GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS Lamentations 3:21-26

Introduction: The book of Lamentations is a progression of requiems, or tunes of grieving, that were composed against the scenery of the Babylonian attack and obliteration of Jerusalem. In the refrains of this book, we can see the horrendous sufferings suffered by individuals of that city because of their foes. All things considered, even amidst all the aggravation and the strife, God had His man in Jerusalem to record the occasions and to carry honor to His Name.
The essayist of the book of Lamentations is accepted to be Jeremiah. He was known as the Weeping Prophet. An investigation of Jeremiah's life uncovers a picture of ceaseless misery and profound sorrow. Permit me to give you a portion of the foundation for this valuable righteous man. 1. Gotten an undesirable call to serve - Jer. 1:5-6. 2. Called to a service of lecturing only judgment - Jer. 1:9-10. 3. He was taboo to wed so he may give himself all the more completely to his service of broadcasting the looming judgment of God - Jer. 16:1-13. Accordingly he was intimately acquainted with dejection. 4. He was a man of profound bitterness and he sobbed transparently about the wrongdoings of his kin - Jer. 9:1. 5. He persevered through melancholy as the aftereffect of his message going unnoticed for such a long time. He even got to the meaningful part where he attempted to escape the service, Jer. 20:9. His aggravation is justifiable, in light of the fact that in a service that crossed about 50 years, there is no record of even one believer. 6. He endured detainment by King Zedekiah in light of the fact that the ruler didn't support Jeremiah's proclaiming - Jer. 32:5. Indeed, even while the Babylonians are attacking the city in satisfaction of his prophet statements, Jeremiah is sitting in the prison - Jer. 32:2. 7. After Jerusalem falls and many have been killed or kidnapped, the prophet doesn't brag or take an "no real surprises there" mindset. All things considered, he becomes broken with the leftover and goes into enduring with them - Lamentations 1-5. Subsequent to persevering through a day to day existence like this; in the wake of being dismissed, detested, derided, detained, disregarded; in the wake of seeing his cherished Jerusalem scoured, contaminated and annihilated; in the wake of encountering the loathsomeness of war, the severity of the foe and the aches of yearning, Jeremiah was as yet ready to stand forward in the midst of the rubble of the city and the assemblages of the dead and lift his voice in applause to God for His extraordinary, unfailing devotion to His kin. How could this be conceivable? In spite of his preliminaries and his inconveniences, Jeremiah had gotten a decent handle on the truth of exactly Who God is! Jeremiah realized that whether things worked out positively, or regardless of whether everything self-destructed, God would in any case be God and that God would be unceasingly dedicated to His kin, Ill. Lam. 3:21! Jeremiah was as yet ready to discover trust in a miserable circumstance since he had confidence in the devotion of His incredible God. Like Jeremiah, we as a whole carry on with times when life appears to go to pieces. At the point when these occasions come we likewise need the favored affirmation that God is devoted! Fortunately the Bible gives overpowering proof of the constant loyalty of our incredible God. Sick. "Devotion" in stanza 23. This is word which signifies "immovability, loyalty, dauntlessness, faithfulness." This word pictures God as One upon Whom we can depend. We can be certain that as we face the tempests, preliminaries and valleys of life, God will at any point demonstrate Himself to be immovable and devoted to you and me. To put it basically, you can rely on the Lord! I might want to take this entry and point out three valuable words in these stanzas that reveal to us why Jeremiah had the option to declare: Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Notice what these words show us the incredible, unfailing devotion of the God of the adherent. I. V. 22a GOD IS FAITHFUL IN HIS GRACE (Leniencies - This word is deciphered "adoring graciousness" more than 30 times in the Old Testament. It is an exceptionally expressive word that passes on every one of the thoughts of "affection, effortlessness, benevolence, steadfastness, goodness and commitment." This word pictures God as the Divine admirer of men. It tracks down its New Testament comparable in the possibility of God's adoration and beauty. Two or three fast considerations about the stunning beauty of God. Jeremiah is by all accounts recalling that it was the unadulterated elegance of God that delivered Israel once again from their subjection in Egypt. It was additionally elegance that had kept them a reclaimed group despite their disappointments and wanderings. There is a word for us in this idea today.) A. His Grace Saves Us – Only beauty might have contacted us in our lost, bound condition, Ill. Eph. 2:1-4. We were unable to get to God, so God came to us! He came in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ to bite the dust for our wrongdoings, Phil. 2:5-8. He came in the Person of the Holy Spirit to attract us to God with the goal that we may be saved, John 16:7-11; John 6:44. B. His Grace Secures Us – Grace not just searched us out when we were lost in transgression; elegance keeps us in our saved condition. We are inclined to disappointment. We are inclined to profound meandering. On the off chance that our salvation despised upon our capacity to be devoted to the Lord, none of us could at any point be saved. Fortunately, salvation is the Lord's field and not our own! We are saved by His effortlessness and we are kept by that equivalent elegance, 1 Pet. 1:5; Psa. 37:23-24, 28; John 4:13-14. Say thanks to God for His unfailing, perpetual, devoted elegance! II. V. 22b-23 GOD IS FAITHFUL IN HIS GIFTS (Empathy - This is a word that in a real sense signifies "belly". It signifies "to be moved in the heart out of adoration for another." This word is an image of the finesse of God effectively moving in the existence of the devotee. As we go through our tempests and our valleys, we do no do as such alone! God notices our way and His effortlessness gives us all we need for our excursion. Notice two musings here about the incredible gifts of God.) A. V. 23b God's Gifts Are Faithful - (Ill. God didn't guarantee a simpler street, however He guaranteed that His beauty would be adequate for the need - 2 Cor. 12:9. Contemplate Paul and his fight with that thistle in the tissue.) Beauty is normally characterized as "The unjustifiable love and favor of God toward delinquents." It conveys that thought, yet this is a word that has come to mean far beyond that. It has come to allude to "the strength of God to confront fights and to endure under occasions of trouble." In view of this, we ought to consistently recall that paying little heed to what life sends our direction, we can be certain of the way that the Lord will give us the important solidarity to confront the difficult occasions of life. You'll never confront a circumstance as a devotee that God won't offer beauty to assist you with enduring. Notice the guarantee given in Isa. 43:1-2. 1. The Gift Of His Presence - Heb. 13:5; Matt. 28:20. These refrains, alongside others uncover the incredible truth that God is consistently present with His kids. In any event, when He can't be seen, He is there. At the point when you can't follow God in your life, I challenge you to go to where you can trust Him completely. 2. The Gift Of His Performance - Eph. 3:20 - Focus on "capable"! In the event that this stanza is to be fully trusted, and I am sure that it is, then, at that point it turns out to be plain that our God is more prominent, by a long shot, than any issue we have, or will at any point face. God is a marvelous God and His youngsters should recollect that extraordinary truth. God will deal with you! 3. The Gift Of His Provision - Phil. 4:19; Matt. 6:25-33; Psalm 37:25 - These refrains show us the extraordinary truth that God is keen on addressing our requirements. Kindly hear what the Lord said: Needs not Greed's! God has vowed to deal with His youngsters, and He will! It is possible that actually taking for him care is not quite the same as yours, yet that is the place where confidence in the reliability of God comes in. We should go to where we will believe the Lord to deal with us in any capacity that He sees fit. Notice the trust that Job had in the Lord - Job 13:15. I'm certain that Job would have picked another option than losing his kids, his wellbeing and his abundance, yet he will believe the Lord through occasions that can't be perceived and that have neither rhyme nor reason. Shouldn't something be said about you and me? Do we truly accept that the Lord is totally steadfast? Do we accept that He has our wellbeing on a basic level? Is it accurate to say that we are sure of the way that God will without a doubt accommodate our requirements? 4. The Gift Of His Person - Heb. 13:8; Mal. 3:6. These sections uncover reality with regards to God nature that makes Him dependable consistently. That is essentially the way that He doesn't change! God is a similar today as He has been everlastingly, and equivalent to He will be until the end of time. He was steadfast initially and He will be devoted eventually. He was ardent in the existences of the Bible characters that put their confidence in Him and He will be unfaltering in the existence of ever adherent who will trust Him in nowadays. God is a relentless and dependable God! (Sick. These extraordinary gifts of our dependable God are constant and unfailing.) B. V. 23a God's Gifts Are Fresh - According to this refrain, the finesse of God is just about as new as the new day. We don't need to stress over there not being sufficient for us to endure, for God's effortlessness in our lives is pretty much as new as the new day. Sick. Matt. 6:34, "Take hence no idea for the morrow: for the morrow will take thought for the things of itself. Adequate unto the day is the evil thereof." Just as each new day carries with it its own arrangement of weights and issues, so every day observes a new, unfailing, all-adequate, supply of God's magnificent, inimitable, superb, astounding elegance. (Sick. God's unwaveringness is found in the way that we woke up earlier today, sane and in sensible wellbeing. We woke up with air to breath, food to eat, individuals we love around us, and so forth God is a dependable, awesome Lord.) III. V. 24-26 GOD I

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