LIFE IN A NUTSHELL Proverbs 9:1-18

Introduction: Charlie Brown's sister, Sally, moved toward her sibling and proclaimed, "I think I've found the key to life- - you simply stay nearby until you become acclimated to it." A man of honor once composed Marilyn vos Savant with an inquiry regarding life. Ms. vos Savant is recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records Hall of Fame for most elevated IQ, and has a normal segment in Parade. This specific inquirer said his life was "more debilitating than he at any point envisioned" and needed to know, "Is this typical?" Marilyn disclosed to him his life was to be sure ordinary and afterward gave the accompanying similarity about existence. She said, "A significant part of the time, life resembles going through the air terminal guiding a stacked baggage truck with one terrible wheel. Once in a while you simply feel ludicrous, in some cases you really look silly, and now and again nothing remains at this point but to simply attempt to push it in by and large the correct heading." (Parade, Oct. 12, 1997, p. 8)
While there is a trace of validity in both of those assertion, definitely there must be more to life than simply sticking around attempting to become accustomed to it, or simply attempting to "push it" in the correct heading. Fortunately, there is! Fortunately, God has a remark about existence. He has given us His statement, the Bible. The Bible is a book that has a lot to say about everyday routine and regarding how we should experience it. While we don't have time this evening to take a gander at each section in the Bible about everyday routine and how it ought to be experienced, we do have the opportunity to investigate this one part. Axioms 9 separates life to its least difficult realities and gives us Life In A Nutshell. That is the idea I need to enhance this evening. Notice with me a portion of the unavoidable truths that apply to everyone as they are uncovered in this part. I. V. 1-4; 13-16 THERE ARE TWO CALLS IN LIFE A. V. 1-4 The Call Of Wisdom - Ill. The Context. (Note: Wisdom has a fine house held up by seven columns. This talks about roominess and soundness. Her home is away from the way of typical human action, v. 3. She needs to send her workers to call individuals to come. She looks for them where they reside and welcomes them to go to her place for a superior life.) What is "astuteness"? Astuteness isn't knowledge! "Astuteness isn't high IQ. It is the best utilization of information." - Lewis Timberlake "Scriptural astuteness is knowing, understanding and experiencing the Word of God." An existence of insight, then, at that point, is an everyday routine that experiences out the facts of the Word of God. (Sick. Occupation 23:12; Psa. 119:103; Jer. 15:16; 1 Pet. 2:2) (Ill. The Words Of Jesus - Matt. 4:4) B. V. 13-16 The Call Of Wickedness - Ill. The Context. (Note: Folly additionally has a house. Be that as it may, it is fabricated where the morons are as of now living, v. 15. This makes it undeniably more advantageous. This suggests that men might go into the place of imprudence with practically zero change in their lives. To get to astuteness, they need to invest energy, to get to indiscretion, they can proceed as they are, the place where they are.) (Note: Folly is introduced as a whore. She guarantees the simpleton a fun time, this is the temptation to evil, Heb. 11:25.) (Note: This is the reason there are a greater number of individuals who carry on with day to day routines of wrongdoing than there are who experience lives of exemplary nature! Individuals, similar to water and power, quite often pick the easiest course of action. They do what falls into place without a hitch and they incline toward evil, Psa. 58:3; Eph. 2:1-3; 4:22.) II. V. 4, 10-12; 16 THERE ARE TWO CHOICES IN LIFE (Sick. At the point when the calls of life are given, a definitive decision lies with the person. Indeed, even Jesus introduced life as comprising of just two decisions, Matt. 7:13-14.) A. V. 16 One Grounded In Human Understanding - This is the pathway of the stupid. It is the decision that requires no decision! It is simply man doing what he does naturally. This is man heading out in a different direction, Pro. 16:25. B. V. 4, 10-12 One Grounded In Heavenly Understanding - By contrast, he that picks the way of insight, does as such on the grounds that he has come to see some significant realities. He has gone to a comprehension of the Person, Position and Power of God, v. 10-12. The savvy individual has come to comprehend that one day, God will pass judgment on these day to day routines we are experiencing, Rom. 14:12; 2 Cor. 5:10. Consequently, He is to be respected and dreaded as we go through this world. (Note: In the end, your unceasing predetermination will settle upon the decision you make concerning Jesus Christ. At this moment, the nature of your life settles upon the decisions you make concerning God's Word and Will for your life, v. 12.) III. V. 7-9 THERE ARE TWO CONTRASTS IN LIFE A. V. 7-8 The Wicked Man - Ill. The Context. These stanzas disclose to us that the insidious man, or the imbecile is "closed off". He won't yield to common sense. He won't pay attention to the Lord. Attempting to show him his delinquency just makes a foe! (Note: "Astute men alter their perspectives; tricks never. An astute man thinks all he says; a dolt says all he thinks." - Anonymous "Time and again we change occupations, companions, or mates as opposed to evolving ourselves." - Akbarali Jetha.) The individual who picks human silliness over divine truth is not really set in stone to life his life according to his own preferences! B. V. 9 The Wise Man - Ill. The Context and the difference. While the moron continues in his absurdity, the insightful man will listen when he is gone up against with reality and he will change his life likewise. He has a "workable" soul! (Sick. Sayings 1:7-9) He understands his own restrictions and deficiency and handles each chance to form his life into one that is more satisfying to the Lord. (Note: "Shrewd men gain more from fools than fools from insightful men." - Cato the Elder) (Note: These two sorts of individuals are surrounding us! There are the individuals who are closed off. They think they realize what is best for their lives and you can't reveal to them any unique. They are fools! Then, at that point, there are those individuals who realize they aren't great. They realize they need guidance and they get the reality of God with happiness. These people are savvy! Who best portrays you?) IV. V. 5-6; 17-18 THERE ARE TWO CONSEQUENCES IN LIFE A. V. 5-6 You Can Attend The Feast - Ill. The Context. Intelligence spreads her table for the individuals who go into her home. She reinforces them, she fulfills them, and she supports them. She gives them all they need until further notice and for the future, v. 6, 11. (Note: The equivalent is valid for the individual who picks the method of God over the behavior that most people find acceptable. He spreads His dining experience for us as we go through this life, 1 Cor. 2:9, and He guarantees us that we have a home with Him in His paradise always, John 14:1-3! Deciding to live by the astuteness of God will fit you for brilliance!) B. V. 17-18 You Can Attend The Funeral - Ill. The Context and the differentiation. While the savvy man heads out to partake in the banquet, the blockhead goes off the persevere through his burial service, v. 18. This reality is clearly shown in Proverbs 7:5-27. This is the part of the imbecile! Carrying on with this life to the full with wicked joys, however with no groundwork for later! (Sick. A rich man fizzled in business. He got together the pieces of his destroyed fortune and had in every one of the a couple thousand dollars. Still up in the air to go toward the West and start once again. He took his cash and bought a RV, outfitting it in the most sumptuous style, and loading it with arrangements for his excursion. In this extravagant vehicle he ventured out to his objective. Finally he ventured from the entryway of his RV and really at that time thought interestingly of his extraordinary indiscretion. He had utilized all his cash in getting to his new home, and presently had nothing with which to start life there. This occurrence delineates the stupidity of the individuals who think just about this life and make no arrangement forever.) The insightful man will go to Heaven, the nitwit will get lost! Which will it be intended for you? Conc: James reveals to us that our life is just a simple fume, James 4:14. It is hanging around for a period and afterward it is no more! We just get on life, so we need to spend it admirably, doing the desire of the Lord and setting ourselves up to meet Him when this life is finished. Indeed, even as you stay here around evening time, the fume of your life is dispersing into the slender quality of endlessness. In case you were straightforward, would you say, "I'm carrying on with a daily existence dependent on the word and will of God! I stroll in the dread of the Lord and I serve Him with my entire existence."? Or on the other hand, would you need to concede, "I head out in a different direction, do whatever I might want to do and never ponder what God needs from my life."? Those are the two limits! I speculate that the majority of us are some place in the two. In the event that this message is anything, it is a test to start the method involved with drawing your life nearer to the manner in which God needs you to live it.

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