Introduction: Place a finger at Hebrews 13 and turn your Bibles to Ephesians 4:7-15. As per section 11, your Pastor is God's gift to this congregation! There might be times when you will think you have gotten the "booby prize," yet you haven't. He has been given to you to fortify your otherworldly life and to assist you with developing into development as a devotee. He has been sent here to support you, to take care of you, to lead you and educate you occupied with God. On the off chance that he strolls with the Lord as he ought to, he will be prepared by the Holy Spirit to successfully do his obligations, and he will be a gift to this congregation and in your own stroll with the Lord.
My task this evening, in any case, isn't to lecture about what God needs from Brother Jason. My task is to lecture about what God anticipates from you as people and from this congregation body in your relationship to your Pastor. Similarly as Brother Jason has certain obligations to you as the Pastor of this congregation, you likewise have a few obligations toward him that you need to release. I have perused only one stanza of Scripture this evening, however from that refrain, I might want to share a few considerations about God's assumptions in your relationship to God's gift. In the event that I may, while we have this time together, I might want to address you on this idea: How To Treat God's Gift To The Church. There are three considerations in this stanza that I might want to bring up this evening. I. THERE IS A WORD ABOUT REMEMBERING (Sick. The congregation is told to "recall." "recollect" has the accompanying implications, "To be aware of; To remember; To consider and feel for an individual; To talk about." Let's pause for a minute to consider how it affects the congregation to "recall" the Pastor.) A. Talks about Consideration – "to be aware of, to remember" – This has "being insightful." This is a require God's kin to be chivalrous of their Pastor. God didn't send this man here to be available to your no matter what. He sent him here to take care of your spirits and to lead you more profound in the things of God. I would move you to be obliging of his time. Give him time for his family. Give him time for petition and for the investigation of the Word of God. Make certain to set aside the effort to express an expression of consolation to him. Extremely many houses of worship fail to remember the heap that their Pastor conveys; unreasonably few acknowledge exactly how hefty that heap truly is! There will be evenings when Brother Jason will wet his cushion with tears in light of his weight for you. There will be times when he will be away from his family since he adores you. There will be times when he will bear your weights and convey them to the seat of effortlessness and do profound fight for your sake. All I am saying is be smart to your Pastor! At the point when he commits an error, excuse him. At the point when he falls, assist him with getting back up once more. Recollect that he is God's man, yet that he is as yet a man. On the off chance that you will figure out how to convey your Pastor in your heart, God will favor his service here. B. Discusses Compassion – "to consider and to feel for an individual" – This has the possibility of basic human "thoughtfulness." Learn to deal with your Pastor like you would need to be dealt with. Deal with him. Supply his requirements, after all that is God's order to the congregation, 1 Tim. 5:17; Gal. 6:6. Drop by him with an expression of support sometimes. Tell him you love him and are remaining with him in the fight. Be a companion to the godly man! Show some care for what your Pastor faces and recollect that frequently, his heap will be heavier than your heap. Why? Since he worries about his concerns and he conveys yours too. Along these lines, when you consider Brother Jason and his family and when you are around him, generally give him grace. God will respect your endeavors to be a companion to the righteous man. C. Discusses Conversation – "to go on about" – This is a call to the congregation to lift of the godly man in supplication. Perhaps the best gift you can provide for your minister is the endowment of your predictable, consistent, genuine petitions. Sibling Jason is setting out on the best endeavor of his life. Being the Pastor of a Baptist church is an obligation more noteworthy than any man can bear alone. He needs you to remain with him and to hold up his hands in petition. Similarly as Aaron and Hur remained with Moses, held up his hands and hence empowered him to priest to every one individuals, the individuals who penance their time in supplication for their Pastor empower him to be a superior worker of the Lord and the Lord's public. On the off chance that you appeal to God for him, you will receive the reward through his service of the Word of God. He will be enabled and God will utilize him to lead, feed and favor your congregation, your family and your life. You ought to unquestionably deal with the monetary and material necessities of your Pastor, however you should set aside the effort to appeal to God for him! Get in that wardrobe and lift up his name in supplication. God will respect that sort of penance. (Note: Every obligation in this congregation ought not settle upon the Pastor's shoulders. Get under the heap of this work with him and the Lord will get extraordinary things done. Leave everything on the Pastor and not a lot will be refined! Your Pastor's essential obligation revolves around supplication and the declaration of the Word of God, Acts 6:1-7. you would do well here to permit him the freedom to be who God called him to be, rather than troubling him down with obligations that others could do comparably well. There should be a sharing of the heap if the work is to be done well and successfully.) II. THERE IS A WORD ABOUT RULING (Sick. "Rule" had to do with "administration." It talks about the position God has set in the workplace of Pastor. A many individuals experience difficulty with peaceful position, in light of ministers who have mishandled the workplace, 1 Pet. 5:1-4. The creator of Hebrews isn't alluding to the minister as a despot, however as one who has been set in a place of administration and authority. Incidentally, the expression "have the standard over you" is in the latent voice. This implies that these rulers are not in their situations by close to home decision, but rather by the call and will of God. Furthermore, the expression "who have spoken unto you the expression of God," qualifies who the essayist is discussing. He is alluding to the righteous men who lecture the Word to God's kin in the workplace of Pastor! Permit me to take that and two or three contemplations that ring a bell.) A. Discusses A Rank – Nature instructs us that living organic entities just have one head. At the point when a creature is brought into the world with two heads, it is known as a "freak" and is a peculiarity. The congregation of Jesus Christ is a living being. In that capacity, it can just have one head, and the top of the congregation is the Lord Jesus, Eph. 5:23. Jesus leads His congregation through His Word and through His Spirit. Notwithstanding, in the congregation, there is to be organization and some portion of that request requires that there be an innovator in the neighborhood church. That pioneer is the Pastor. Companions, God didn't put the expert for driving this congregation in the possession of the "Leading group of Deacons." He put it is the Pastor. He didn't put it in the possession of the head of the Women's Auxiliary; He put it in the workplace of the Pastor. There must be one forerunner in this congregation and that pioneer is to be the godly man, the Pastor! Your obligation is to conform to him and follow him as he follows the Lord. It is his bonus to lead; it is your order to follow. Once more, I am not upholding a fascism with the Pastor as the head. I'm saying the God will lead this congregation through the godly man. As your Pastor, he merits deferential compliance and he opens the Word of God and looks to lead you into the green fields of God's ideal will. Conform to God's man and God's arrangement and God will favor it! B. Talks about A Relationship – I realize that Brother Jason has been in this congregation for quite a while. Be that as it may, your relationship to him has always been changed. He has been put in a place of power over you. He has been put in an office that ought to be regarded and regarded by others in the congregation, 1 Thes. 5:12-13. The expression, "to regard them profoundly," implies they are "to be held in the most elevated respect." Regard is something that can't be requested. It is something procured over the long haul. In any case, there is a sure measure of regard appended to the workplace of Pastor. As time goes ahead, Brother Jason will procure your regard through the lessons he will lecture and the service he will deliver. Indeed, I think he has effectively procured the admiration of numerous here, or he couldn't ever have been called to be the Pastor of Rustic Hills Baptist Church. Nevertheless, he is to be regarded for the workplace he holds. Your relationship to this man has perpetually changed! He is at this point not simply "Jason." He is the godly man! He is the Pastor and he is to be regarded accordingly. Encourage your youngsters to address him appropriately. Teach yourself to regard him as the Pastor. Never be blameworthy of behaving like he is still only "part of the gang," since he isn't! Once more, we are not looking at respecting and magnifying a man, we are looking at regarding an office. Your relationship to your Pastor ought to be one of regard. C. Discusses A Reality – Since God has set him in this position, he has an obligation to come clean with you, 2 Tim. 4:2. There will be times when your Pastor should resolve difficult issues and he will likely furrow your life hard and profound. At the point when the Word of God comes your direction, recollect that your Pastor loves you, that he has a weight for you and that he will probably assist you with filling in the Lord. Your obligation as a congregation is to assemble around the proclaiming of the Word of God

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