FROM THE PRISON TO THE PALACE Josep 's life Genesis 41:1-44

Introduction: When we last saw Joseph, he was moping in an Egyptian jail. He was in jail, yet he had violated no laws. He was in jail since he had made the best choice and regarded God in his life. He was in the jail since he had denied the advances of a fiendish lady.
At the point when we last saw Joseph, he was in a position of difficulty, however he was still reliably serving the Lord. He was a man who had his needs all together. Any place Joseph was, he could be depended on to be unwavering. At the point when we last saw Joseph, he was sitting tight for a little while from an external perspective. In 40:9-13, Joseph had intrigued a fantasy from Pharaoh's central steward. At the point when Joseph told the steward the understanding of his fantasy, he requested the head servant's assistance in getting his delivery from jail, 40:14-15. In any case, when the head servant was delivered from jail, he promptly disregarded Joseph, 40:23. In our content today, we will look as Joseph is conveyed from the jail and elevated to the royal residence. We will see the inconspicuous hand of God at work in this present man's life. We are likewise going to see that how the Lord helped Joseph, He can accomplish for you and me. He knows where we are, and in His time, He realizes how to rescue us once again from our detainment facilities and spot us in the royal residence. We should join Joseph by and by and notice the conditions God used to move Joseph From The Prison To The Palace. I. v. 1-14 JOSEPH AND PROVIDENCE (Sick. To anybody taking a gander at the existence of Joseph, it more likely than not gave the idea that the Lord had overlooked him. All things considered, he was a reliable worker of the Lord, however he was in a jail, serving time for a wrongdoing he had not carried out. It just seemed as though God had neglected him. God was working in the background to achieve His everlasting purposes. God utilized three astonishing developments to achieve Joseph's delivery from jail.) A. v. 1a Providential Delays – We are informed that Joseph sat tight in that jail for "two entire years". That was after the steward was delivered. We are not told how long he was there before those occasions. God utilized the long, crushing a long time in the jail to show Joseph tolerance and reliance. God put Joseph in a sitting area and left him there until some entirely significant exercises had been learned. God encouraged Joseph to look out for the Lord and to trust the Lord, disregarding the current situation. (Note: Have you at any point experienced one of those lounge areas in your day to day existence? I'm discussing when the Lord appears to have failed to remember your location. I'm discussing those occasions when it seems like your petitions are not being replied; nothing is going like you arranged; and it appears to be that God isn't keen on you or your need by any means. Fortunate postponements are rarely simple, however they are intended to center our confidence and increment our reliance upon the Lord.) B. v. 1b-8 Providential Dreams – Ill. The specific circumstance and Pharaoh's fantasies. These fantasies caused Pharaoh much concern. Stanza 8 reveals to us that he was "upset". This word has being "upset, or significantly troubled". He required his "savvy men". These were men who should have the option to speak with the Egyptian "divine beings" and offer with Pharaoh the advice of those "divine beings". Be that as it may, they couldn't decipher the fantasies all things considered. Apparently God shut their brains and made them all stall out mentally in this matter. I know without a doubt that these men never heard from their purported "divine beings". However, I am additionally certain that in occasions past they would likely have gone out on a limb. This time, in any case, they were quiet before Pharaoh. To be a guide without counsel in that day was something hazardous, Ill. Daniel 2:1-13. Once more, this is the fortunate work of the Lord in Joseph's life. God sent the fantasy to Pharaoh and he additionally sent a clear psyche to the entirety of Pharaoh's instructors. God was working in the background to achieve His endless arrangement and reason. (Note: Isn't that a gift? Pharaoh and his men imagined that he was in charge of all that occurred in Egypt. In truth, God was in charge of all things, even the core of the ruler, Pro. 21:1. This section should serve to give us trust today! Allow me to disclose to you why. · Our God is sovereign affirm all things – Isa. 46:10-11; Isa. 43:13; Psa. 135:6; Dan. 4:35; Eph. 1:11. · Kings rule at the joy of the Lord – Dan. 2:21; 4:32; 1 Sam. 2:7-8. (Sick. I won't stress over races since I realize that God's motivation won't be defeated by a Democrat or by a Republican. He will achieve His motivations in this world.) (Note: Before we leave this idea, I need to make reference to something I referenced in a prior message about our fantasies. God doesn't talk through dreams in our day. In Joseph's time they didn't have the Bible. They didn't have a total disclosure of God's Word. We do! In our day, God expresses through His Word, alone! The Bible is better than dreams and dreams severally. · First, the Bible addresses many subjects; dreams are more restricted in their core interest. · Second, the Bible is undeniably more dependable. Anybody can understand it. A fantasy is simply known to the visionary. · Third, the Bible has supreme position, dreams amount to nothing. · Fourth, the Bible is sure and fixed. Dreams blur with time. Put no confidence in the fantasies and dreams of the evening. All things being equal, read, study and assemble your life upon the universe of God. C. v. 9-14 Providential Deliverance – Ill. The Context – The central head servant at last shakes the spider webs from his psyche and he recalls Joseph. He recounts to Pharaoh the story and Joseph is conveyed from the jail and brought to the royal residence. The hand of God is found in this grouping of occasions. Joseph is brought to Pharaoh just when Pharaoh has been brought to a position of franticness. On some other day this incredible ruler would not have paid attention to anything a detainee needed to say to him. On this day he had no way out! He was frantic for answers and he was able to pay attention to any individual who might actually offer them to him. (Note: We would do well to recollect that Our God works His universe on split second planning. From the circle of the little pieces of each particle to the exact developments of universes, God has everything on a timetable. At the point when we need to witness something, we need it now. We need to discover that God orders occasions, and the actual planning of those occasions, so all of life runs on His ideal timetable. When did Jesus go to the supporters in the tempest? When did Jesus appear at the burial chamber of Lazarus? When did Jesus show up at the place of Jairus? When did Jesus go through the little town of Nain? When did Jesus take a lay on Jacob's well? When did Jesus go to Calvary? When did Jesus become alive once again? When did Jesus come to you and save your spirit? When will Jesus move your mountain, address your issue, convey you from your jail, and so on? Exactly on schedule! He won't be early and He won't be one second late! That reality favors my heart!) II. v. 15-36 JOSEPH AND PHARAOH A. v. 15-32 Joseph's Profession – Joseph remains before Pharaoh and tunes in as the ruler clarifies his issue. Joseph pays attention to the fantasy and gives Pharaoh the understanding. In any case, before he does, Joseph shows genuine lowliness and focuses Pharaoh to the Lord. Even after all he had experienced, Joseph isn't harsh, however he is effectively looking for approaches to carry greatness and honor to the Lord! Joseph isn't vexed about the postponements and the issues he has needed to look as a slave and as a detainee. He promptly sees the fortune of God at work and he rushes to utilize this chance to amplify the Lord. For Joseph, everything is about the Lord. To Joseph, Joseph doesn't make any difference; his fights don't make any difference; even Pharaoh doesn't make any difference. The only thing that is in any way important is the Lord and His greatness! (Note: When life gets convoluted, and it regularly does; when it appears to be that God isn't moving as we might suspect He ought to, and it frequently does; it is not difficult to blow up at Him. In the event that we might at any point handle reality that He arranges each snapshot of our lives, Psa. 37:23, it would alter our viewpoint. In the event that we might at any point handle reality that we are the place where we are on the grounds that He has set us there for His Own motivations, it would zero in our confidence on Him. On the off chance that we might at any point figure out reality that He is ironing out everything about existence for His greatness and our great, Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17-18, it would make the penitentiaries and the lounge areas of life significantly more endurable. Hence, we ought to consistently be occupied with amplifying Him! He is deserving of our recognition, even in the midst of the most obscure days of our lives. He is deserving of getting brilliance, in any event, when our hearts are breaking. We ought to at any point endeavor to lift His name and direct others toward Him. All things considered, you and I truly don't make any difference. All that truly matters is the Lord, His brilliance and His will!) B. v. 33-36 Joseph's Plan – Joseph realizes that the Lord is at this time. Subsequently, he does what no other slave would have set out to do: he not just mentions to Pharaoh what is going to occur in Egypt, he guides Pharaoh about it! His arrangement is triple. In the first place, he prescribes tracking down a savvy man to direct the task. Second, he suggests gathering 20% of all the food created during the seven years of bounty. Third, he suggests amassing that food and utilizing it to take care of the populace during the seven years of starvation. Joseph's arrangement is an astounding arrangement. It is straightforward, yet it will demonstrate extremely successful. Not exclusively can individuals eat during the starvation, however Egypt will corn to save. (Note: This arrangement didn't start with Joseph. The Lord put it into his heart and he imparted his heart to the ruler. God utilized a captive to set strategy for a realm! It is astounding to watch who the Lord will use to achieve His motivations in this world. He utilizes probably the most improbable applicants imagin

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