God Created HUMAN LIFE Genesis 1:26-28

Introduction: as of late, the subject of life and demise has been up front because of the starvation passing of a mind harmed lady in Florida named Terri Schaivo. On account of what that helpless lady had been compelled to suffer, individuals around the country and all throughout the planet are contemplating the issues of life and demise.
Tragically, we are experiencing a daily reality such that human existence has become a modest product. It has gotten easy to discard human existence before it at any point shows up in our reality through early termination. Also, it is becoming simpler to dispose of those people that are viewed as useless and similar to a channel on society. In the Netherlands, which has an approach of authorized killing, in 1990 alone there were 11,800 willful extermination passings. These represented 9% of the absolute passings in the Netherlands that year. At the end of the day, almost 1 out of each 10 individuals who passed on in the Netherlands in 1990 kicked the bucket by killing, on account of a specialist, an attendant, or a relative. Of these 11,800 passings, exactly 5,491 were performed without the patient's consent![1] Today, I need to perceive what God needs to say about human existence. I figure His viewpoint ought to be considered as we contemplate matters like the right to live, the option to kick the bucket, early termination and willful extermination. Truth be told, not exclusively should God's point of view be thought of, it ought to be the last say in these issue. In this way, today, how about we look at life according to God's point of view. I need to lecture for a couple of moments regarding the matter, A Biblical View Of Life. There are three explanations I might want to make with respect to this point. I. GOD IS SOVEREIGN IN THE CREATION OF LIFE A. Each Human Is A Special Being – Gen. 1:26-28; Gen. 2:7 – One of the essential certainties that come from these refrains is the way that man is the result of God's imaginative force and not the consequence of irregular advancement. Man didn't develop from a solitary celled organic entity over the space of millions of years; he is the uncommon formation of God. You will see that the wide range of various creatures were spoken into reality by the Word of God. Man, notwithstanding, was shaped by God out of the residue of the earth and God revived the nostrils of man. The way that God singled man out for unique consideration in the creation tells us that there is an immense contrast among people and the remainder of the animals of the world collectively. Here is perhaps the most serious risk in the whole arrangement of development, as it is instructed to our kids in government funded schools. On the off chance that individuals can be persuaded that humankind is just the result of irregular determination then human existence looses all its worth. On the off chance that man basically advanced, he is the same than a canine or a feline. You kill him and he essentially stops to exist. There is no God. Man doesn't have a spirit or a soul that live one. There is no paradise to be acquired or a damnation to be avoided. Man is just a creature and he can be wiped out in the event that it becomes essential. The individuals who hold to this perspective on things accept that man ought to live until his personal satisfaction is finished, then, at that point he ought to be "finally let alone to get some closure." Once we start down this elusive incline, there will be no retreat. Today, it is infants and cerebrum harmed individuals; tomorrow, it will be the intellectually and actually tested just as the old and the sick. That is by and large where our reality is going! There is more than one approach to save Social Security and Medicare! Presently, if the transformative hypothesis was right; there would be no issue with this view. Notwithstanding, it is a bogus perspective on life, passing and forever. We will discuss these issue more in no time flat. For the time being, we need to recollect that each human is an uncommon being; the individual in question is here in light of the fact that they are simply the exceptional making of God! B. Each Human Is A Spiritual Being – We are informed that man was made "in the picture" of God. This doesn't imply that man looks like God; or that God has a body as we do. It implies that man was made like God in that man is a three sided being. In the Godhead, there is the Father, the Son and the Spirit. In a man, there is the body, the spirit and the soul. God is a three section being; man is a three section being. God has mind, will and feelings, thus does humankind. This is the essential manner by which humankind can be recognized from the individuals from the set of all animals. Each individual who at any point comes into this world has three sections. They have a body, a spirit and a soul. How about we take one minute to analyze every one of these parts. 1. The Body – The body is the vehicle with which we travel through and connect with our reality. It is the body that gives a home to the spirit and the soul while we are in this world. The two people and creatures have bodies. At the point when we kick the bucket, our bodies return to the earth, Gen. 3:19; Eccl: 3:20; Job 34:15. 2. The Soul – The spirit is the seat of the will, the person, the astuteness, the musings, and the feelings. The spirit is the place where we reason, love, disdain, need, and so on The spirit is the thing that we allude to when we talk about the psyche. Your spirit energizes your body and permits you to communicate with your reality and with others. So, your spirit is that piece of you that makes you what your identity is. Your spirit makes you reluctant. There is a sense wherein one might say that creatures have spirits. That is, they encapsulate life and they are hesitant and ready to associate with their general surroundings. 3. The Spirit – Here is the place where the likenesses among man and creatures end for eternity. While the spirit makes us hesitant; the soul permits us to be God-cognizant. Each man that is naturally introduced to this world, is conceived dead profoundly, Eph. 2:1. However, when the Spirit of God stops by and "animates", or rejuvenates, the soul which is inside a man, that individual will discover his soul connecting in confidence toward God. After salvation, the new soul of life inside an individual starts to change the spirit part of man. These progressions inside the soul and the spirit show themselves in the activity of the body. The entirety of that is convoluted, however consider it like this: "The "soul" and the "soul" are comparative in the way in which they are utilized in the otherworldly existence of the devotee. They are distinctive in their reference. The "soul" is man's level view with the world. The "soul" is man's upward view with God. Comprehend that both allude to the irrelevant piece of man, however just the "soul" alludes to the man's stroll with God. The "soul" alludes to man's stroll in the world."[2] At the point when we leave this world, the spirit a lot return to God to be managed appropriately, Eccl. 12:7. The reclaimed to brilliance, John 14:1-3. The lost to Hell, Psa. 9:17; 2 Thes. 1:8-9. (Note: The way that man is the uncommon formation of God and that he was made in the picture of God and has the ability to realize God demonstrates that man is an exceptional animal according to the Lord. This sets up the way that God is sovereign over the formation of human existence.) II. GOD IS SOVEREIGN IN THE CONTINUATION OF LIFE A. God Determines The Dawn Of Every Life – God is accountable for when life is made inside the belly. Notice a couple of examples of this in the Bible: Gen. 29:31; Rebekah - Gen. 25:21; Rachel – Gen. 30:12, 22; Manoah and his better half – Judges 13:2-3; Hannah – 1 Sam. 1-2. At the point when we consider labor, we consider it being only the result of an actual relationship between a man and a lady. It is undeniably more than that! There is a sovereign God in the background that decides if that egg is treated. He decides if life starts, Psalm 128:3-5. I understand that there are frequently actual issues required too. All things considered, behind everything is the sovereign will of God. He opens the belly and He shuts the belly as per His will. He and He alone decides the beginning of human existence. B. God Determines The Design Of Every Life – Not just does God decide if there will be life; He additionally figures out what that life will turn into. He has an arrangement for each human that comes into this world. In Jeremiah 1:5, we read that God has his hand on Jeremiah and surprisingly had an arrangement for the prophet's life before he was at any point conceived. The equivalent was valid in the existence of John the Baptist. The Bible discloses to us about what he would be before he was at any point conceived, Luke 1:13-17. We even read that God was dynamic in John's life while he was as yet in his mom's belly, Luke 1:44. What you and I are in this life isn't the result of irregular possibility and hapless hereditary qualities. What we are in this life is the result of heavenly power. We are what we are on the grounds not set in stone it to be how it is. This was the conviction of David, Psalm 139:13-16. Occupation additionally held this view, Job 10:9-12. Indeed, even current science, which makes a decent attempt to annihilate the actual considered God, affirms for us that we can't be the result of simple possibility. Notice these realities about your body: 1. The normal body contains some 7.5 trillion cells. It is definitely more perplexing than the most exceptional PC. 2. Every phone has 200 trillion small gatherings of iotas called protein particles. 3. Biggest atom is called DNA. Conveys genetic data from the guardians to the posterity. Additionally conveys hereditary code. It decides whether you will take care of business or a mammoth. 4. DNA in one cell is 6 feet in length. Absolute DNA in body would fill a crate the size of an ice 3D shape, however in case it were combined, it would reach to the sun and back multiple times. 5. Every one of our cells contain the data found in the wide range of various cells. Every cell in your body conveys all the important data for another you. 6. In the event that the coded DNA data and directions of one human were converted into English,

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