favor us? Sick. Elijah - 1 Kings 19:5-7; Ill. Peter and the followers - John 21:6.) what number occasions has He proceeded to favor and utilize you in any event, when you were out of His will? Express gratitude toward God for His effortlessness, Rom. 5:20! B. V. 7-11 God's Responds By Teaching About Priorities - Just as Jonah was partaking in the plant, God sent a worm to annihilate the plant. Jonah settles the score angrier! (Note: He is getting a minuscule taste of the detestations of the Hell the Ninevites were gone to before they were saved.) This time, God clears up everything! He reminds Jonah that Jonah thought often more about a plant than he did the spirits of individuals of Nineveh. Individuals made in the picture of God and individuals who might have died had He not interceded! (Note: Every time I read this I get under conviction! Why? I see a similar disposition in my life constantly. We will in general get vexed about things that just don't make any difference. Ponder the last thing that made you frantic. Presently, pose yourself this inquiry: What will it matter in 100 years? Companions, the solitary thing that truly matters as we go through this life is discovering God's will for you and strolling in with all your force! Individuals are going to Hell and we are agonizing over plants and different solaces. Our needs should be pulled together and limited until they need just what He needs in the entirety of life. That would please Him and it would complete His work on the planet! Eph. 6:6; Heb. 13:21; 1 John 2:17.) Conc: What has your consideration this evening? Jonah couldn't have cared less about the unceasing predetermination of individuals on Nineveh! All he thought often about was his standing as a prophet and the stupid biases he brought with him through life. He learned, or if nothing else we trust he did, that God's will in this world is all that truly matters. Isn't it time we set to the side every one of the things that cloud our vision of His will? Isn't it time we set to the side our damages, our longings and our wills so we may be better ready to do His will on the planet? Jonah endured on the grounds that he couldn't have cared less about God's will. What do you care about

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