Introduction: Revelation part six is a shock to the faculties. In the previous two parts, we have been permitted to observe scenes of brilliant love. In this entry, we will see pictures of heavenly fury. We have been where there is applause and yelling. We are going to analyze a scene loaded up with agony and languishing. In sections four and five, we have been situated in "superb spots" noticing "scenes of delight". In part six, we are brought down to "natural spots" to notice "scenes of judgment."
Starting in part six entirely through section nineteen, we are put in "Adversity Period", or the time known as the "Incomparable Tribulation". This time of seven years is separated into two sections, with each part enduring 3 ½ years. This timeframe is unmistakably portrayed in the Word of God. · Jeremiah 30:7, "Too bad! for that day is extraordinary, so that none resembles it: it is even the hour of Jacob's difficulty; yet he will be saved out of it." · Daniel 12:1, "And around then will Michael stand up, the extraordinary ruler which standeth for the offspring of thy individuals: and there will be a difficult situation, for example, never was since there was a country even to that equivalent time: and around then thy individuals will be conveyed, each one that will be discovered written in the book." · Matthew 24:3-24 · Matthew 24:21-22, "For then will be incredible affliction, for example, was not since the start of the world to this time, no, nor at any point will be. What's more, with the exception of those days ought to be abbreviated, there should no tissue be saved: however for the good of the choose those days will be abbreviated." In this entry, the seven seals on the book in the hand of the Lord Jesus start to be broken, individually. As the seals are opened, a progression of heavenly judgment is spilled out upon the earth and the individuals who harp on the earth. The four seals that we will consider in this message depict occasions that will happen during the initial 3 ½ year piece of the Tribulation. We are going to observe a period of obliteration, pulverization and passing that can scarcely be grasped by our human personalities. These sections depict occasions that will occur on the earth after the congregation has been taken out in the Rapture. The world we are going to see is a world that has no Gospel witness. There are no Christians, no Gospel singing or lecturing, and no harmony. This is a world that is in insubordination to its Maker; and it is a world that stands near the precarious edge of unnerving decisions. We are told in section one that when the Lamb opens the principal seal, there was "the clamor of roar" in Heaven. Similarly as thunder flags the methodology of a tempest, this superb thunder shows that a tempest is going to be released upon this world that is nearly beyond words. We should analyze these stanzas together as I attempt to lecture about "Horsemen On The Horizon". We should concentrate some of what a lost world will world will confront when Tribulation starts. I. v. 2 THE WHITE HORSE OF DECEPTION (Sick. There are some who read this and say that this rider is Jesus Himself. They refer to the similitudes between these refrains and those in Rev. 19:11-16. While there are a few similitudes, there are a lot more contrasts. The man on this pony isn't the Christ, he is the Antichrist! There are a few reasons why this man can't be Jesus. · It is Jesus Who is breaking the seals, Rev. 6:1. How could Jesus be in Heaven opening the seals and riding this white pony simultaneously? · This rider wears a "crown"; Jesus wears "many crowns". · This rider wears a "stephanos", a victor's crown. His crown is a prize. Jesus wears many "diadems", the many crowns of the King of Kings. · The rider in these stanzas has his crown "given unto him". This man was selected a ruler be men. This rider is given a crown that he has procured. Jesus wears His crowns due to Who He is, not what He has done. He is the King of Kings by inheritance. Jesus isn't given a crown, He "gives" crowns, Rev. 2:10. · This rider conveys a "bow". Jesus conveys a "blade", Rev. 19:15. · The likenesses between this rider and the Lord Jesus show that this man is the Antichrist. We will get familiar with him as our examination advances. Until further notice, note that he isn't Jesus Christ. Presently, we know who this man isn't; presently we should perceive what we can discover about what his identity is. A. He Is A Man Of Peace – You will see that this rider has a "bow" in his grasp, however he has no bolts. This suggests that he will vanquish the world without carnage. He will achieve this by giving the response to the issues looked by the present reality. He comes on a white pony, carrying a guarantee of harmony to this world. At the point when the Antichrist comes, he will accompany the answers for the world's issues. He will accompany a clarification concerning the vanishing of the relative multitude of Christians. He will accompany an arrangement to carry harmony to this world. At the point when he comes, the world will fall at his feet and honor him as their ruler. He comes as a Savior to a world frantic to be saved. Our reality is in a condition of disturbance, and things are simply going to deteriorate. Student of history Arnold Toynbee said, "We are ready for somebody who can vow to give harmony and to offer serenity to the earth. We will idolize that individual in the event that he comes." Well, he is coming and the world will adore him. (Sick. The issues that face our present reality. The greater part of the unrest focuses on the country of Israel. Iran, the Palestinians, and the remainder of the Arab world, wants to clear Israel off of the substance of the earth. At the point when the Antichrist comes, he will have the answer for the issue and he will set up a harmony plan that will fulfill the world, Dan. 9:27.) B. He Is A Man Of Power – We are informed that "he went forward overcoming, and to prevail". We are additionally informed that "a crown was given to him". By whatever implies he utilizes, the Antichrist will be given the way in to the world. The heads of the countries of earth will bow at this present man's feet and award him the option to administer over the whole world. They have kept this right to the King from getting Kings. They have prevented it to the Savior from getting men. They have kept it to the Son from getting God. In any case, they will allow that advantage to this offspring of Hell. C. He Is A Man Of Pretense – The issue with the Antichrist is that he isn't the man he seems, by all accounts, to be. He depicts himself to be one individual when he is truth be told someone else out and out. He comes riding a white pony. Sick. The world is customized to trust the man of the white pony! He is the hero. He comes depicting himself as a man of harmony. He will show up on the world stage promising harmony, wellbeing and success; yet he will be the most detestable, domineering ruler the world has at any point seen. All that he is and all that he says will be an investigation in untruths and misrepresentations. (Note: Some would contend that the heads of this world are too brilliant to even think about succumbing to a misdirection like this. On the off chance that you watch the news, you will before long sort out that it isn't generally the awesome most splendid who rule our country! Add to that the exercises from history and you will see that this world is ready for a sinister duplicity. Simply take a gander at what Hitler did preceding WWII. Hitler had illustrated exhaustively his arrangements for triumph in his book Mein Kampf, which was distributed over 10 years before WWII started. However, the Western Allies, continued trusting Hitler's bogus case to take care of business of harmony. They sat around as he reoccupied the Rhineland (neutralized after WWI), in this manner revoking the Versailles Treaty. Then, at that point he attached Austria, the Sudetenland, and Czechoslovakia. English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain met with Hitler at Munich in 1938. Upon his re-visitation of England, Chamberlain victoriously waved a piece of paper that contained a vow of harmony from Hitler, which he asserted ensured harmony. Winston Churchill rose in the House of Commons to proclaim that England had experienced an aggregate, unmitigated loss. He was yelled somewhere near irate individuals from Parliament. The duplicity was almost general. Solely after Hitler attacked Poland in 1939 did the partners recognize reality. By then it was past the point of no return. The counter Christ will be something very similar and do likewise, just on an overall scale. This world is ready for such an individual to venture to focus stage.[1]) I. The White Horse Of Deception II. v. 3-4 THE RED HORSE OF DESTRUCTION (Sick. The subsequent pony and rider shows up. This pony is red. Red is the shade of fire and of blood. Fire has the ability to eat up and to annihilate. Also, when the flames of this conflict are released upon this world, there will be gore on an uncommon level. This seal releases a period of war, for example, the world has never known.) A. The Peace Is Broken – The harmony established by the Antichrist is by all accounts fleeting. War breaks out from one side of the planet to the other. Obviously, this is the thing that Jesus said would occur during the Tribulation, Matt. 24:6-7. He additionally cautions men about taking a lot of confidence in the calls of harmony that are chatted about by the government officials and leaders of this world, 1 Thes. 5:3. Would you be able to envision a world that knows no harmony by any means? In each side of the globe, savagery and war will seethe. That is the world that each lost delinquent will look during the Tribulation. B. The Planet Is Brutalized – This rider is given a "incredible sword". "Fantastic" alludes to the degree of the fighting. It will be worldwide in its extension. "Blade" alludes to the short swords conveyed by Roman troopers. These blades were utilized close by to hand battle and were very effecti

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